Day 46: 11/29/2015


Ugh it’s so hard to wake up in the mornings here. You know when it’s cold out and you’re warm and snug in bed? Yeah… it’s awful. I didn’t do anything at work today. From 9-3:45 I sat around and entertained myself with Netflix. Speaking of which Jessica Jones is pretty good! It starts off a bit slow but it RAMPS up after the 3rd episode. It’s a modern noir and it’s dark and gritty. So yeah time well spent.

Oh there was this crazy fight between a mother and an Ayi, essentially a janitor. This woman was GOING OFF!!! I was trying to pick up on what she was saying, but her voice was like nails on a chalk board. Imagine a bitchy Chihuahua barking it’s head off. Turns out the lady went off because when she was cleaning she dragged a desk around and it made a “loud” noise. That’s it. She was going off for nearly 15 min because of it.

Which lead me to this realization that Syd and I are literally living amongst an entire generation of only children. Like think of some of the most spoiled little shits you can think of and that’s what we’re living with. Just entitled bitches. Also another thing is that I now see why the Chinese push so hard for their kids to succeed within school. Because in China you take this test called the GaoKao and it essentially dictates where you’ll be in life. Good scores = good college. When I look around the lines between rich and poor and very clearly drawn here. For those that don’t do well they can look at a life time of blue collared work. Now I’m not talking down about that kind of stuff, but blue collared work out here is freaking brutal. Those that are stuck in those fields have been ridden hard and put away wet.



Oh China…


So sleepy…didn’t sleep well but couldn’t lay down any longer. Got up and called my dad to wish him a happy birthday now that it’s actually his birthday in America. We talked for awhile and it was nice to talk to my dad. After I got ready and cleaned up a little around the house. It’s so cold that I can see my breathe in the house. I ate warm ramen for breakfast since it made me all toasty on the inside. The sun is such a tease it will be out and bright and sunshiny but so cold!! Haha. Also today a student said, “I hope you could forgive my terrible answer. You bolster me to keep practise English, your voice is like a singing bird. See you again.” All the spelling mistakes were copied from their comment about me. My voice is like a singing bird, I have always wanted people to think of my voice like that. 🙂 haha. I asked my boss if I can work from home on Christmas and he said yes! Sweet!!!! So this Tuesday he is going to walk me through how to do it and what I have to log in to.

Chris, my team leader, is so cool and pretty much let’s you get away with anything. As long as you let him know what you are doing he doesn’t care. I was wearing my 2015 coachella shirt today and we started talking music and he almost went 2012 but couldn’t at the last moment. Chris is a good boss.

A guy named Vagor wanted to talk about music and he loves Eminem and Wu Tang Clan. It was a great lesson. A really fun student.
Well Steve gave me his flowers that the office gave him for his birthday. He said I deserve them and would appreciate them more. They are carnations. I do not like carnations. Also it’s  weird he is giving me flowers.

My boots are killing me the inside is broken but I need them to last through the winter then I will throw them away. I brought and apple for my dinner break at work and it was rotten on the inside. I’m so sad and hungry right now. Wally and I are going to have a Sundate tonight! Eee so excite! Tomorrow is Friday and then it’s the weekend!

I talk to alot of housewives and all they say is I am learning English because I am bored and do not have to have a job. It is so crazy how different people’s lives are. I was late getting out of work and was racing against the clock to make it to the metro and I just barely caught both my trains. Wally had dinner ready when I came home and then we relaxed and hung out. It is nice to hang out for a little.



Day 45: Happy Birthday Dad!! 11/28/2015


I’ve been drawing the short stick at work this week. One of the teachers calls out sick literally 10 min before class is supposed to start and I was scheduled to do observations. So, instead of that I’m scrambling around trying to prep for a 2 hour class. Luckily it was a “small star” course, which consists of 4 year olds which allowed me to wing it fairly easily. However, it’s a 2 hour class with 4 year olds…. Yeah…

I ended up teaching a higher level class today and I was able to talk to some teens about cultural differences. You know what really blew their minds? Personal space. I told them that even if the place is busy and crowded you usually have enough room to put your elbows up and swing them around without fear of hitting anyone. They’ve never heard of Netflix and me telling them that they can have nearly every movie on their finger tips at any given moment was thrilling to them. Literally mind blown!!!

