Day 104: Still no water 1/26/2016


Today was interesting… So we’ve been without any hot water for the past 2 days. We have water trickling out of the sink, but not enough water pressure to feed into the hot water heater. When I went to get my haircut apparently within our block most of the apartments have their water shut off. I’m not 100% sure as to why, but it could be for a number of reasons. One being that it may be too cold and they’re scared that the pipes will break with the expanding water, or two it’s off in order to do some maintenance on the giant water container that feeds our neighborhood.

Well we had skipped showering the night before in hopes that we’d get our water back by today, but we didn’t so….

This whole bathing experience has been… just that an experience. Yay China….


Skyped my mom this morning and chatted for awhile. We went grocery shopping and I almost dropped a carton of eggs but this old man helped me save them.

Me: (Mandarin) Thank you, thank you.

Old Man: (Mandarin) Your Chinese is pretty good.

Me: (Mandarin) Thanks ( I am blushing and smiling a lot) Do you speak English?

Old Mans wife: (Mandarin) No No, Where are you from?

Wally: (Mandarin) We are from America.

Old Mans Wife:(Mandarin) Is she your girlfriend?

Wally: (Mandarin) No she is my wife.

Old Mans wife: Do you have kids?

Wally: (Mandarin) No not yet.

Old Mans Wife: (Mandarin) You should soon.

So the shopping trip was very funny and a good time. Again when we went to pay and asked for more bags than we needed for the groceries they stare and somewhat argue then finally give them to you. You are charging me, why do you care? It warmed up a little today and was in the high thirties and the air quality was so much better!! It was a beautifully clear day.

Once we got home we started taxes, we knew we would need a whole day to do the, since we had to do our conversions and transfer every month for China into TuboTax. Anyways we spent about 6 hours doing all of them but we finally finished. So this year I was getting money back but then I clicked on married and it took all my money away. I still got a refund but we filed separately. Wally gets all the way to the end and realizes he owes money and I am so confused. I have to delete everything then start his over and he eventually gets money. We did not get back as much as we wanted but it is ok. Money back is money back.

The rest of our night was fine we had a coffee and ate dinner. We watched The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats Go Wild. Just mindless entertainment. It was fun to watch these movies, I loved the Rugrats.

Now onto the adventure of the night. Showering…So we still really do not have water and there is no hot water at all!! Wally would boil water and transfer it to another bowl and bring it to me so I could bathe, boil more so I could rinse, and then bring me one to get my hair wet. Once I showered I used the cold droplets of water to wash my hair upside down so no cold water would touch me; mind you it is only 29 outside and since the heaters only heat up the apartment some, it is 35 in the house. Once I finish washing my hair Wally brings me one more bucket of boiled water and I warm up again and splash it all over. Then we had to do the same for him.

The realtor says it is a waiting game and we do not know when all the water will be back and since the water is not back there is not enough water pressure to turn on the water heater. So this will be a fun game to play. China….

Poor Wally he is trying so hard to translate what the landlord says, then talk to the realtor and figure it our there, then tell me. He is the hero of this whole thing. It has been crazy but we could not stop laughing the whole time. Just shaking our heads and laughing. I am showering out of a pot in my own home.


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