Day 131: Rainy Mondays 2/22/2016


Today was the last day at the old school. It was pretty pointless for us to show up. All of the computers were packed up and put away along with a majority of the materials. I “taught” my two classes and was glad to leave. I saw that the dumpling store was opening up and had hoped it would be open for tonight. Unfortunately, they were still closed so instead I got Syd her favorite chips. Tomorrow ought to be good we’re going to see Tiesto!!!


Wally and I walked and saw that the dumpling lady will be back tomorrow, so excited!!! Wally and I worked out and did our chores since today is our Friday. My day was pretty boring and my classes went by pretty fast. This week went by so fast and I cannot believe it is already the weekend. Also, I got the confirmation email from my dad that he will be meeting us in Paris! I am excited for Wally and my dad to see Paris for the first time. It will be an epic trip. Oh, and I am going to try and go to Euro Disney :), we will see if I can make it work. Wally surprised me and brought me home my favorite cumin lamb flavored chips. It was a sweet surprise and a perfect way to end the night. It was pouring today and gloomy but it was still a fun weather day. Shanghai is cool in the fact that Wally and I have experienced some insane weather that we definitely would not get back home. I hurt my back and I am hoping it feels better by tomorrow since I will be dancing the night away. Goodnight!


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