Day 134: Internet sucks/ New School 2/25/2016


Well we started today off with good intentions. We wanted to catch up on our blogs and book more stuff for our journey back home, but our VPN was acting up and it prohibited us from doing anything productive. Moreover, this also meant that Syd had to go into the office instead of working from home…

Anyways… Today is the first day at the new school. It was fairly exciting to get the new desk space and a change of scenery. Work itself was bleh, although I am enjoying the new smart boards we have they’re much more intuitive and have way more capabilities than the old ones. If public schools back in the states can somehow afford to get these out to the classrooms man…. I’m salivating just thinking about what I’d be able to do in class.

I met with Syd after work and we walked home together. That’s one thing about this journey out in China. It’s our first year of marriage and we’re being tested left and right. I’ve come to a realization that with marriage, and I suppose any relationship, there are ebs and flows, ups and downs, but the beauty of marriage is that no matter what you ride it out together. China has definitely tested us and I feel like we’re coming out on top. One thing I’ll miss about China are our walks, but I also know that’ll be something we’ll continue back home.


Wally and I got up this morning and tried to do some trip stuff but our internet was not working with us. My work website was not working either and I had to go into the office. Wally and I did what we could then I packed up and headed out for my walk to work. Work was pretty slow and I had a lot of no shows. I was supposed to do a training and one of the videos they wanted us to watch was on Youtube…well its China and youtube does not work without a VPN and work does not have a VPN. Luckily another team lead just helped me and I finished about half the training.

I am now watching Parks and Rec and that is what I did on my break. Usually I head home but since the internet was tricky this morning I just wanted to stay at work to be safe. Wally did not want me walking home that late at night by myself so he met me at work and we walked home together. It is a huge difference when I stay late at work as opposed to being home. By 10:20 when we get home there is still a lot to do, but when I work from home by 10:20 we have worked out, swept and finished all of our chores.

We were able to book a little more and officially have our flight from Vietnam to Dubai. We are flying Emirates Airlines. I am so excited to try a new airline and it is a direct flight which is pretty cool.

It was nice walking home with Wally and showing him all the little vendors that we will try soon. I also liked not having to walk home by myself. 🙂 Best hubby!!! ❤

P.S. We want to apologize for sometimes posting and emailing multiple posts at a time. When our internet does not work we cannot access wordpress and cannot do the blog.


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