Day 2: First Day Seeing Our Center 10/16/2015


Everyday is pretty jam packed. We woke up this morning a complementary continental breakfast, or what a Chinese continental breakfast is. There was 2 types of fried rice and what they believed to be breakfast sausages, they were actually Taiwanese sausages. Needless to say we got our fill of food this morning.

Following breakfast we made our way to the EF headquarters where we were taken to Bank of China to open an account. They run that place like a DMV with a whole number calling system and a miserable waiting area. Luckily, it didn’t take too long to open up everyone’s accounts. After that we met back up at HQ and had a Chinese lesson on ordering food at a restaurant. It was pretty interesting seeing everyone take on the task. There were a couple of individuals that have been taking Chinese classes on the side for many years and I can honestly say they probably know more Chinese than I do. This lesson that was given to us was in preparation for the lunch they treated us to. We walked down a few blocks to a Chinese restaurant where we were given a plethora of foods to chow down on. I pigged out on some good ol’ greasy Chinese soul food and loved every second of it.

Later, I was taken to my EF School where I would be stationed for the next year. I met up with my director Danica and she showed me around the facilities and introduced me to the teachers. I can say that I am really excited to work with these individuals and the students. I can tell that a lot of them are passionate in their teaching and what they’re trying to provide for their students.


After we finished the meet and greet I was left to navigate the subway system and make my way back to the hotel. I can say that as directionally impaired as I may be I managed to make my way back to the hotel with no problem. The Shanghai railway system really is user friendly.

Now we’re just apartment hunting wish us luck!


Well we got up this morning and enjoyed our free breakfast in the hotel. We were then taken to the EF Headquarters; we had some training and one of the recruiters, Shane was able to answer so many of our questions. After, we went to the Bank of China and set up a bank account. We were there for a couple of hours but finally got everything set up. We learned how to look for apartments and basic food ordering in Mandarin. I am lucky to have my own private tutor, yay for marrying an Asian!! My goal is to be as fluent as possible when I return home, I want to be able to have a conversation with my in-laws and talk to my future kids. There is one girl who is so annoying!!! She acts so snobby because she has been to China before, ugh! I am not a fan and she looks stupid in the face. We had lunch at a delish Chinese food restaurant and discovered so many more dishes that I like. Hopefully, by the time we come home I will enjoy hot pot as well but we will see. Lunch was delicious and sitting and talking to the new teachers was so much fun. I went to my new office, I will be at the Online Center in Pudong on Pudong Avenue off of Metro Line 4, it is about a 10 minute walk from the metro to my building. It was kind of pointless today, my manager took me there then showed me the building and then walked me out and I came back to the hotel. I am still trying to adjust to the Shanghai time and my goal is to stay awake until at least 9 tonight and try and sleep longer then 3 A.M. My new schedule at least for the next few weeks will be 1:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M I am not totally comfortable with the commute that late by myself but I will get used to it and carry some pepper spray just in case. Wally and I start the apartment hunt tomorrow so everyone please have your fingers crossed that we find something this weekend. Thanks! Love you all 🙂


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