We Have Arrived 10/14/2015



It’s been a loooong ass day… Due to my nerves I didn’t really sleep much the night before. We just got through a 14 hour flight. If you’re flying international it’s worth the investment to move on up to first class. They have you packed in there like sardines!

I felt so bad for Sydney. The man next to her had NO concept of personal space. Anytime he adjusted himself he’d constantly nudge, bump and hit her. He would yawn obnoxiously loud and take up way more space than was socially acceptable. At one point, I kid you not, the dude had his feet up on the seats in front of him like you would at a gynecologist’s office and he just started to picking at his feet. At another point his hands were down his pants messing around with his giblets! What the actual fuck… Other than that the flight was chill.

Once we arrived we blazed through customs. According to Sydney we went through it FAST, I’m not as worldly as her so I’ll take her word for it. We then met with our driver. I’ll tell you what Chinese people CAN drive as long as everyone else drives like assholes. This guy was weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating other motorists and hogging multiple lanes just to get ahead of others to get us to the not so glorious Holiday Inn Express Shanghai.

Whatever I’m done. I’m tired. Goodnight.


The air here really is as bad as everyone says it is. I love crisp cold air but not when there’s a distinct taste of pollutants in it.


What a crazy 48 hours it has been!!! Well we got onto the airplane and they said it would be a full flight, but we were still hoping to maybe not have anyone sit next to us and yet, the worst person sat next to Wally and I. Everyone knows I like to be clean and after Bianca told me the horrors of flying (which I kind of knew but just didn’t want to think about) I was dying the whole plane. He picked his toes, scrubbed his feet, constantly had his hand down his pants and was throwing his jacket on me like I was a coat rack. I was so thankful to be off the plane.

It was so quick and easy getting through customs and grabbing our bags. We found the person that was going to take us to the hotel and made our way there. I was getting such motion sickness in the car that I ended up falling asleep until right before we pulled up to the hotel. We got all checked in and were able to shower finally and get ready for tomorrow. The room reeks of cigarette smoke and I can’t wait to have out own place with a working AC unit. Tomorrow will be a new adventure since we will be starting work and taking of the city. Friday Wally and I have to separate and go to our respective schools.

It will be weird not seeing him all day or being able to text throughout the day like we do at home but I am ready for this adventure and know that this will be one for the record books for us. Good night everyone 🙂


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