Day 10: A Colossal Waste of Time 10/24/2015


So today we went to Ikea to pick up some essentials for our new apartment. What was the most surprising was that everything you would get back home was at this Ikea. We spent nearly $400 dollars on everything, but even by Ikea standards we came out like bandits. For those of you wondering if we tried the food, unfortunately we did not, but it smelled exactly like it did back home.

We went back to the hotel to gather a few things and head to our apartment. We had a hell of a time trying to find a taxi and the first one we found tried to rip us off. In Shanghai taxis are dirt cheap, like a trek across town is less than $7. However, when we walked out this jackass tried to charge us $15. Screw you dude! I ain’t falling for that shit. Anyways we got the hotel to call us a cab and we ultimately paid $7.

We went to our apartment to get our resident permit, something that all Chinese citizens have to do, near our local police station. So we show up to a sister store to our realtor and asked for directions and went on our way. It was a journey to get there because the directions were written in Chinese and every block or so I’d stop to ask for directions. Luckily, we had some nice people along the way to guide us. After a couple of miles we finally got to our destination, but my lack of Chinese led to some confusion and the people at the office gave us another address and sent us on our way. We walk around some more asking people along the way and we finally realize that the office lead us right back to our realtors office…. We spent over an hour walking around trying to find this place…. Guess what??? WE WERE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!!!! Ugh I hate not knowing more Chinese. Oh the cherry on top Sydney got spit on cause some jackass decided to spit over the railing without looking. Now we have to go on Monday before our training to get registered….

Anyways we head back to the hotel to gather the rest of our stuff and to take advantage of the washer/dryer at the hotel to do our sheets. The washer/dryer they have at the hotel is run on tokens. The dryer we chose wasn’t working very well and took 3 loads. However they only gave us 2 tokens. I had to go down and ask for more. At one point the man behind the counter tried to charge me $4 for it. I damn near lost my cool. ARE YOU KIDDING ME DUDE?!?! I’M NOT SCAMMING YOU FOR MORE TOKENS YOUR WASHING MACHINE ISN’T WORKING AND MY TIME IS BEING WASTED!!! He ultimately gave me the token as if he was doing me a favor. We sat around for nearly 2 hours waiting for our laundry to get done.

We caught another taxi back to our apartment and got our place as set up as possible considering how tired we were.

I can say that after today it has left me really homesick. I miss my friends and family. I miss the clean streets and air. I’m tired of having to have my guard up. I’m tired of not being understood. Hopefully things pick up.


First, had some breakfast at the hotel and hung out with some of the other teachers. Once we were all done Justine, Karine, Wally and I headed to Ikea. It was a direct shot on the metro so it was an easy ride over there. IKEA is the same all over the world it was so nice to be in a familiar setting. The four of us meandered around and pick up the items we needed. Wally and I had to pick up pretty much everything but big furniture so our trip was more expensive then theirs (Justine and Karine will be roommates). We spent 2,504.90 RMB which is $394.60. It was still alot but we got almost everything we needed. We taxied back to the hotel and it was only about 11 RMB per person so not bad at all. We headed upstairs to pack all of our stuff up and make a run to the apartment. One guy tried to rip us off and then we realized we forgot to get our residents permit from the hotel so it was a good thing we did not leave yet. The hotel called a taxi and we went to the apartment. It was stressful but Wally is so strong and carried all the heavy stuff for me!! I love my pack mule!! ❤ We put away some stuff then our journey started again. Wally explained most of it that we walked forever come to find out we were at the right place and they did not know what we were saying. It was frustrating and its dumb arguments like this that test our marriage but we will always work through it and I will constantly work on my communication style. We were both stressed and so angry at the situation. On our walk back to the subway someone spit over the railing and it hit me in the face!!!!!! It was disgusting and I felt so dirty the rest of the day! I even washed my face about 3 times. When we finally got back to the hotel we did laundry which took forever then finally made it back to the apartment. We put away some stuff, made the bed and showered and pasted out. We will absolutely need to get a pillow top for the bed since it is hard as a rock!!!! Slowly but surely this place will come together. This past week has been rough but it is because all we have done is paperwork and running back and forth between buildings we have not seen anything!!!! My fingers are crossed that once the probation 6 weeks are up and all the paperwork is done and our permanent visas are done and we have our passports back everything will be much better. I promise Wally and I are trying to stay positive and are enjoying our experience. We have each other and that is what counts!!!


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