Day 11: First day in our apartment 10/25/2015


Today was fairly uneventful. We woke up and made our journey over to get our resident permit. Unfortunately, the place we were directed to yesterday didn’t take care of foreign resident permits and we had to make our way over to yet another place. In total we’ve walked close to 10 miles in order to get registered with the Chinese government. We had gotten so turned around and were so tired from our walk that we decided to take a taxi back to our apartment. We cleaned and organized the place a bit more before heading back out to do a couple of more errands.

I’d like to mention that in China they do not believe in dryers. Instead they hang all their clothes outside. You’ll walk down the street and all you’ll see are clothes hanging from windows. In my opinion it’s a bit ass backwards. However, it is a Chinese belief that by hanging your clothes outside the sun will kill any of the bacteria on it as well as ward off evil spirits. What gets me is that with all the pollution that’s floating around outside I would think that your clothes end up dirtier.

Anyways, thanks to the Chinese government giving us the run around we were able to explore the areas surrounding our neighborhood and found that it actually has a lot to offer. We found cute little boutiques and family restaurants as well as a store that specializes in selling American products. There was also this awesome bakery that sold everything FRESH and everything looked so amazing I can tell we’ll be purchasing from there a lot in the future.

We spent the rest of our night watching some shows I’ve already downloaded and streaming some more recent ones off some random sites. It was a great way to end our Sunday.


Nothing beats waking up in your own apartment!!! Last night was the first night that we slept in our new apartment. The bed is so hard but we will get a pillow top soon. The hotel was always so hot since our AC did not work, waking up and not sweating was an amazing feeling. I also woke up to a nice message from Bianca and it made me feel so loved. The AC unit is so quiet and keeps the room so chilled. We had a bit of a lazy morning and just finished unpacking our suitcases. We realized that we did not buy enough hangers from IKEA so we could not finish the laundry or hang up any more of our clothes; so one of us will need to go on our day off this week and pick up some more. We took a morning walk back to the police office to see if they were open and they were, unfortunately we were at the wrong building so we went to another one; when we got there we were told they do not do registration at that office and we had to go to another one. Once we finally got to the right one they went through our papers and the lady said we needed another copy of my passport and copies of our visas, SHIT!!!! Well Wally ran to the print shop and made copies and ran back. Then they finished it up and we are finally registered so thank goodness we do not have to do it tomorrow morning. All in all we covered so much ground and walked about 3 miles trying to find everything. We paid the lazy tax and took a taxi back because I was supposed to Skype with Bianca and Kylie but they were busy so hopefully we will be able to Skype tomorrow it just depends on time and my work schedule. It is fine we were wechatting and it was nice to talk to them 🙂 Wally and I went grocery shopping and picked up a few more things. I Skyped my mom and Ralphie and showed them the apartment. Wally and I finally put everything away and organized the apartment. We still need a few things but we will worry about it later. We did find an American store and they have Lucky Charms, except it is about $10, whatever if I need to a taste of home for a day I will pay the money to get comfort food. Once everything was away we went to the drug store to pick up some nail polish remover since it is  not at the grocery store. We saw a little collection of independent stands that were selling some cute knick knacks. Then we saw an Artisan Bakery and the samples were amazing! We picked up a garlic and Parmesan loaf, 2 hot dogs things, and a ham and cheese croissant. We had the loaf and some oranges for dinner. Also, at our apartment we have to turn the gas on everyday to use the stove then turn it off and we have to turn the water heater on then off every time we want hot water; it is a pain in the ass. Since we have spend a majority of our cash we are going to hold off on getting anything non essential for a while. Once back at the apartment we started watching “The Jinx”, I painted my nails and Wally was figuring out how to download while we are here. It was not working but he was able to find some streaming sites for all our shows!!! BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! I LOVE TV!!! Finally the apartment is set up and we even have a pumpkin candle burning and it smells like home :). This apartment may not be much but it is ours and home for the next year. Off to bed and on to another Monday!!! Wish us luck!! ❤

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