Day 106: Still no water…1/28/2016


Ugh!!! Another long day, but at least I got off around 4. Oh and yet another day without water… The landlord came by to look at things and said all we can do is wait it out… Freaking China…


Wally left pretty early for work but luckily he will be off early today which is awesome. I Skyped Melissa and it was so great to catch up, miss that girl. Classes were pretty boring and I only taught about 5. So, I went to do laundry this morning and the washing machine started straying water. I stopped and called Wally and he said that someone will be buy around 5/6 to look at it. Thank goodness he will already be home by then. Well the landlord came by when we were working out and said oh ya just make sure everything is screwed in and you can mess with it no problem. Sorry dude but I am not messing with anything in China! The machine seems to be working fine now. We still do not have hot water and our shower head broke. FML. Wally and I have a pretty good system down now with boiling the water and everything. Well Wally got in and the hot water turned on for all of 5 minutes then shut off so he had a freezing shower as well. It was such a tease, it was there and the shower Gods took it away again. Fingers crossed tomorrow there is hot water. We chatted and watched Fast Five. So good. Please everyone send Wally good vibes as he is trying to find a teaching job back home and not a lot of places are hiring history teachers just really math and science. Bundled up and headed to bed.


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