Day 135: Booked Dubai 2/26/2016



Today was alright… I only had two classes, but they’re really testing my patience. My first class has roughly 12-13 year olds and I’d say maybe only 2 of them have any English that’s worth bragging about. So that being said when it comes time to work on the assignment I let them do their thing. I walk by these 2 guys and they literally have nothing on their paper. I ask if they understand the assignment and they do. So that’s already bothering me.

Then one of them asks where are you from?

I’m American

What?!?! But you look Chinese?!?!

You know Chinese people are capable of giving birth outside of this country right? Like there’s nothing biologically holding them back from being able to do that.

I understand that within their little bubble 99.99999999% of the time if they run into someone that looks Chinese then they’re from China, but good god they have to realize that the world is much bigger…

As for my second class they’re a bunch of 5-6 year olds. The class starts at 6:45 and ends at 9. Not only are they coming straight from their ordinary school days, but some of them are coming without having dinner yet AAAAAND by the time we’re out of class many of them have gone past their normal bed time or just hitting it. This class is fucking hell. I hate every one of those walking meat bags….

I then go back into the office one of the PAs asked me why I looked so tired to ensure that she understood my frustration I made sure to talk in Chinese. I explain everything and she just chuckles and says your accent is cute. UGHGUGHGHAEKLCVNAW;OEUGHASERUIO;GKJ

So something I’ve come to realize while living here. I am indeed an American. I do not belong with these people nor should I be categorized with them. If anything I’m an American with Chinese tendencies. Also, being here has given me a weird identity. My nationality is American, my ethnicity is Chinese, but if you were to ask me where I lean culturally with my Asian heritage I’d say Taiwanese. Many of the food I grew up with and love many of the main land Chinese people have never heard of. People here are constantly commenting on my Taiwanese accent. I do not belong to the Chinese other than my ethnicity. Man it took me living in China to realize what my identity is…. And it’s fucked. I can only image what our children are going to go through.

The only saving grace about today is that we’re keeping up with booking our journey back home and we’re going to the UAE after Vietnam. Or as Clint would say ABU DUBAI!!!


Woke up to finish some more booking and guess what….internet is still out. That means I also have to go into work. I am so mad. Well, Wally walked me to work and it was a nice treat. My classes were alright today and I did have a student named Ping Pong so that made the day better. Also, we booked our stay in Dubai which is really exciting (finally the internet worked when we got home).  We will be staying in the Atlantis in Dubai, June 18th – June 20th. Next stop, Abu Dhabi.

Unfortunately when I was at work and I tried to watch Netflix and it blocked me and said that because I am using a VPN I am kicked off Netflix!! SO PISSED!!! What I am supposed to do for my 5 hour breaks. Whatever, Wally is adding shows to my tablet and hopefully the new Astrill update will let me watch my Netflix.

Wally met me again and walked home with me. It was an easy walk we just got home so late. It is so much better when I work from home and am done at 9:50 instead of getting home around 10:30. I skyped with my mom a little bit and am def getting excited for her trip out here. Off to bed since we are up bright and early on Saturdays.

Also, I want to say that no matter what we spend I am proud of us and this crazy adventure we are doing already in China and the travels back home.  It will be so much fun and as we go along and book the cities it is making me more and more excited to see the world and experience countries that I have never been to. This is going to be a fun summer.

Side note – I am so excited for street food next Tuesday with Wally. Also, all 3 of my leggings have holes in them and there is no way to get around it. I am sad I just lost another 3 pairs of pants. On the plus side less clothes I have to take home.


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