Day 9: Even More Orientation 10/23/2015


Today’s training sesh was more or less the same as yesterday. However, today we could have gotten out early buuuuuuut somebody had to keep on rambling on and on about how she speaks Mandarin and kissing the ass of our trainer. Just as the class was wrapping up she decides to have us read the sample text and pretended to be our teacher. She talked down to us and guided us along and prolonged the class an extra 20 minutes! If you haven’t guessed who I’m talking about yet, it’s Morgan… WE GET IT YOU SPEAK CHINESE CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS! DO NOT TALK DOWN TO THE REST OF US LIKE WE SUFFER SOME MENTAL ILLNESS! I’m so glad I won’t need to deal with her after this week.

We went to our apartment and had it cleaned today. While they cleaned Syd stayed behind to watch the place and I went to the grocery store. Man let me tell you shopping in a foreign market is one hell of a journey. It’s so stressful wandering up and down the isles trying to find the most basic things such as detergent. Luckily I spotted Tide and stuck with that, but it’s fun using my critical thinking to solve these everyday problems. That’s it for now, but tomorrow we’re going to Ikea so that should be fun.


Friday, Friday, gunna get down on Friday!!!! Went to the online office and got all set up, my trainer was Skyping her parents so I had to wait until she was done. i wandered around the office and somewhat got my barrings. I read some articles and one of the other trainers had me teach a lesson, the person I taught was a local teacher, Yvonne. She was so nice and said I did a great job and did not seem nervous at all. My TTT, teacher talking time, was very low and I was even able to help her with some corrections. I felt really accomplished and that I can actually do this for a year. Again, one of my trainers said they wanted to take me to lunch and again, I had to pay for myself; don’t offer to take someone then make them pay. It was dumplings covered in melted peanut butter, it was good but so heavy and it made me crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich hahahah. Also, all the teachers kept talking to themselves and around me and it was about vacations they had just taken with each other and people they hated around the office. It was not the most professional lunch. Anyways I finished about 4:30 and headed back to the hotel. I sewed up one of the other teachers pants cause they had a hole and we talked about Del Taco and Zion. I told him I loved him lol. Wally was laughing because the guy is from Ohio and still really likes Del Taco. After we headed to the apartment, and it was the first time we took the metro to the apartment (Wally’s uncle has driven us every other time) so we ended up making this huge circle and instead of a 25 minute walk to the metro it probably is about 7 (face palm). The cleaners came and cleaned the apartment the way I would clean the apartment it was beautiful!!! Wally went shopping and did an amazing job bringing what we needed back. We will need to do a little more research so we don’t spend all our money on Tide and figure out a brand out here that is good. But for right now we will stick with what we know and pay a little more. He couldn’t find everything but we got the essentials and will work on everything else as the time goes. After the cleaners left we found the faster route to the metro and went to the hotel and showered and pasted out. Now onto Saturday!!!

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