Sydney has a whole lot of writing corrections from her online center so I came home and have been helping her chip away at them. My god some of the stuff these people type… It’s almost as if they haven’t had a single English lesson ever. BTW Happy Birthday from the future Clint.


Well I sort of heard Wally get up and leave for work but I was so toasty in bed and curled up that I could not move. When I finally did wake up I called my dad to wish him a Happy Birthday!! It isn’t his birthday yet in America but it is in China. So Happy Birthday dad! Love you. When we finished I started to get ready for work and bundle up and headed out. Wally and I have talked before about Shanghai fashion and hair styled well, I saw one today that goes in the record books. First, bowl cuts here are the hottest thing to have. Everyone guy or girl has one and dyed crazy colors. It is so weird. Second, girls have long hair or short there is no middle. Finally, the hair style of the day…a guy was bald, I am talking wax on wax off bald all the way around except right in the middle of his head from his forehead to the middle of the back was a HUGE Snookie poof, held together in the back by a Chanel clip. I apologize for not being able to provide a picture but I hope my description was enough. It was insane and he definitely saw me staring. Work went by pretty fast and I learned that only the online center has to work Christmas day every other school including headquarters gets it off. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I learned some stuff about the company that makes me a little upset but it is fine. Roll with the punches. Made my way home and met up with Wally. Time to hit the sack and call it a day. 🙂

Day 44: Black Friday 11/27/2015


It was really nice talking to people today but a bit sad as well. Seeing friends and family surrounded by loved ones and feeling like you’re missing out really sucks. But it was still nice seeing you guys nonetheless.

So I’ve been trying to get football out here. I’ve found some sites where I can stream stuff and what not, but the quality isn’t always great. It may lag, jump or skip and some are in standard def. I want to be able to enjoy my games dammit! The morning games are on at 2 AM and the afternoon games are at 5 AM. The only games that I am able to catch are the SNF and MNF games at 9 in the morning. I was able to catch the Greenbay vs Chicago game… I will refrain from using my oh so colorful language, but OMFG WTF

Well at work they wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving so they brought us Pizza Hut, a turkey and some champagne. The turkey honestly wasn’t all that dry and the gravy on top made it perfect. I had some of the fried rice from Pizza Hut and some champagne. My coworkers found out that I glow and to be perfectly honest I got a bit buzzed off of it.

So I had spent an hour prepping for my class and just as I finished up another teacher approaches me and says Danica, my boss, wasn’t feeling well and that I need to sub for her class. Problem is it runs the same time as the class I was prepping for. Oh it’s ok I’m switching you because you’ll be taking over that class in the near future. Oh… ok… so I just spent an hour jerking myself off great… Guess what? Danica shows up and does her administrative work. SHE’S NOT SICK! It’s the start of her vacation and she just wanted to get off work early… So fine whatever. I ask her what she taught last week and she tells me so I go on to prep for the class. Guess what? She gave me the wrong information what I had prepped the students had already done… So I’m on the spot bullshitting my way through everything.


Woke up and Skyped my fam, they were all at my Grandma and Papa’s house. It was nice to say hey and see the extended fam. I was able to talk to dad and ash and it looked like a pretty good feast. Wally and I tried to watch some football but it wasn’t streaming that well. Found out later the the Bears won!!! Hahahahahah winner winner chicken dinner. So as Wally and I have explained before China does not believe in insulation so when you walk past a door or window you feel the cold air coming in. We were wearing our big jackets scarves and gloves in the house. It’s chilly haha. Wally left and I watched a little tv and headed out myself. While on my walk to the metro I saw an Audi painted the Tiffany blue color. It was so pretty! I want it. Once I got into the metro I started to feel my hands again. The started to look less blue and feel normal.

