Day 130: Packing Up 2/21/2016


Today was relatively normal in terms of classes, but we were packing up damn near everything in the office in preparation for our move to the new school. I got to say everyone is excited to get a new and updated facility. Many of our computers and smart boards were on their last leg. We were treated to Pizza Hut as a reward for us packing up the office. Now remember Pizza Hut here is FANCY. So that was nice.

I didn’t bring this up the other day because it’s a bit gossipy and might intrude on this person’s right to privacy, but the juxtaposition and perspective of it all is interesting, at least to me it is. We have a local teacher that studied in the UK let’s call her Beth. Beth’s English is by far better than most of the local teachers and she’s fairly westernized thanks to her time in the UK. While there she had a boyfriend and they inevitably broke up due to reasons I’m not all that aware of other than the fact that she’s now in Shanghai and he’s still in the UK. Either way she’s having a hard time with it and I happened to be there to listen. For a typical Chinese woman all they’re looking for is a man that can provide for them financially and that’s it. There is no need for companionship or intimacy. There is a woman at my center that has been married for 6 years and she’s contanstly talking/giving advice to the younger women on how to get the right man. She herself doesn’t seem to happy with the one she has and seems to be giving them advice as if to help these women avoid her mistakes. Either way Beth is very different in the sense that she’s very much looking for companionship and is only attracted to white men. I told her she’s lucky white dudes love asian women and the conversation went as followed.

Me: Yeah white dudes love them some asian women.

Beth: Oh really?!?! I didn’t know that. Why is that?

Me: Well in western culture anyways they view asian women as obedient, service oriented, motherly and exotic.

Beth: Really?!?!

Me: Yeah, but we both know that most asian women got stones shoved so far up their tight asses that they shit diamonds. Too much high matenence bullshit.

I do hope for the best for Beth. I talked to Syd and we might invite her out with us for dinner from time to time. She mentioned how she feels lonely and her being relatively new to the city I’m sure she’d like the company. She’s a sweet girl and I wish her well.


I spoke with my dad this morning and we were ironing out details of his trip and it looks like we will be seeing him in Paris at the end of June. It is pretty awesome helping my dad plan a trip out to see us in another country. I will see my mom and ralphie in China, dad in France, and my aunt and uncle in England. We are a worldly family ;).

The walk to work was nice and I found some places that I would like to take Wally. The street vendors looked really good. Also, I passed a dumpling lady with the peanut sauce but she is not the one by our house so I am still waiting.

Work was pretty slow and boring. I did have a few students who wanted to just free chat and that is always nice. I walked home and it was so windy and cold. I am glad it did not start raining. Luckily I am working from home tomorrow when it is supposed to start raining.

Wally and I did our workout and it was fucking intense today, we were both working up a sweat. I taught my last few classes from home then headed to bed.

*No one at my work knows who Tiesto is. They asked what I was doing on my weekend and I said Wally and I are going to Tiesto and they were surprised we bought tickets. There is no guest list here, it is not like Vegas where you can get in for free even for big dj’s. You have to buy tickets. They thought he was some local Chinese dj and thought I was dumb for buying tickets.



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