Day 17: Halloween!! 10/31/2015


Yesterday I had to observe an entire day of lessons. It’s really sad to see how some of these teachers “teach” many of them are unprepared. They lack any sense of professionalism because the job is so easy and because of that the students don’t get a real education.

After work we went to a Kiwi Bar, New Zealand owned, and hung out there for a bit. It was the rugby world cup. That sport is confusing as hell but having it described by people that know what’s going on. Those dudes are just built differently. They’re real men. Like no homo just thick solid men.

So being dressed as Chewbacca no one in China knows who I was. They just assume that I’m a big bear. I assumed that Star Wars was a world wide phenomenon. Guess not. This country is ass backwards.


Wally left for work and I went back to sleep for a little bit. Finally got up and did some laundry. I had to wash the sheets, hopefully they will dry before we have to go to bed. I miss having a dryer. Finished laundry and cleaned up a bit, painted my fingers and toes and did my hair for tonight. I was lazy and have McDonald’s for brunch. I realized I really like this city much more when I have Wally with me. It is pretty cold today so I have stayed curled up in my track suit watching tv and reading my Beijing/Shanghai book looking for stuff to do next week for Wally and I. I am so excited for our adventures to start. It is so cold in our apartment. In China they do not have insulation so the apartments are very cold. Once Wally came home I finished getting ready and we walked tot he metro to get Karine. She came with us back to the apartment and we all headed to the bar. It is called The Camel Bar and it is a sports bar, It was fun but so expensive. We hung out and then one of our other friends met up with us and we all hung out for awhile. We ended up watching part of the Rugby World Finals New Zealand vs Australia. It was so cool!!!!!! After a little we left and came home. Once we got home we realized we forgot our umbrellas so we will have to go back tomorrow and pick them up. Good nigh!


Day 16: Observations Galore 10/30/2015


Some more observations today… I’m getting a bit fed up with it. I have my credential I know what must be done and how to implement it, but whatever gotta put in the grunt work. I got to observe the older students today and I must say I’m most excited to teach them only because I’m going to actually teach. The small star coarse is full of 3-6 year olds. They’re barely speaking their own language well let alone a new one.

On a side note I walked the streets of Shanghai in my Chewbacca onsie since it serves as my Halloween costume for the school. Surprisingly enough I didn’t receive any looks. It would appear that Shanghai welcomes the weird. Although the kids at the school don’t seem to know what Star Wars is. They think I’m just some fuzzy bear with a sash. Ignorant little pricks…

I managed to chat with some of my coworkers today and they’re pleasant enough. The guys at the center on an individual level are chill but put them in a group and it suddenly becomes a dick measuring competition on how many chick’s they bang/want to bang and how many deviant acts they’ve preformed. Now I’m not one to shy away from inappropriate speech, as you guys have experienced in real life or this blog, but there’s a time and place for that kind of stuff. It appears that a culture for that type of behavior has been established at this institution. Whatever I don’t have the time, energy or even care enough to institute any type of change.


Wally and I had some breakfast and got ready for work. I was so tired because we went to bed way to late but its Friday so who cares. Wally and I walked to the metro together and headed to work. I had a pretty boring day. A few people cancelled and I had a pretty lame day. Again I missed the metro so Wally and I walked home and it was a pretty nice walk. We came home and had some ramen for dinner. I painted my toes and we watched a little TV. Showered and headed to bed. Tomorrow is Halloween, it is so weird to not be at home for a holiday. Hopefully we find a bar and I can just get white girl wasted and pretend I have a costume. LOL. Night everyone.

Day 15: Ugh… 10/29/2015


I’m tired of sitting through orientation and observation. I understand that I need to put in the time, but the problem is I have my credential and from what I’ve seen I’m just a live action version of Blues Clues to these kids. The lessons are ridiculously straight forward and simplistic. I’m ready to have my own class already. Whatever…

I’ve noticed here that the cost of living significantly lower than back in the states. We paid for an entire year of internet for less than $200 and you can get an entire meal for $2. But there are other things that are priced out ridiculously high a small box of Lucky Charms is $10.