I got to work and my hard drive crashed, I have had to switch to 3 different computers because none worked with my headphones. Not how you want to start the day. I finally used another coworkers desk and headphones, she is really nice and is from Cali as well. I started looking at flights and hotels for next summer for our trip back home. The Maledives are so expensive but I want to go so bad but The Atlantis in Dubai is not expensive at all!! I think I will need to try and convince Wally to go :). It’s so funny listening to people around me talk, some Americans are talking about eating blood for the first time and how good it was and the texture was amazing. Gross, pigs blood is so weird tasting and coppery, they put it on the table and it looks like little square chocolates! It’s not, they trick you! Wallys family watched me squirm while I ate it for the first time. Thank God I have tried some of this food before so I know what I do and do not like. After my classes I ran like a bat out of hell to the metro and was able to catch the 2 that run back to back and made it home in record time. I was so out of breathe running up total of 10 flights of stairs and running down  6 but I did it! I have now figured out how to catch them but it involves racing out the doors to my connection.

Wally and I met up and had some ramen and are about to get ready for bed. It has been a long day and tomorrow starts the 2 days we do not see each other.

PS To all my friends shopping this weekend. I hate you…kinda. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday. XOXO

Day 43: Happy Thanksgiving in America 11/26/2015


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys back home!!! While you’re all gearing up to head over to families homes or prepping for that epic feast we’ll be sound asleep. You’re always missed by us even more so today.

Anyways today was COLD!!! It was only a high of 37 today. The wind just cuts right through you! I don’t know how people live like this! Like seriously, oh hey look I can’t feel my face and I’m always cold LETS BUILD A FREAKING CITY HERE!!! Don’t take Cali weather for granted. I bundled UP today! Shirt, long sleeve, sweater, wind breaker, gloves and a bandanna to cover my face and it still wasn’t enough! They say this should be the worst it gets, but I have yet to experience wet cold….

I had to show up to work early today to help with a demonstration event at a local elementary school. It was a surprisingly easy gig. We expected it to be a whole lot more chaotic. I didn’t get the opportunity to take pics of the school but a typical elementary school in China is freaking huge. It can be a self sustaining place if necessary. After the demo we were treated to a typical school lunch. It honestly wasn’t all that bad and it was even better quality than most street food. Pork, fish, vegetables, eggs, tomato/potato soup and rice. It was quite filling and nutritious. Not like that nuked chicken nuggets and factory packaged foods we were fed in high school.

We had our team meeting today and i honestly just zone the fuck out and wait till people’s lips stop moving and mimic the actions of those around me. But I did catch something that was complete BS, in order to ensure that administrative work gets done ie attendance, marking homework, etc, our boss decides that no one can leave until it is all finished. I mean NO ONE even if you’re a responsible adult and do your job you have to stay until everyone is done. So… you’re going to punish the people that are on top of their shit??? I get it that you want to pressure people to get it done and hold people more accountable, but we’re adults and you’re a manager. YOUR JOB IS TO MANAGE NOT TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE DO YOUR JOB!!!

Fucking corporate bullshit.

So the meal we had yesterday was to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, it didn’t feel right not doing something tonight. So, Syd and I went to KFC. I know it sounds kind of lame that we spent our Thanksgiving there, but it was actually really nice. We had a real talk and said what we were thankful for. I’m thankful for my marriage, I’m thankful for the adventure that we’re on and I’m thankful for my future with Syd. We discussed how crazy it is that we’re out here, but I mentioned that I’m glad that we’re doing this. We get to be selfish with our relationship and marriage. No friends and no family. Because realistically speaking we’ll be parents within the next three years. That both is and isn’t that far away and I want to cherish every moment we have together because pretty soon the dynamics of our relationship is going to drastically change from being each others number one to having our child’s best interest in mind. I know it’s selfish that we’re out here, but fuck it we won’t be TOGETHER again until we’re in our 50s.

