Day 128: Vietnam is booked 2/19/2016


It was a pretty chill day. I only had my one class, but the new girl showed up today so that was cool. She’s from Orlando! Yay….

When I came home Syd and I booked Vietnam. It’s crazy to think that in just the first year of marriage we’ll do and see more than what most people will do in their life times. We’re in Shanghai, going to Xi’an, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Beijing. Then we’ll be going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the UAE. We’re still trying to figure Europe out, but god damn!

Also as promised a quick tour of the new school


Wally and I did our workout and this video was intense, it is a ballet workout and my ass is killing me. We went to make breakfast and do the dishes and the water was turned off. Luckily a couple hours later it came back on. We booked our Vietnam trip completely and have our 5 days all done! June 14th – 18th. I am so excited. I can’t believe how this trip is coming together. Next up, U.A.E. Dubai and Abu Dhabi June 18th – June 22nd. I Skyped my Aunt Dianne for a few minutes and we will be seeing her and my Uncle in England on July 5th. I am excited to get back to England and end our trip in a place where they speak the same language as me.

My classes were actually interesting today. Almost all custom lessons and they were asking some crazy questions. I was really engaged in class today. All of my students spoke great English and it was really easy to teach today.

Still no dumpling lady….:'(

I had a student named Wang Chung. Yes, I sang the song in my head all night.


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