Anywho it rained today in Shanghai. The beautiful thing about it raining here is that it don’t matter there ain’t no traffic here either way! WOOT WOOT! What sucked though is that Sydney and I had to walk back to our apartment in the rain, but whatever it was romantic.

Also on a side note I’ll be riding the subway tomorrow in my Chewbacca onsie for Halloween. =)


Thursday, almost the weekend. Woke up and got to Skype with Kylie! It was nice to catch up with her for a little. This morning Wally made me eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast! Yum! After breakfast we hung out then walked together to work. it was raining this morning so it was a little chilly. We headed our separate ways and went to work. Work was fine and a little boring. A few people cancelled and I ended up watching Staten Island Summer on Netflix, it is funny and has some SNL cast members (good background noise). Once work was finished I walked back to the metro and it was pouring! Once we got to the Century stop where I change and we missed the train luckily Wally was there and we walked home in the rain. It was kind of fun and romantic. He had gone to the market and picked me up some ramen and it turns out it was spicy, my mouth is on fire. Time to shower and go to bed.

Day 14: Wally’s Sunday that’s a Wednesday 10/28/2015


Today was my Sunday and didn’t really do anything of value. After dropping Sydney off I went ahead and explored the mall in our area. I gotta tell ya the malls in China are on steroids. They’re at a minimum 3 stories tall and they’re filled with all sorts of named brands like Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Chanel, ect. In my mini adventure I was able to find a grocery store that had a ton of American products. I know we’re supposed to be here and absorb the culture, but just knowing that we can have a taste of home is very reassuring. A taste of home can really send you back.

Speaking of a taste of home. There is a local pizza shop just down the street from Syd and I and they’ve won the best New York style pizza in 2013 and they sell a slice for 9 RMB after 8:30. So I decided to pick up a few slices and it checks out the place ain’t half bad and for that price you can’t beat it.

Got some good news today. We originally thought that Syd and I won’t having our weekends sync up for 6 weeks, but she was able to get Tuesday and Wednesday off starting next week, but it’s only for a month. So, hopefully it continues after that. We can finally go on our Shanghai adventures! Also we’ll now be walking the streets of Shanghai together after yesterdays incident.

But yeah didn’t do much today, so don’t got much to report.


Woke up this morning and Skyped my dad for a little bit. It was nice to actually catch up and chat. I still can’t get over the fact that my father, Clint Hightower, has an iPhone; my mind is boggled. It does make it so much easier to get in contact with him and I can talk to him from work which is cool. Welcome to 2015 dad!!! It says hello with open arms! Anyways, after talking to my dad, Wally and I caught up on some more shows while I got ready for work. Anyone watching SVU **SPOILER** Rollins baby daddy is Declan!!! EEEEEEE this should be fun, I love him!!! Wally walked me to the metro and I headed to work. It was a pretty uneventful day, my office had a little Halloween party with hot dogs and let me tell you that shit is not a hot dag. Give me a fucking American 4th of July frank with ketchup and a beer because that ruined my liking of hot dogs or ever wanting to eat them out here. I had about 3 students cancel classes which was fine because then I got to watch Netflix a little and surf the web. I found out that for the next month starting next week I will have the same schedule as Wally! YAY! Now you guys won’t read boring posts and will actually be able to hear about Shanghai and hopefully see some pics. Fingers crossed after this month the schedule will stay the same and Wally and I can continue to have the same days off. Once I finished up my last class I met Wally at my metro stop and we rode together to where we have to change, well again we missed the last metro (but this will only happen for the next 2 days, since now I will be off at 10 instead of 10:30 starting Monday). Once they told us we missed the last train we got up to the street and walked the rest of the way home, it was only about a 20 minute walk but it did start to sprinkle a little. We got home and Wally and picked me up a couple of slices of pieces as he explained in his post. It was delicious and we watched The Flash. Time to shower and sleep and I get to Skype the beautiful Kylie in the morning!!!! Good night and peace out bitches! See you tomorrow,

Day 13: Wally’s day off/ Sydney Night time journey 10/27/2015


We’ll I was able to spend my morning with Sydney. We hung out and watched some good old merican television. But she had to leave for work by 11:30. Once she left I went to Ikea to pick up some stuff we forgot. It was a but of a journey through the subway but I caught up on my podcasts so that was nice. Once I got home I did a shit ton of laundry because we haven’t been able to due to lack of hangers. I gotta tell ya hug your dryers and tell it that you appreciate its existence. It takes two days for some things to dry thanks to the cool weather. Socks and underwear need to be individually hung up to dry. It’s a massive pain in the ass.