Happy Thanksgiving yall! I’m thankful/blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family back home!!! I miss you all and wish I could be cooking and eating today. It’s weird to not be cooking and having people over to my place on this day of feasting but it is something to look forward to next year. Today was cold, high of 37, Wally and I had some breakfast and watched more of Mission Impossible 2, then he was out the door to work early. I was supposed to Skype Kylie but she had to reschedule so I will talk to her later. I talked to my mom and ralphie and saw the pink room is not pink anymore. I started watching Worst Cooks in America on Netflix! It’s great haha. These people are ridiculous. It was time to leave so I got all bundled up and headed to work. It was a beautiful clear day and that was nice to see, just chilly. Today I requested December 21st and 24th off so I will have a 4 day weekend which will be fun and I won’t lose my 2 vacation days since they don’t roll over. Work was pretty boring and Steve didn’t bother me today! Yay!  Work ended and I braved the cold back to the metro and headed home. While on the metro I walked in and saw vomit everywhere, then when I got off at my stop the vomit continued up the escalator. Find a trashcan! Jesus, no need to puke up an escalator. Yup, KFC for dinner, can’t get anymore American then that. We had a great talk and it was nice to just sit and be together.

I am thankful for my friends and family. I have the greatest sisters in the world and I am so proud to be their older sister. I have awesome parents. I have 2 of the best friends, also side note since 2010 I have gone on vacation with one or both of them every 2 years – 2010:Europe, 2012: Bahamas, 2014: England/Ibiza, 2016: China/Thailand. Needless to say we like to travel. Finally, I am thankful for my husband, so it has been over 2 months, and it is still weird to use that word. I feel that I am not old enough to have a husband but regardless I am thankful every day for Wally. He has changed my life for the better and he has made me a better person. No matter what, forever and always, we will get through anything. We will look back on this adventure and be able to tell our kids funny stories before they go to sleep just like my dad used to do to me; make them laugh so hard their stomachs hurt. Ash, you know what I am talking about.

We headed home and cleaned up, time to shower and head to bed. Going to get up to Skype everyone on their Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We love you and are so thankful to all of you! XOXO

Day 42: It’s cold….11/25/2015


Today was pretty damn fun. We woke up and chatted with Matt for a bit. It was really nice catching up with him and everyone else at the old job. We had a bit of a late start today because of the chat, but it was worth it. We checked out the Shanghai Urban Planning Center. There we saw how Shanghai has evolved over the years. The museum was extremely modern and technology driven. Also there was an entire model of the city which was pretty freaking awesome. You were able to see just how BIG the Shanghai Tower really is compared to everything else. They would have night fall onto the model and the city would light up. All in all it was a pretty cool museum you kind of blaze right through everything, but it was worth it just to see the scale model of the city.

Following the museum we were going to were supposed to go to an art museum that had a Salvatore Ferragamo exhibit. It was supposed to be there till the end of November, but when we showed up it was closed and it turns out yesterday was THE last day… Boo! Sorry Sydney. First, no Hunger Games, btw fun fact Mocking Jay in China is translated to Ridicule Bird, and now this. Whatever, we went to Ikea to pick up just a FEW more things we needed. We actually bought this clothing rack that we can stick in the shower that has the heat lamps in hopes that it’ll dry our clothes even faster. Seriously people appreciate your dryers…

We went home and met up with Katie, from on boarding, and caught up before having our Thanksgiving meal. We headed over to Johnny Moo, an “American” diner, for dinner. We ordered some nachos, an appetizer sampler, fries and burgers for ourselves. What do Chinese nachos taste like??? Good question. Well the salsa had chunks of tomatoes and I’m pretty sure they mixed it with watered down ketchup. The beans that they put on top were baked beans not refried beans and there was hardly any cheese. I suppose it’s the thought that counts. We feasted!!! Oh umm Katie is pretty cool super chill person and a good person to have as a friend out here.

One more thing it was freaking cold today. The high was only 47 and tomorrow it’s 37. This California boy don’t know how to handle the cold man…


