Day 15: Ugh… 10/29/2015


I’m tired of sitting through orientation and observation. I understand that I need to put in the time, but the problem is I have my credential and from what I’ve seen I’m just a live action version of Blues Clues to these kids. The lessons are ridiculously straight forward and simplistic. I’m ready to have my own class already. Whatever…

I’ve noticed here that the cost of living significantly lower than back in the states. We paid for an entire year of internet for less than $200 and you can get an entire meal for $2. But there are other things that are priced out ridiculously high a small box of Lucky Charms is $10.

Anywho it rained today in Shanghai. The beautiful thing about it raining here is that it don’t matter there ain’t no traffic here either way! WOOT WOOT! What sucked though is that Sydney and I had to walk back to our apartment in the rain, but whatever it was romantic.

Also on a side note I’ll be riding the subway tomorrow in my Chewbacca onsie for Halloween. =)


Thursday, almost the weekend. Woke up and got to Skype with Kylie! It was nice to catch up with her for a little. This morning Wally made me eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast! Yum! After breakfast we hung out then walked together to work. it was raining this morning so it was a little chilly. We headed our separate ways and went to work. Work was fine and a little boring. A few people cancelled and I ended up watching Staten Island Summer on Netflix, it is funny and has some SNL cast members (good background noise). Once work was finished I walked back to the metro and it was pouring! Once we got to the Century stop where I change and we missed the train luckily Wally was there and we walked home in the rain. It was kind of fun and romantic. He had gone to the market and picked me up some ramen and it turns out it was spicy, my mouth is on fire. Time to shower and go to bed.

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