For dinner I tried a local place down the street, a not so panda express type place, it was dirt cheap only 12 RMB which translates to two bucks. Now I know what you’re saying too good to be true right?!?! Well you’re right…. It was awful… It was one of the most disappointing meals I’ve ever had.

So I waited for Sydney to get off work and we hit a slight complication. I was waiting by our exit when she calls me and tells me that it turns out she gets off so late that she misses the last train home. Luckily she was able to hail down a cab and I was able to tell him to bring her to our street. Yeah… Something to figure out.


Woke up to a rainy day. It rained all night and was so crisp and felt nice to not sweat the minute you went outside. Wally and I watched The Flash, Big Bang, and Hawaii Five-0. TV is so good!! I made some oatmeal and tea for breakfast and we got to hang out for a little bit. We also walked my coat down to the dry cleaners. The lady was nice and it will be ready in 3 days. I got ready for work and Wally’s uncle came over and dropped off the other gate key. We found out that we have to pay him back for the deposit but whatever we will figure it out. Wally walked me to the subway station and we went our separate ways. He headed to IKEA and I to work. I was breaking in some new boots and GOD DAMN!!! my feet are so sore and blistered and bruised but the boots are really cute. Had a little bit of training but was pretty much teaching on my own today; had a couple of no shows which was nice since it let me catch up on some reading. I have so much material to understand it was nice to take a minute and really mess around with my computer and see how to navigate everything. Got off at 10:20 and went to the subway did my one stop and come to find out at the station that I change metros, the last train had already left. FUCK!!! I walk out to the street and am on the phone with Wally, the problem is that there are no street signs so I have no idea where I am. I finally found a cab and Wally was able to tell him where to go and the cab driver took me on a weird route but I finally found Wally. I also figured out how to walk home if I ever get stuck at that subway again. Wally was waiting on the corner of our street with my running shoes because he was supposed to meet me at the metro. It was so sweet. He didn’t want me to have to walk in my boots anymore. Since, the cab driver dropped me off so close to home I toughed it out. We finally got up to the apartment and it is time for bed. I hate that i get off so late and am unable to catch the trains. This is going to get expensive. I do not know how people do it. Tomorrow is a new day. Well its past midnight so I guess today is the new day. HAHAHA Good night :*

Day 12: 1st official Monday of work 10/26/2015


We had to head to EF HQ to turn in our passports to finalize our temporary citizenship. So I’ve been warned about rush hour traffic in the subway, but didn’t really realize just how crazy it is. When we walked over to the subway there was a noticeable difference in the amount of people but nothing to worry us. Then when we got to the subway car itself we saw that people were packed in there like sardines. When we got on ourselves it wasn’t so bad until the last minute people came charging in and cramming us closer to our neighbors. Let’s just say it got real intimate real quick.

When we exited our stop we had no idea where to go. Luckily, I have Sydney and her sense of direction is equal to that of a homing pigeon and we found our way to HQ.

At HQ we finished up our induction to the company and split up to our respective centers for observation. I got a bit turned around but luckily I was freakishly early and was able to find my center after a bit. I went through some BASIC training and then sat around for a couple of hours until my observation.

So I observed 3 small star courses, lowest and youngest level, their ages varied between 3-6 years old. I gotta say I witnessed one teacher that had a lot energy and the students really enjoyed her but she lacked terribly in classroom management. For the most part this level of students you’re just introducing then to English and hoping some of it sticks. I’ll basically be running a live Blues Clues full of interactive games and coddling. I can’t say I’m too excited for this level hopefully I don’t get stuck with them. However, I do know that my management will be light-years ahead of the one I observed.

We finally got our cash advance and we’re able to pay for 3 months rent, the norm here. I can rest easy tonight.