I spoke to my dad for a minute this morning about  an idea for next summer. I really hope it works out. Spoke with Matt and it was fun to talk and talk about his trip out here. Hopefully he comes in end of May right before B and Greg then we have so many friends to see :). Finally headed out and like Wally said the high was 47, currently it is 41. A bit chilly if I do say so myself. The Urban Planning Museum was so interesting and you can get through it pretty quickly. Then we headed down to the shopping area and walked around. I was so sad about the Ferragamo show closing since I was so looking forward to it. It was a bit of a bust not seeing Hunger Games since we tried to find tickets for today and every theater was in 3D, I get motion sickness and can’t see it in 3D. I am so sad and just want to see the movie. Well we headed to IKEA and got some new pillows but forgot to get pillowcases :(. UGH! Just failing today. Once we got home Katie messaged me that she was at our exit and it was perfect timing because we were walking up the escalator right to her. She came over and hung out for a little before we all headed to dinner. It was fun, good, shitty American diner food. Fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving since we work tomorrow. The milkshakes and fries were to die for and maybe another time we will try the banana split. We hung out with Katie for almost 4 hours and it was so much fun and she is easy to talk to. She is fun to hang with and she is going to try and find the movie in 2D for us to see next week. The 3 of us talked about how once you are out here you find yourself making spelling and speaking mistakes because you are around so many people that do not use English every day, you start to kind of speak Chinglish. She also said that you forget some words because they are not in your everyday use anymore. It was nice to talk about teaching and talk some shit about people with her, haha we talk shit about that same stuff. It’s awesome  Katie wants to go shopping at the cheap markets with me and wants to record me haggling, lol she is interested to watch me and my skills haha. This weekend has been fun and even though not all the plans worked out Wally did a great job with planning everything out. We also walked around People’s Park a little more and it was so beautiful and refreshing to breathe in that park air. Another great weekend and back at it tomorrow!!! Hope everyone has a good last day of work before the holiday break. ❤

Day 41: Pearl Tower! 11/24/2015



It’s our weekend!!! So we headed over to the movie theater to watch Hunger Games, or so we thought. There was some confusion between one of the local teachers and something got lost in translation and she ended up booking us 007. It wasn’t the end of the world, but you know it’s still a shitty feeling when you’re expecting one thing and getting another. Whatever, guess that means we have to go to the movies again tomorrow. Chinese movie theaters are a lot smaller than ours back home. Think the cheap theater in Brea. Whatever we enjoyed the film and it didn’t appear to have a whole lot of stuff edited out.

After the movie we headed over to the Pearl Tower and enjoyed the sights. The first ball we went up gave us a spectacular 360 degree view of the city and as we went down one level the floor was made of glass. Needless to say it made my balls crawl up inside myself. It took me a few tries until I made my way out onto the glass. On the bottom level there is a Shanghai Museum that shows you what life was like throughout the decades and you could see the transformation. It was very interesting to see all the models of what the streets use to look like. Following the museum we lined up for our revolving restaurant buffet. The buffet itself was whatever and the view could have been better if it weren’t at night, but it was still an awesome time and we got to experience something that most people don’t get to. Once we finished and left we were lucky enough to catch a music show at the base of the tower. The entire tower lit up and danced to the music it was quite a site to behold.

We then found a Disney store and wandered around in there for a bit just to get a feel for home again. Anyways that’s bout it to report about today. See ya tomorrow!


Headed to the movies today and I was so excited since Wally planned this whole weekend. We got to the movie theater and everything was good to see Hunger Games or so we thought. Well, the music starts and I am looking at the screen shaking my head realizing it is Bond, James Bond. I was really sad but I wanted to see that movie anyways. It was good but not the best Daniel Craig Bond I have seen. Also, I am all about movie snacks, Wally and I picked up some soda’s before we went to the movies and I went to get some popcorn and it was plain or chocolate….actually plain is kettle corn. 😦 WWWWHHHYYY???? All I wanted was buttery, salty, delicious popcorn. Oh well, at least I know I won’t be clogging my arteries at the movies while we are here haha. After we headed to the Pearl Tower. It was so much fun and the glass bottom was crazy, I was even a little scared but it got better towards the end. It was a very blustery day and rainy. The tower was so much fun!

I want to give a shout out to Dad and Ash because Poison came on my Pandora and it reminded me of the Yellowstone trip.

Ok, back to today, once we looked around and then did the museum which showed how Shanghai has evolved. It was cool but some of the wax figures freaked me out. There is a picture that will be posted of a lady who has weird eyebrows. We waited for the restaurant to open and it was fun. I feel that doing the lunch might be better because you will see more but it would also be cool to do it during the spring when the sun sets later and you can see the sunset from where you are eating. It reminded me of the revolving restaurant Bianca and I ate at in Vienna, mmm that food was good.

