Day 8: More Training… 10/22


Today was the first day that Sydney and I have been a part since the wedding. It was a bit weird not having my best friend with me by my side throughout the day, but I suppose I have to get use to it at some point.

Well I furthered my training today, but today was actually meaningful. I learned more in this one day than I have the past week. I got to see firsthand the type of materials I’d be working with and how to access them. Moreover, I was trained by competent individuals that actually knew what they were doing and weren’t stumbling over themselves.


I do however want to rant about this particular individual that has been a part of our training. Her name is Morgan. Now Morgan is a bright individual that has been studying Chinese for the past 6 years. I’ll admit that her Mandarin is better than mine as she has a wider array of vocabulary and she can read and write it. However, she still butchers the language when she speaks. This girl looks like she has mild down syndrome and she speaks with a lisp. She has a know it all attitude and is an absolute teachers pet. Any opportunity she gets she’ll speak in Mandarin to whoever can hear or understand her, even when it’s not necessary. You know what? I get it you’re proud of your education and have every right to be, but when you go rubbing everyone’s faces in it, it can get really freaking irritating. So she really got to me today when we had this group activity where we had to find a group of people where you have something in common and create some sort of categorization within ourselves. There were two local teachers so I thought oh great we can group up since we speak Mandarin. Morgans ears perk up hearing that and makes a b line over to us. The way she decides to categorize us is by how long we’ve studied Chinese. So naturally the local teachers lined up first and when it came down to us she looked at me and asked how many years I’ve studied Chinese. Well a few years as a child, few years in high school and a few more in college. Wellllllllll so you didn’t really study it than did you? You’ll be last. BITCH I’VE BEEN BILINGUAL ALL MY FUCKING LIFE. YOU’RE DUMBASS CAN’T EVEN PRONOUNCE WORDS PROPERLY TAKE THAT FUCKING EGO AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR YELLOW FEVER INFESTED ASSHOLE!!! So yeah…. Fuck that bitch in particular.


So I got off early and waited for Sydney at this cute little bed spread place for a couple of hours till she got off. Unfortunately, when she arrived and went in together the associates at the place informed us that they do not have bed spreads the size of our bed. So…. I waited for 2 hours for nothing. yay….


Welp, we officially have been here a week. I can’t believe we are not going home it still does not feel real, maybe when we are totally moved in it will feel like a home for a year. Today, we headed to the subway and Wally and I were on the same platform but heading different ways. It was weird going to the training all by myself but I found a closer subway exit then the one my manager showed me so it did not take me as much time to get to the office. Once I got in a woman named Vanessa was there and she trained me a little. She was so mad that for the last 3 days I have not logged on once but she says shake it off and your training will start now. Nothing to much to report but trained a lot and was there all day!!! The trainer said oh we will be taking you out to lunch today and then I had to pay for myself; don’t say you are taking me out and then have me pay. Everyone goes out to eat lunch and dinner, I am cheap and make food. i do not want to spend that much money on food ( I could travel with that shit). The rest of the day was a bit of a blur just a little boring. Wally and I were going to go to a store to pick up a bedspread so Wally waited for me for 2 hours while I was still at work and come to find out when we get there that they do not have our bed size. Wally was mad because all he had to do was go to the store and ask and we could have met up at the hotel. Once we left we came back to the hotel and are cleaning up to go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday and then it is the last weekend we will have together for 6 weeks :(. Fingers crossed my center will be able to change my schedule so we have the same days off.

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  1. Martha Tran · October 22, 2015

    Fuck Morgan


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