Woke up with morning and Skyped with Bianca. It was nice to catch up and chat. I can’t wait for her and Greg to come out! I love that they already have their tickets and I have a real date when I will see my friends again!!!! Wally and I headed to to HQ to turn in our passports and figure out what the next step is to getting our permanent visas. After Wally had to stay and I headed to my online center. Once I was there I was able to meet my manager and he stated that my schedule of having weekends off is only for the next two weeks and he said it would be no problem to change my schedule to have Tuesday Wednesday off with Wally!!! YAY!!!! I am so excited to actually be able to spend time with him and start to do some exploring. I was able to get a desk and actually have my own space. We did a little bit of work and then I got comfortable tight my computer. I talked to my dad a little bit on my lunch and we are going to try and Skype soon. I had to teach a lesson to my manager and I royally fucked it up. I got a bit nervous but self critiqued and he said that was great and most teachers do not do that. I made a friend her name is Nicole. She is Greek, has curly hair and loves pizza. She said she came up to me because I have curly hair and she knows we will be friends. ALso, she gave me some tips on good products here for curly hair. Anyways, once my lesson was over I headed home. I ended up going out the wrong exit of the metro and had to walk a little further home but luckily Wally and I had made the mistake before so I knew where I was going. It was a little sketch walking home by myself but I made it safely. I Skyped my dad to show him the place briefly but he was heading to work, I did some laundry but we are out of hangers so I could not do much, and I tried to watch Hawaii Five-0 but it was taking forever to buffer. Once Wally got home we ran over to the bank because our advance finally came through and we paid our first 3 months rent! Now we are all paid up and not in debt haha. Got ready for Tuesday and had some dinner. Watched a little TV and went to bed. Tuesday is Wally’s weekend but I am working, it sucks.

Day 11: First day in our apartment 10/25/2015


Today was fairly uneventful. We woke up and made our journey over to get our resident permit. Unfortunately, the place we were directed to yesterday didn’t take care of foreign resident permits and we had to make our way over to yet another place. In total we’ve walked close to 10 miles in order to get registered with the Chinese government. We had gotten so turned around and were so tired from our walk that we decided to take a taxi back to our apartment. We cleaned and organized the place a bit more before heading back out to do a couple of more errands.

I’d like to mention that in China they do not believe in dryers. Instead they hang all their clothes outside. You’ll walk down the street and all you’ll see are clothes hanging from windows. In my opinion it’s a bit ass backwards. However, it is a Chinese belief that by hanging your clothes outside the sun will kill any of the bacteria on it as well as ward off evil spirits. What gets me is that with all the pollution that’s floating around outside I would think that your clothes end up dirtier.

Anyways, thanks to the Chinese government giving us the run around we were able to explore the areas surrounding our neighborhood and found that it actually has a lot to offer. We found cute little boutiques and family restaurants as well as a store that specializes in selling American products. There was also this awesome bakery that sold everything FRESH and everything looked so amazing I can tell we’ll be purchasing from there a lot in the future.

We spent the rest of our night watching some shows I’ve already downloaded and streaming some more recent ones off some random sites. It was a great way to end our Sunday.


