Day 12: 1st official Monday of work 10/26/2015


We had to head to EF HQ to turn in our passports to finalize our temporary citizenship. So I’ve been warned about rush hour traffic in the subway, but didn’t really realize just how crazy it is. When we walked over to the subway there was a noticeable difference in the amount of people but nothing to worry us. Then when we got to the subway car itself we saw that people were packed in there like sardines. When we got on ourselves it wasn’t so bad until the last minute people came charging in and cramming us closer to our neighbors. Let’s just say it got real intimate real quick.

When we exited our stop we had no idea where to go. Luckily, I have Sydney and her sense of direction is equal to that of a homing pigeon and we found our way to HQ.

At HQ we finished up our induction to the company and split up to our respective centers for observation. I got a bit turned around but luckily I was freakishly early and was able to find my center after a bit. I went through some BASIC training and then sat around for a couple of hours until my observation.

So I observed 3 small star courses, lowest and youngest level, their ages varied between 3-6 years old. I gotta say I witnessed one teacher that had a lot energy and the students really enjoyed her but she lacked terribly in classroom management. For the most part this level of students you’re just introducing then to English and hoping some of it sticks. I’ll basically be running a live Blues Clues full of interactive games and coddling. I can’t say I’m too excited for this level hopefully I don’t get stuck with them. However, I do know that my management will be light-years ahead of the one I observed.

We finally got our cash advance and we’re able to pay for 3 months rent, the norm here. I can rest easy tonight.


Woke up with morning and Skyped with Bianca. It was nice to catch up and chat. I can’t wait for her and Greg to come out! I love that they already have their tickets and I have a real date when I will see my friends again!!!! Wally and I headed to to HQ to turn in our passports and figure out what the next step is to getting our permanent visas. After Wally had to stay and I headed to my online center. Once I was there I was able to meet my manager and he stated that my schedule of having weekends off is only for the next two weeks and he said it would be no problem to change my schedule to have Tuesday Wednesday off with Wally!!! YAY!!!! I am so excited to actually be able to spend time with him and start to do some exploring. I was able to get a desk and actually have my own space. We did a little bit of work and then I got comfortable tight my computer. I talked to my dad a little bit on my lunch and we are going to try and Skype soon. I had to teach a lesson to my manager and I royally fucked it up. I got a bit nervous but self critiqued and he said that was great and most teachers do not do that. I made a friend her name is Nicole. She is Greek, has curly hair and loves pizza. She said she came up to me because I have curly hair and she knows we will be friends. ALso, she gave me some tips on good products here for curly hair. Anyways, once my lesson was over I headed home. I ended up going out the wrong exit of the metro and had to walk a little further home but luckily Wally and I had made the mistake before so I knew where I was going. It was a little sketch walking home by myself but I made it safely. I Skyped my dad to show him the place briefly but he was heading to work, I did some laundry but we are out of hangers so I could not do much, and I tried to watch Hawaii Five-0 but it was taking forever to buffer. Once Wally got home we ran over to the bank because our advance finally came through and we paid our first 3 months rent! Now we are all paid up and not in debt haha. Got ready for Tuesday and had some dinner. Watched a little TV and went to bed. Tuesday is Wally’s weekend but I am working, it sucks.

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  1. Loranna · October 26, 2015

    Good morning favorite son! I wanted to tell both of you that I love reading the blog first thing in the morning! I know it will be hard to keep this up every day, but know we are all enjoying it!! Love you both very much!!!


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