When we finished we headed outside and saw this light show to music on the steps of the Pearl Tower and the tower itself. It was basically like watching the Disney fireworks in front of the castle with no fireworks just the lights and music. We walked around a little more and headed to the Disney store that is across the street and bought a Shanghai Disney Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately we found out that the park will not be open until May/June of next year (it got pushed back again) I am hoping we can make it to Hong Kong Disney soon because that would be fun if we do not get to see Shanghai Disney. We came home and the rain is weird, it is not pouring but its sprinkling enough that it bothers you and you need an umbrella. Time to relax and rest the shoedebakers before tomorrow.


Day 40: Just another day 11/23/2015


It was so nice to be able to sleep in today. I haven’t been able to do that since we’ve gotten here. Anywho it was really nice chatting with a whole bunch of people today. After catching up with everyone Syd and I headed off to work.

Monday’s are always really chill. They’re essentially my Friday’s and it’s nice because my boss isn’t there and we just kind of dick around. I only have one class and it’s for an hour. However, today my boss was around because we’re about to get audited by the company, some corporate bullshit, and I had to pick up another teacher’s class because he wasn’t around. OMG I’ve never wanted to punt a child in the nads so badly in order to ensure it never procreates. These little turds are socially inept. It was like watching a bunch of chimps throwing their own shit at each other. One boy would stand up and throw his back pack over his head turn around and repeat the process. This same boy would get up and just throw his chair. Another boy would periodically just plank on chairs and tables, roll around on the floor and crawl under desks. Yet another boy would “shoot” everyone with his imaginary gun. All the boys would run around yell and scream. There was no controlling them and their parents were right outside the door enjoying the hour break they get from those little turds.

I’m so ready for our weekend.


It was so nice to sleep in this morning. I got up about 2 hours before Wally did and talked to Ashley for a little and messed around on my computer. Once Wally got up we talked to my aunt and uncle, my dad, and then my mom and ralphie. It was a very eventful morning. Also Kylie and I have a Skype date Thursday for me which I am looking forward to. We had a little breakfast and headed out the door. Today is Friday so more adventures tomorrow. Wally and I got to walk to the metro together and saw how dark and ominous the clouds are, it’s going to be crazy! Last night it was raining so hard it woke me up. I am so excited for people to start visiting and we can show everyone the places we talk about everyday. Today has dragged on and I had a few no shows so it makes the day boring. Nicole and I chatted about trashy romance novels! Shout to Bianca for our crazy love of romance novels hahaha The Russian ❤ unfortunately Nicole doesn’t like the same types of romance novels but it was fun to talk a little. Steve was just an asshole to me today, being very rude and straight mean. I tried to ignore him. The day is finally over and it is time for the weekend. I am so glad to be heading home to Wally and starting the weekend. Once we got home we did some chores and started to get ready for the weekend. Time for dinner and a treat and off to bed.

Day 39: 11/22/2015


Nothing special about today. I did have a kid today though that literally cried over EVERYTHING! I was picking other students to answer the questions he’d cry. When I’d move on to the next part of the lesson and he didn’t finish yet he’d cry. When he didn’t follow directions and did something wrong he’d cry. Now keep in mind this whole time I’m telling him it’s ok, it’s not a big deal, but he’d just keep on crying. Dude…. You’re nine years old bout time to grow a pair. That’s not to say boys can’t cry, but at 9 your emotions shouldn’t be this on edge.

Aside from that I’ve just getting a bit more homesick especially with the holidays right around the corner. I feel like I’m adjusting a bit well to being in China though. Seeing old people doing Tai Chi and dancing with swords is just another Sunday morning. Work was alright. Annnnnnd…… fuck Steve! Stupid asshole keeps hitting on Sydney.


This morning I got to Skype my Katie! It was great to catch up and talk/talk shit. I saw Erin and Ash for a few minutes but I can’t wait to talk to all of them for a longer period of time. I got to meet my moms brother today on Skype.