Nothing beats waking up in your own apartment!!! Last night was the first night that we slept in our new apartment. The bed is so hard but we will get a pillow top soon. The hotel was always so hot since our AC did not work, waking up and not sweating was an amazing feeling. I also woke up to a nice message from Bianca and it made me feel so loved. The AC unit is so quiet and keeps the room so chilled. We had a bit of a lazy morning and just finished unpacking our suitcases. We realized that we did not buy enough hangers from IKEA so we could not finish the laundry or hang up any more of our clothes; so one of us will need to go on our day off this week and pick up some more. We took a morning walk back to the police office to see if they were open and they were, unfortunately we were at the wrong building so we went to another one; when we got there we were told they do not do registration at that office and we had to go to another one. Once we finally got to the right one they went through our papers and the lady said we needed another copy of my passport and copies of our visas, SHIT!!!! Well Wally ran to the print shop and made copies and ran back. Then they finished it up and we are finally registered so thank goodness we do not have to do it tomorrow morning. All in all we covered so much ground and walked about 3 miles trying to find everything. We paid the lazy tax and took a taxi back because I was supposed to Skype with Bianca and Kylie but they were busy so hopefully we will be able to Skype tomorrow it just depends on time and my work schedule. It is fine we were wechatting and it was nice to talk to them 🙂 Wally and I went grocery shopping and picked up a few more things. I Skyped my mom and Ralphie and showed them the apartment. Wally and I finally put everything away and organized the apartment. We still need a few things but we will worry about it later. We did find an American store and they have Lucky Charms, except it is about $10, whatever if I need to a taste of home for a day I will pay the money to get comfort food. Once everything was away we went to the drug store to pick up some nail polish remover since it is  not at the grocery store. We saw a little collection of independent stands that were selling some cute knick knacks. Then we saw an Artisan Bakery and the samples were amazing! We picked up a garlic and Parmesan loaf, 2 hot dogs things, and a ham and cheese croissant. We had the loaf and some oranges for dinner. Also, at our apartment we have to turn the gas on everyday to use the stove then turn it off and we have to turn the water heater on then off every time we want hot water; it is a pain in the ass. Since we have spend a majority of our cash we are going to hold off on getting anything non essential for a while. Once back at the apartment we started watching “The Jinx”, I painted my nails and Wally was figuring out how to download while we are here. It was not working but he was able to find some streaming sites for all our shows!!! BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! I LOVE TV!!! Finally the apartment is set up and we even have a pumpkin candle burning and it smells like home :). This apartment may not be much but it is ours and home for the next year. Off to bed and on to another Monday!!! Wish us luck!! ❤

Day 10: A Colossal Waste of Time 10/24/2015


So today we went to Ikea to pick up some essentials for our new apartment. What was the most surprising was that everything you would get back home was at this Ikea. We spent nearly $400 dollars on everything, but even by Ikea standards we came out like bandits. For those of you wondering if we tried the food, unfortunately we did not, but it smelled exactly like it did back home.

We went back to the hotel to gather a few things and head to our apartment. We had a hell of a time trying to find a taxi and the first one we found tried to rip us off. In Shanghai taxis are dirt cheap, like a trek across town is less than $7. However, when we walked out this jackass tried to charge us $15. Screw you dude! I ain’t falling for that shit. Anyways we got the hotel to call us a cab and we ultimately paid $7.

We went to our apartment to get our resident permit, something that all Chinese citizens have to do, near our local police station. So we show up to a sister store to our realtor and asked for directions and went on our way. It was a journey to get there because the directions were written in Chinese and every block or so I’d stop to ask for directions. Luckily, we had some nice people along the way to guide us. After a couple of miles we finally got to our destination, but my lack of Chinese led to some confusion and the people at the office gave us another address and sent us on our way. We walk around some more asking people along the way and we finally realize that the office lead us right back to our realtors office…. We spent over an hour walking around trying to find this place…. Guess what??? WE WERE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!! Ugh I hate not knowing more Chinese. Oh the cherry on top Sydney got spit on cause some jackass decided to spit over the railing without looking. Now we have to go on Monday before our training to get registered….

Anyways we head back to the hotel to gather the rest of our stuff and to take advantage of the washer/dryer at the hotel to do our sheets. The washer/dryer they have at the hotel is run on tokens. The dryer we chose wasn’t working very well and took 3 loads. However they only gave us 2 tokens. I had to go down and ask for more. At one point the man behind the counter tried to charge me $4 for it. I damn near lost my cool. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DUDE?!?! I’M NOT SCAMMING YOU FOR MORE TOKENS YOUR WASHING MACHINE ISN’T WORKING AND MY TIME IS BEING WASTED!!! He ultimately gave me the token as if he was doing me a favor. We sat around for nearly 2 hours waiting for our laundry to get done.

We caught another taxi back to our apartment and got our place as set up as possible considering how tired we were.

I can say that after today it has left me really homesick. I miss my friends and family. I miss the clean streets and air. I’m tired of having to have my guard up. I’m tired of not being understood. Hopefully things pick up.


