Day 5: First Official Monday Training 10/19/2015


So today was fairly uneventful. We had some more orientation stuff to do today and it was all just bullshit. The person running the thing was extremely unorganized and a horrible all around teacher. Her directions were always unclear and left everyone confused. Whatever, just gotta shit through the bullshit.

Had lunch with some of the teachers and got closer with some of them, bonding over our love of Dragon Ball Z.

After work we did some shopping I needed some brown khakis for work and didn’t bring any with me. So, we went to H&M and picked some up. The pair I found was a bit tight around the legs, but I’ll take what I can get especially out here. We rode the subway back with Janette, another teacher, she’s extremely pleasant. A woman in her 50’s who decided to do this after getting laid off of work in London because of budget cuts. She’s very down to earth and just fun to be around. Her British colloquialisms are just fun.

We got an early day tomorrow. The Chinese government gets to judge whether or not my body is deemed good enough to work here.


Monday, Monday, Monday…today started out like any other and we had some breakfast. It was filling and did the job. We chatted with one of the other teachers and then all met up to head to the center for training together. We first went to the wrong center but luckily the correct one was right across the street. Only half the group was there as they were doing the medical check and will learn what we learned in the morning tomorrow. I made a friend Karine and we were goofing off in class and talking and Wally got mad. The teacher kept looking at us and we kept giggling. I guess some things never change. She is awesome, 25, her birthday is April 19th and she is an Aries. We both talk a lot of shit and hate the same people in our class. It is fun!! Anyways we played games and the woman that is leading the class is the worst, she is 49 (she told us her age) and looks about 70, also her husband is about 3 feet wide all around, he has to walk sideways out a door to get out. It is insane. Today was so boring and completely unnecessary!!! I sat there for almost an hour doing almost nothing. We had class form 10-6 and the day seemed to drag on. All of us had lunch as a group and it was pretty good and so cheap. After we went to a delicious ice cream shop that tasted like Creamistry (they do the same thing it just has a different name). After class Wally, Janet (another teacher) and I went to H&M to do a bit of shopping. Wally needed khakis and I found a pimp ass trench coat!!!! I can’t wait for it to rain and I can wear it. Then all 3 of us took the metro home and went to our respective rooms. We have the medical check tomorrow so we will not be eating dinner or breakfast. It is going to be a long day since we last ate at 1:30 and can’t eat again until 12 tomorrow. Hope everyone back home has been enjoying the blog because Wally and I are having fun writing everything. XO


One comment

  1. Martha Tran · October 19, 2015

    Is Karine cute? lol I’m glad you guys found an apartment. You guys officially moved in yet or still waiting?


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