Day 132: Tiesto!!! 2/23/2016


So we’re seeing Tiesto today and because of that we had a bit of a lazy day. Syd wanted to try out the Chinese breakfast burrito so I went ahead and picked some up for us. It was funny cause the guy that makes the burritos noticed that I wasn’t a local and was just asking me questions like where I’m from and how I’m liking it here. I ran home and we chowed on our burritos. We napped and lounged around till 2 or 3 then I picked up those oh so delicious wads of meat wrapped in dough and drizzled with peanut sauce. We ate those up took a nap, got ready and headed out to the club.

Man…. If you’re a nonsmoker in Shanghai it’s difficult to party here. People are CHAIN SMOKING left and right in the clubs it was so intense that I had to bury my face into Syds hair and it acted as a “filter”. So, remember what I said about how locals don’t really party? Well I take that back. There are some that go waaaaaaay tooooooo haaaaaard. There were these two DRUNK ASS girls “dancing” by us. I put up the quotes cause they weren’t so much dancing, but swaying and bumping into people instead. At two separate occasions one of them straight up fell flat on her back and then flat on her face. It wasn’t until the second occasion that the bouncer removed her. Another thing that gets me is club attire in Shanghai. Sure you get the typical dress up types, but at the same time you get those that are completely dressed down. They’re wearing sweats and sneakers into the club, but because it had a brand on it, it somehow makes it acceptable.

The opening DJ wasn’t bad at all she started off a bit slow, but definitely picked it up as the crowd grew. Well like I mentioned before it was really difficult to breathe where we were standing and it got to Syd. We persevered through 3 hours of chain smokers and rude ass people, but she had to get some air or she would have passed out. So I stayed and got molested by another Asian guy….. Why does this keep happening to me…. Anyways Tiesto comes on and it’s just mayhem… Everyone surges forward with their phones drawn out trying to snap a picture of him. I took a few shots and decided it wasn’t worth it to be up in the front with the groupies. I literally had to shove my way through and found Syd just dancing her ass off. I guess she’s feeling better. We stayed for about another hour or so and called it a night.


This morning was all about planning and trying to get the rest of our trips in order. We really needed to book Xi’an and Nanjing. Wally and I did some research on what we want to see and mapped out all of Nanjing, we bought the train tickets and talked to his yipo (since we will be staying with her overnight). We also Skyped Matt and talked about the Xi’an trip, we were able to book the hotel but we were having internet problems so we could not book the tour. We watched some tv and took a nap before Tiesto. Oh, also Wally got us some Chinese breakfast burritos that he had earlier in the week. When we woke up from the nap we went and got our dumplings. She is back!!! The delicious peanut sauce dumplings. OMG they were so good! I was so happy. I made myself a couple of pregame cocktails with the rest of the Grey Goose from New Year’s.

We took the metro and found the club pretty easily. Checked our coats and headed to the dance floor. We picked a spot since we did not want to have to move to much before he came on. The opening dj was really good and we were able to dance and have fun. About 30 minutes before Tiesto was to come on it got super packed and I was having a hard time breathing with all the chain smoking and i actually almost passed out a couple of times because I got so lightheaded. I went to the bathroom and just ran the cold water on my hands and arms and I started to feel better sitting under the air conditioning duct. I was able to get back to Wally and find my spot but I started to feel sick again so I had him wait to take pics so close then meet me on the side where we had more room to dance. Wally made his way over and we had a great rest of the night. We left around 2 and caught a cab home. We bought a bottle of water and you could taste the smoke in your mouth as you drank the water, it was absolutely disgusting. We showered and headed to bed. I had to wash my hair twice and there was still faint hints of smoke. All in all an amazing night and I am so glad we were able to see a big dj in Shanghai. It was a great Saturday night.



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