First, had some breakfast at the hotel and hung out with some of the other teachers. Once we were all done Justine, Karine, Wally and I headed to Ikea. It was a direct shot on the metro so it was an easy ride over there. IKEA is the same all over the world it was so nice to be in a familiar setting. The four of us meandered around and pick up the items we needed. Wally and I had to pick up pretty much everything but big furniture so our trip was more expensive then theirs (Justine and Karine will be roommates). We spent 2,504.90 RMB which is $394.60. It was still alot but we got almost everything we needed. We taxied back to the hotel and it was only about 11 RMB per person so not bad at all. We headed upstairs to pack all of our stuff up and make a run to the apartment. One guy tried to rip us off and then we realized we forgot to get our residents permit from the hotel so it was a good thing we did not leave yet. The hotel called a taxi and we went to the apartment. It was stressful but Wally is so strong and carried all the heavy stuff for me!! I love my pack mule!! ❤ We put away some stuff then our journey started again. Wally explained most of it that we walked forever come to find out we were at the right place and they did not know what we were saying. It was frustrating and its dumb arguments like this that test our marriage but we will always work through it and I will constantly work on my communication style. We were both stressed and so angry at the situation. On our walk back to the subway someone spit over the railing and it hit me in the face!!!!!! It was disgusting and I felt so dirty the rest of the day! I even washed my face about 3 times. When we finally got back to the hotel we did laundry which took forever then finally made it back to the apartment. We put away some stuff, made the bed and showered and pasted out. We will absolutely need to get a pillow top for the bed since it is hard as a rock!!!! Slowly but surely this place will come together. This past week has been rough but it is because all we have done is paperwork and running back and forth between buildings we have not seen anything!!!! My fingers are crossed that once the probation 6 weeks are up and all the paperwork is done and our permanent visas are done and we have our passports back everything will be much better. I promise Wally and I are trying to stay positive and are enjoying our experience. We have each other and that is what counts!!!

Day 9: Even More Orientation 10/23/2015


Today’s training sesh was more or less the same as yesterday. However, today we could have gotten out early buuuuuuut somebody had to keep on rambling on and on about how she speaks Mandarin and kissing the ass of our trainer. Just as the class was wrapping up she decides to have us read the sample text and pretended to be our teacher. She talked down to us and guided us along and prolonged the class an extra 20 minutes! If you haven’t guessed who I’m talking about yet, it’s Morgan… WE GET IT YOU SPEAK CHINESE CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS! DO NOT TALK DOWN TO THE REST OF US LIKE WE SUFFER SOME MENTAL ILLNESS! I’m so glad I won’t need to deal with her after this week.

We went to our apartment and had it cleaned today. While they cleaned Syd stayed behind to watch the place and I went to the grocery store. Man let me tell you shopping in a foreign market is one hell of a journey. It’s so stressful wandering up and down the isles trying to find the most basic things such as detergent. Luckily I spotted Tide and stuck with that, but it’s fun using my critical thinking to solve these everyday problems. That’s it for now, but tomorrow we’re going to Ikea so that should be fun.


Friday, Friday, gunna get down on Friday!!!! Went to the online office and got all set up, my trainer was Skyping her parents so I had to wait until she was done. i wandered around the office and somewhat got my barrings. I read some articles and one of the other trainers had me teach a lesson, the person I taught was a local teacher, Yvonne. She was so nice and said I did a great job and did not seem nervous at all. My TTT, teacher talking time, was very low and I was even able to help her with some corrections. I felt really accomplished and that I can actually do this for a year. Again, one of my trainers said they wanted to take me to lunch and again, I had to pay for myself; don’t offer to take someone then make them pay. It was dumplings covered in melted peanut butter, it was good but so heavy and it made me crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich hahahah. Also, all the teachers kept talking to themselves and around me and it was about vacations they had just taken with each other and people they hated around the office. It was not the most professional lunch. Anyways I finished about 4:30 and headed back to the hotel. I sewed up one of the other teachers pants cause they had a hole and we talked about Del Taco and Zion. I told him I loved him lol. Wally was laughing because the guy is from Ohio and still really likes Del Taco. After we headed to the apartment, and it was the first time we took the metro to the apartment (Wally’s uncle has driven us every other time) so we ended up making this huge circle and instead of a 25 minute walk to the metro it probably is about 7 (face palm). The cleaners came and cleaned the apartment the way I would clean the apartment it was beautiful!!! Wally went shopping and did an amazing job bringing what we needed back. We will need to do a little more research so we don’t spend all our money on Tide and figure out a brand out here that is good. But for right now we will stick with what we know and pay a little more. He couldn’t find everything but we got the essentials and will work on everything else as the time goes. After the cleaners left we found the faster route to the metro and went to the hotel and showered and pasted out. Now onto Saturday!!!

