Day 137: Beautiful Sunny Day 2/28/2016


Surprisingly didn’t really feel the effects of the late night at work today. I had a graduation ceremony today with a bunch of kids I’ve only taught once… Yeah that makes sense let’s put on this little show for the parents complete with caps and gowns with a teacher that doesn’t even know their children’s names. Whatever… I’m ready to get out of here.

Someone at work had a business card slid under her door. It was all in Chinese, but it was fairly obvious what it was advertising. It was for prostitutes and I had a local teacher translate what it said. “fast, clean and descrete. Your choice of costumes from school girl, nurse to celebrities. 24 hr for your convenience.” Sooooo yeah… China.


Wally left and I tried to go back to sleep but I needed to get my chores done. The internet was still not working so I had to go into work. The walk in was nice and I got a coffee on the way. The weather was beautiful it was 70 and the sun was so warm and inviting. I really felt like I was back home. I ended up going in early since the internet was down and I wanted to get some stuff done. I chatted with some people about last night. They said Wally and are the cutest couple and that I am a really good dancer. It was a nice compliment. I was talked to Aden (the birthday boy from last night) and said Wally and I were going to go to Steve Aoki , he said Steve Aoki is one of his favs and he wants to go to. He talked to his promoter and he can get 80RMB off all the tickets. SWEET!!!! So it looks like we are going to Steve Aoki on March 25th. The rest of the day was chill and Wally came and met me to walk me home. It got so windy, cloudy and cloud by the time we headed home. The temp dropped about 40 degrees. We have been writing our blogs on word docs until the internet starts working. It is really frustrating. Hopefully it starts working soon and I can go back to working from home. Good night!!


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