**Warning** Mom please stop reading before you get upset because I am going to talk some shit.

OMG he is so weird! I don’t know how my mom is related to this person. Especially when he talks about how all his Facebook friends call her good looking. He said it like 3 times. Dude stop! I know my mom is pretty and looks way younger then she is but don’t talk about your sister like that. Also he basically seems like Drisha 2.0 when he is talking.

Ok rant over.

I emailed my Grandma and Papa because I miss them and having the holidays with them was always fun and so much delish food!!! I really want peanut brittle and cookies. They are the greatest grandparents in the world! I’m lucky to call them my grandparents.

I watched Rock of Ages and I love that movie, I get to sing so many songs and rock out with my cock out around the house.

The ayi came today, earlier then I was expecting so I had to have Wally send voice messages to my phone then  I would play them for her to translate that she needed to walk with me to the bank so I could money since I forgot last night. Once that was all done and she was paid, we have a clean house again and it was off to work I went. So my division got a new DOS, director of studies, basically the highest person in our side of the business and he is changing everything. Today we found out that we are now working 10 extra hours a week with no extra pay. This company is crazy and 3 people quit because of the new rules.

Well the days ended and it was time to go home. Met up with Wally and we had some cereal for dinner and watched Mission Impossible. I have never seen any of them so we are starting to watch them. Showered and head to bed. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

Day 38: Missing the Finer Things in Life 11/21/2015


Yet another boring day…

However, instead of ranting and raving about my dull day at work I’ll take this opportunity to let you guys know what I’m homesick about. First, driving. I know that in the past I’ve bitched and moaned about having to drive every where or to even have to deal with traffic, but you know what’s worst than that? Being shoved into a train like cattle and having your hands brush up against someones genitalia. Seriously next time you’re in traffic stretch a little and enjoy ALL that personal space you have. I’m missing the holiday spirit. In China it’s just like any other time of the year. Sure in the malls they may have a few things here and there, but it’s not like back home where the streets are lined with red and green. I miss walking down Birch Street seeing it all done up. I’m going to definitely miss strolling through that one neighborhood that goes all out on Christmas, it’s become a tradition of sorts with Syd. I miss American food… Everything out here just tastes Asian. Even the milk just tastes a bit off. I miss being understood and not having to tax my limited vocabulary to get my point across. I miss my friends and family. Not that hanging out with my wife all the time isn’t awesome, but I just being able to interact with those I love. Lastly, and most important, I miss having a dryer…. I know I’ve said this in previous blogs and I know you might be thinking oh Wally how could you say that?!?! But seriously after you’ve spent over 3 hours trying to dry your clothes with a freaking hair dryer and heat lamp and you can come back to me saying oh it’s not that bad then you can talk. Till then appreciate the crap out of your dryers cause I know when I get back home and buy one I’m going to treat mine right. I’ll make sure to care for it, buy the extended warranty, clean out the lint on a consistent basis and I may even name it. It’ll be my precious….


Erin Skyped me this morning and I was also able to talk to Katie. It was nice to see them and hopefully I can see Ashley soon. I also was able to talk to my dad and talk about Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is still crazy that I will not be home for the holidays. Cleaned up around the apartment and got rid of some stuff that we do not need. I had a huge bowl of cereal this morning and it was delicious!!!! Cereal you are my long lost friend. I miss having carpet in my bedroom and dryers. Wally ranted about the dryer so I will just say that I agree. My walk to work is so dangerous, the streets and sideways always have giant pot holes and are constantly uneven; I am going to get hurt one of these days. I saw a little kid pee in the subway and by little I mean about 8/9. Fuckin’ China. Also, I had syrup and pancake flavored chocolate, it was pretty good and tasted exactly like syrup and pancakes! Yum!!!! Headed home and my feet are killing me I think these shoes are trash, met up with Wally at the metro and we headed home.


