Day 4: Getting a phone number/finalizing our apartment 10/18/2015


For the most part today was fairly uneventful. We spent most of the morning chilling and relaxing. Around 11:30 I split up with Sydney to go with some of the other teachers to get our Shanghai telephone numbers. We took a cab and met up with one of the teacher’s, Josh, friend. Let’s call him Bob because I don’t remember his actual name. Bob has been living in China for the last 5-6 years and his Chinese is better than mine. It was pretty cool watching him navigate the city and communicate with people with such ease. Josh had gotten his phone stolen from him the night before, his own damn fault he was dick in the dirt drunk, so we went shopping for a phone for him at a mall. That took quite some time because Bob was haggling down the price with the person over the counter. Once Josh got his phone they decided that they wanted to get some lunch, I had already eaten was just along for the ride. Anyways, we go to this place called Yang’s Dumplings it’s a chain restaurant and it looked amazing I’m definitely going to take Sydney there one day.

Following, lunch we go to China Mobile and to get our numbers. Everything in China is run like an extremely efficient DMV. We showed up got a number and just waited for our numbers we were 242 and they were at 193 but luckily some dope dropped with number, 209, so we didn’t wait TOO long. The way to get a number/cell plan in China is interesting. Once we get to the counter there was a machine that generates numbers for you and when that is complete the guy over the counter fills out some forms you pay him the amount you want and you’re done. That’s it. There’s no real contract, basically everyone is on a month to month plan and all you need to do is put some more money into your account for what you want to use. So, unfortunately because we have American phones we won’t be able to use them under a China plan, which isn’t the end of the world because on WIFI we’re good, but we do have these shitty old school Nokia when we’re in between places.

When I finally finished up with phones and met up with Sydney it was getting pretty late. We hit up my Uncle and he came and picked us up to finalize our apartment lease. It was interesting to say the least, to have to sit though a lease negotiation and to only understand MAYBE every other word was a bit nerve wracking. Sydney and I were literally signing documents without knowing what they were saying trusting what was essentially a stranger, my uncle which I only met for the first time 2 days ago, but I know he has our best interest in mind. I saw him scour over the contract making sure there were no mistakes. At one point he even took out a pen and just modified it in front of the agents and they allowed it!!! Fucking Chinese people are crazy. Once we have the apartment I’ll take pictures and try to figure out how to upload them on here. Can’t wait to make that place our own, they have an IKEA here so we get to do it on the cheap!!!


Woke up and headed down to the “Asian Continental Breakfast” it was good and we chatted with some of the other teachers. We came back up and hung out until everyone was ready to go get the phones set up for China calling and texting. When we got downstairs there was too many of us and we would have had to take 2 cabs so I stayed behind and Wally went and took care of everything. I thought he would only be gone for a couple of hours and it turned into 4 hours. So, as time went on I watched Netflix, Skyped with Melissa ❤ which was so much fun and we tried to plan her stay out here, hopefully she can make it in February; I also was able to get through all the paperwork and books that they gave us and have a little better understanding of what is expected and my job description. Once Wally got back we contacted his uncle to come and get us so we could go do the apartment signing. Anyone who has signed a lease for an apartment knows that they go through everything, you sign, read a few sections and then get the keys; well I will take getting an apartment back home any day. All I did was sit there while Wally tried to translate as quickly as he could but was still getting a little lost. They finally put the contract in front of us and I am trusting that Wally’s uncle did what he could and got us the best deal. Literally everything was in Chinese and everyone was speaking Mandarin but come to find out later that there are English speaking people in the office! Dude, the fuck! Then send someone who speaks English in to help us and translate a little better and faster then Wally. I appreciate and love Wally so much more for handling what he could and trying to help me understand. We went and saw the apartment again and received the keys. Where we are living is farther from the city but close to our jobs. I would much rather commute to go out then commute to work. Once we were finished and his uncle took us back to the hotel we walked to the McDonald’s next to the hotel and got dinner. We were tired, mentally drained and wanted something familiar without having to try and figure out a menu. I had a double cheeseburger (had no idea it came with 2 patties, I thought it was just a cheeseburger), fries, and a coke. Wally had a  double fish fillet (again, had no idea it came with 2 fish patties), fries and a coke. Then we got 2 McFlurries and it turned out to be green tea ice cream with Oreo pieces!!! I was so sad, all I wanted was a normal McFlurry but the cool thing was all of that was less the $15! Damn, Shanghai is cheap! It is insane that everyone warned us it would be expensive and all this but is so freaking cheap; especially the cost of living. Our 2 bedroom apt is only about $1,000 a month. Anyways, after dinner and dessert we walked back showered and passed out. Wally and I are trying to figure everything out and doing are best being in a foreign city. I am not in love with Shanghai like I have been with other cities but we have each other. No matter what, it will always be Wally and I vs the problem not Wally vs. me! We will figure out, all the hurdles and obstacles that come our way and will get through anything. I have the best husband in the world!!! Now onto another day and another adventure.


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  1. Dad · October 19, 2015

    Well, that’s all you can do. Be careful what you eat & try to stay out of the way. Miss both of you. Love you!


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