Day 105: Just a Jaunt at Jin’An 1/27/2016


We headed over to Jin’An and had a lazy day. Except we decided to walk down to Lujiazui instead of our usual metro stop. It was pretty cool because we walked past the base of the Bottle Opener and the Shanghai Tower. Being at the base of those buildings you begin to feel utterly insignificant. Once we got to Jin’An we shared a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts and chatted for a few hours while we people watched. I gotta say that these talks at Jin’An will be missed. We’re less than a hundred yards away from a temple that is hundreds of years old contemplating our past, present and future. After Dunkin we headed over to the cheap market just for shits and giggles.

Oh the broken english leads to some funny things said at the cheap market, such as come you want buy wind stop jacket. Well you’re not wrong they do stop the wind.

Once we got back home and got situated we did our workout. I gotta say that Syd is definetly kicking my ass and making sure we’re keeping up with everything. So, if any of you notice that I’ve lost any weight it’s thanks to her.

We still don’t have any hot water, but I’ve gotten the system of boiling water to keep a constant “stream” of hot water going to Syd. I got the pot on the side with the kettle boiling. I fill the pot half way with cold water, put a finger in it and pour the boiling water into the pot. Once the water reaches a level slightly past comfort this is to make up for the time it takes me to pour some more cold water into the kettle and put it back on the stove. I then bring the pot over to Syd where she can finish bathing herself. Rinse and repeat.




It was nice to walk all the way to Lujiazui and stand at the base of the buildings they are so huge! Hopefully we can go to the top of the Shanghai Tower before we leave. Jin’An coffee dates are so much fun! I definitely look forward to them, when for whatever reason we find ourselves on that side of Shanghai. Also, for some reason I had a dream about Subway last night, so we had that for lunch and the Subway here does not have everything I like to put on a sandwich but it was good enough to satisfy the weirdest dream craving I have ever had. It has been raining all day and Wally put his umbrella under the table at Dunkin so we could order and when we came back and the umbrella was missing. We looked around and could not find it. The sad part was we shrugged our shoulders and said well of course that would happen in China. We asked the workers and one of them had grabbed it, so thank goodness no one stole it. We sat for a few hours and just watched the world go by.

Once done we headed to the cheap market. It is so much fun walking around and I got a few more ideas of what I would want before we leave China. I picked up a shitty watch to wear when we are traveling and running around a lot. I love that if you go on a slow day they basically cave to whatever you want. It makes me so happy.

We came home and started our 6 week 6 pack with Jillian Michaels. We do not have a gym so we need to keep up the cardio and workouts. Wally is getting so skinny and lucky for us that means we get to throw all his clothes out and have less weight to worry about trying to pack up. I am proud of both of us for keeping this up.

As Wally stated we still do not have hot water and not a lot of water pressure. So we bathed as we did last night. Yay!! As I was told by Bianca and Ky it is like modern camping or the 1800’s. Yep except it’s 2016 in my own apartment!! Just China things. It is not bad and now we have a little system going. Wally and I just put music on and get to business, while I sit there shivering and laughing the whole time.

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