Day 17: Halloween!! 10/31/2015


Yesterday I had to observe an entire day of lessons. It’s really sad to see how some of these teachers “teach” many of them are unprepared. They lack any sense of professionalism because the job is so easy and because of that the students don’t get a real education.

After work we went to a Kiwi Bar, New Zealand owned, and hung out there for a bit. It was the rugby world cup. That sport is confusing as hell but having it described by people that know what’s going on. Those dudes are just built differently. They’re real men. Like no homo just thick solid men.

So being dressed as Chewbacca no one in China knows who I was. They just assume that I’m a big bear. I assumed that Star Wars was a world wide phenomenon. Guess not. This country is ass backwards.


Wally left for work and I went back to sleep for a little bit. Finally got up and did some laundry. I had to wash the sheets, hopefully they will dry before we have to go to bed. I miss having a dryer. Finished laundry and cleaned up a bit, painted my fingers and toes and did my hair for tonight. I was lazy and have McDonald’s for brunch. I realized I really like this city much more when I have Wally with me. It is pretty cold today so I have stayed curled up in my track suit watching tv and reading my Beijing/Shanghai book looking for stuff to do next week for Wally and I. I am so excited for our adventures to start. It is so cold in our apartment. In China they do not have insulation so the apartments are very cold. Once Wally came home I finished getting ready and we walked tot he metro to get Karine. She came with us back to the apartment and we all headed to the bar. It is called The Camel Bar and it is a sports bar, It was fun but so expensive. We hung out and then one of our other friends met up with us and we all hung out for awhile. We ended up watching part of the Rugby World Finals New Zealand vs Australia. It was so cool!!!!!! After a little we left and came home. Once we got home we realized we forgot our umbrellas so we will have to go back tomorrow and pick them up. Good nigh!


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