Day 129: Walking Home 2/20/2016


I had to go into work early today and had to forgo breakfast at home. On my way to work I stopped to get what I suppose I’d call a Chinese breakfast burrito. It was a crepe like dough, as the dough cooked the cook cracked an egg and spread it out over the crepe. He then sprinkled green onions and garlic over it. Afterwards he folds it over and spreads the black hoisin sauce you’d get at pho restaurants and layers it with crunchy goodness. Sooooooo gooooooood!


Work today was just that, work… I’ve been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” and it’s making me really excited about our travels across Asia/the world. I’ve definitely caught the traveling bug and I now truly understand and appreciate why people choose to explore the world.

PS I found the glove


Today I am in the office all day so Wally and I got up and headed out. He left before me but I was not that far behind. My morning classes were pretty boring and nothing to exciting. We had a meeting and it was so pointless and boring. Jennifer and I pretty much just chatted since I had a 5 hour break. I discovered when I was walking around that I recognized one of the street names and decided that I would walk home today. I made more leis at work and watched Netflix. My last class was cancelled and I was able to come home early. I figured out how to walk home from work!! I am so happy and it was the same amount of time that it would take me to ride the metro and change lines and come home. I am so happy!!! About 35 minutes walking door to door. Unfortunately I lost a glove on my walk home. I am so sad :(. I was extremely proud of myself for figuring the walk home though, so that was a plus. Wally was not home when I got home so I did our chores and set up to work out. When Wally came home I told him that I had lost my glove and he said he thought he saw it and ran back outside and he found it!! I am not sad anymore. We chilled the rest of the night and headed to bed.

Still no dumpling lady….please dumpling lady come back!!!!!!!


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