Day 136: M2 2/27/2016


Sydney was sweet enough to walk me to work even though that meant that she would be super early at hers. The school day was really chill because both of my classes had tests so all I had to do was do a bit of a review at let them have at it.

I met up with Sydney after work and we walked back together. It’s one of her coworker’s birthdays and we were invited to meet them at a club. We ordered some pizza, got ready and ate. We met up with Jennifer, a friend from Syd’s work, and her husband. I had heard so much about them that it was nice to finally be able to put a face to the name. They party pretty damn hard and when I look at them I wonder if that’ll be us in the future. I mean we got to slow down at some point right? But these two are still going strong. We went to Zapatas, it’s a fun Mexican themed bar where a lot of westerners go to. It was fun seeing the white men on the prowl for Asian women.  Also the way the Chinese promote their clubs and bars out here is with free drinks and free flowing alcohol and it works. On the top of every hour Zapatas gives you a free tequila shot. Prior to the start of it the dance floor was dead, but after the first shots were poured the place was popping. We eventually made our way to M2 and partied with Syd’s coworkers. The music was on point and we enjoyed ourselves. We saw that Steve Aoki is going to be there late March and we’re making it a point to see him.

We got home late and I got an early class tomorrow, but whatever YOLO!


Saturday so it means I have to go into the office.  It was a little cold when I walked but I warmed up as I went. The day itself was pretty busy and Jennifer brought in these delicious snacks. Not really sure how to describe them, some were kind of like Ritz Chips, others were vanilla flavored pretzels and mango. Anyways, they were tasty. My day went by and thanks to Wally I was able to bring my tablet to work and have all my shows and movies since Netflix decided to not work anymore.  After work I walked back home and as I was walking I heard someone getting way to close to me so I turned around with the intention of yelling but it was Wally. He saw me and was trying to catch up. It was a nice surprise and fun to walk the rest of the way home together. We got home and ordered some food for dinner. I am starting to get sick which sucks. My throat is so sore and I am achy but we are still going out tonight. After dinner we got all cleaned up and headed out. I ended up with food poisoning which sucks and I started to feel sick so we came home until I started to feel better and all the food was out of me then we left again. I am still determined to go out. We got a cab and headed to Zapatas to meet my coworker Jen and her husband. Zapatas was awesome!!! Every hour they pour shots of tequila for free in your mouth and you can dance on the bar. The music was fun and even though the drinks were pricey it was still a blast. The 4 of us were there about an hour and next stop was M2 for Aden’s birthday (another coworker). He is really cool and he had a table and bottle service at M2. When we got there we found out that Steve Aoki is going to be there at the end of March so we are debating if we want to go or not. The tickets are cheaper then Tiesto but still a little pricey and it would be right after our vacation. If we can get a bigger group we will probably go.  M2 was so much fun and such a great club! We got to dance and so many of the people that sit around were surprised that I can get all dressed up and actually wear make-up sometimes. I usually just wear a plain t-shirt, pants and a jacket and no makeup at work. It was a joke the whole night that I was nighttime Syd. Wally and I got a lot of compliments on how cute of a couple we were. One coworker, Jordan, has a Chinese girlfriend and when I introduced my husband Wally, she was shocked and said good job, oh wow that’s amazing, so cute. It was pretty funny. The dj was amazing and Wally and I danced so hard. We stayed until about 1am but Wally had to be up early to teach so we headed home. Showered and headed to bed. I was sad I was not able to stay later and go to the after party but have to be a good wife and come home with the hubby.


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