Side note – People keep asking why we are homesick and if we don’t like it why did we come to China. The answer is that we came for an adventure. Something new and different and to see more of the world. When Bianca and I were traveling we had activities every day and were with each other constantly, always going or doing something. You never had a minute to miss home because you were thinking about the next adventure. The days Wally and I have off are great but as he puts it he isn’t teaching, this company wants them to push a product. You get jaded to it very quickly, it is not about trying to teach people English it is getting them to spend more money and maybe learn English as well. Wally and I see each other for maybe 3 hours total on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The week we at least have the mornings together then we have our weekend.

I am sorry for anyone that is disappointed in our blog or wants it to be fancier. You are seeing, well reading, what every day boring life in China is. We aren’t always doing something but when we are we make the best out of it. I can’t wait to explore more and see what is out there. I hope everyone can find their own way to enjoy the blog and know that we miss and love all of you from the bottom of our hearts. This is one hell of an adventure we are on and the next 10 months are going to be even more of a journey.

Day 37: Our last morning of the week together 11/20/2015


It was nice chatting with Neal and Dianne this morning definitely made us more homesick. We went grocery shopping and decided it was time to get some damn cereal. We looked around at some interesting ones like cream and egg flavor and knock off fruit loops, hula hoops, but we ultimately decided to stick with something safe and picked up some Chinese Cheerios. The taste is just a little off. Like sure you can have a home cooked burger with fresh ingredients and thousand island sauce, but it sure as hell don’t make it an in-n-out burger. Whatever you’ll take what you can get out here.

I ventured off to work and as usual am the first to arrive. I sat around from 1 till 6:45. What did you do during that time?!?! Well let me tell you. I did some bs administrative work, played on my phone, chatted with coworkers and read up on a bunch of world events. Once class rolled around I “taught” for an hour and administered an assessment test. They do these on ipads and are painfully simple, but I experienced so much technical difficulties it was frustrating. In order to deal with my frustration with the ipads as well as the kids I began cussing in Spanish because there ain’t no way they’ll know what Pinche Pendejo, Puta, or Chinga tu madre is. So I had a lot of fun with that.

Syd and I walked home and she caught me up on her day. Fuck Steve. He’s still hitting on Sydney making inappropriate jokes and asking her to lie to me. He gets off half an hour after her and he asked her to stay behind so that they can walk together. Syd said, “No sorry I have plans with my husband.” Steve reasons, “You can always lie.” FUCK YOU STEVE YOU’RE BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE DUDE! YOU WANT TO FIND OUT IF ALL ASIANS KNOW KUNG FU!!!

*side note* I actually did take some classes as a kid and only got up to yellow belt, but whatever Steve doesn’t need to know that.

Oh you want to know how fucked up Steve is in the head?!?! He says that Knowlwoods is better than in-n-out. I mean don’t get me wrong Knowlwoods isn’t bad, but it ain’t in-n-out. Fucking Steve….


Alarm went off because we had a Skype session with my aunt and uncle today. It was so nice to talk to them and catch up and hear all about their trips. The redecorated and the place looks great I can’t wait to visit when we get back. Our bedroom is ready and waiting for us :). We got ready and headed out to go grocery shopping since there is nothing left in our house to eat. The American mart always makes me so happy since we get to pick up some salad. Then we headed to our grocery store to get the usual; except this time we picked up some cereal. It is basically multi-grain cheerios, it was pretty good. I love cereal. We came home and had a bowl then Wally left for work. After a little I left as well, work was pretty chill. I tried the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte and it was so tasty. A coworker and I sat and chatted because we both had breaks. She is from Hawaii and she is getting ready to leave since she is over this company. I am sad because I like her but it is all good. I have a friend now if I ever go to the Big Island. The rest of my classes were pretty easy. Steve is still bugging me and up in my business and he now does not take a hint. When I got on the metro some guy next to me was watching porn, his headphones were not in and it was loud, rough, kinky porn. At least it made the train ride more interesting. Met up with Wally and headed home.. Friday nights are always tough since his alarm goes off so early and is out the door before I am even awake.

Also, I fucked up the dates for Galantis and they will be playing Saturday night not Sunday so unfortunately Wally and I will be unable to see them do to work schedules; so sad. We will be trying to see other DJ’s as they come here and hopefully we will see someone we know.