Day 8: More Training… 10/22


Today was the first day that Sydney and I have been a part since the wedding. It was a bit weird not having my best friend with me by my side throughout the day, but I suppose I have to get use to it at some point.

Well I furthered my training today, but today was actually meaningful. I learned more in this one day than I have the past week. I got to see firsthand the type of materials I’d be working with and how to access them. Moreover, I was trained by competent individuals that actually knew what they were doing and weren’t stumbling over themselves.


I do however want to rant about this particular individual that has been a part of our training. Her name is Morgan. Now Morgan is a bright individual that has been studying Chinese for the past 6 years. I’ll admit that her Mandarin is better than mine as she has a wider array of vocabulary and she can read and write it. However, she still butchers the language when she speaks. This girl looks like she has mild down syndrome and she speaks with a lisp. She has a know it all attitude and is an absolute teachers pet. Any opportunity she gets she’ll speak in Mandarin to whoever can hear or understand her, even when it’s not necessary. You know what? I get it you’re proud of your education and have every right to be, but when you go rubbing everyone’s faces in it, it can get really freaking irritating. So she really got to me today when we had this group activity where we had to find a group of people where you have something in common and create some sort of categorization within ourselves. There were two local teachers so I thought oh great we can group up since we speak Mandarin. Morgans ears perk up hearing that and makes a b line over to us. The way she decides to categorize us is by how long we’ve studied Chinese. So naturally the local teachers lined up first and when it came down to us she looked at me and asked how many years I’ve studied Chinese. Well a few years as a child, few years in high school and a few more in college. Wellllllllll so you didn’t really study it than did you? You’ll be last. BITCH I’VE BEEN BILINGUAL ALL MY FUCKING LIFE. YOU’RE DUMBASS CAN’T EVEN PRONOUNCE WORDS PROPERLY TAKE THAT FUCKING EGO AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR YELLOW FEVER INFESTED ASSHOLE!!! So yeah…. Fuck that bitch in particular.


So I got off early and waited for Sydney at this cute little bed spread place for a couple of hours till she got off. Unfortunately, when she arrived and went in together the associates at the place informed us that they do not have bed spreads the size of our bed. So…. I waited for 2 hours for nothing. yay….


Welp, we officially have been here a week. I can’t believe we are not going home it still does not feel real, maybe when we are totally moved in it will feel like a home for a year. Today, we headed to the subway and Wally and I were on the same platform but heading different ways. It was weird going to the training all by myself but I found a closer subway exit then the one my manager showed me so it did not take me as much time to get to the office. Once I got in a woman named Vanessa was there and she trained me a little. She was so mad that for the last 3 days I have not logged on once but she says shake it off and your training will start now. Nothing to much to report but trained a lot and was there all day!!! The trainer said oh we will be taking you out to lunch today and then I had to pay for myself; don’t say you are taking me out and then have me pay. Everyone goes out to eat lunch and dinner, I am cheap and make food. i do not want to spend that much money on food ( I could travel with that shit). The rest of the day was a bit of a blur just a little boring. Wally and I were going to go to a store to pick up a bedspread so Wally waited for me for 2 hours while I was still at work and come to find out when we get there that they do not have our bed size. Wally was mad because all he had to do was go to the store and ask and we could have met up at the hotel. Once we left we came back to the hotel and are cleaning up to go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday and then it is the last weekend we will have together for 6 weeks :(. Fingers crossed my center will be able to change my schedule so we have the same days off.