Day 158: Pearl Tower/A Whole Lotta Lays 3/20/2016


Today was pretty good. We went to Ashley’s for their lunch buffet, but prior to getting there we showed them around Lujiazui and they took in the sites of the Pearl Tower and the other towers just east of it. We took a few pics and showed them around the Super Brand Mall. They seemed pretty taken aback by just how big it all was. We sat down and had a great meal with an amazing view. I know that the original plan was to do the Pearl Tower attraction and dine at their revolving restaurant, but ultimately we decided it was a bit pricey and that the whole thing was a tourist trap. In the end I believe we had a much better time and experience.

Following lunch we came home and gathered our stuff before heading out to the French Concession and Tianzifang. We hadn’t been there since around Christmas time and were excited to show R&L one of our favorite spots in the city, but good god the place is packed on the weekend. I’d equate it to trying to get out of Disneyland as it is closing. We were shoulder to shoulder waddling along. We had gone down the main alley and Loranna seemed to have had enough and just wanted to be away from the hordes. So we left Tianzifang and walked the rest of the French Concession. She seemed a whole lot better after that, guess she was getting a bit claustrophobic, who can blame her. The rest of the walk was really enjoyable and we showed them the historic architecture of the place and what gave it its charm.

We pretty much called it a day after that and came home to pack for Beijing tomorrow. For dinner though we tore into the $30 dollars worth of weird chip flavors. We had fried squid, garden tomato, yogurt, green tea, grilled squid, grilled duck wing, braised pork, sirloin steak and I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole lot more. Either way it was a lot of fun gauging everyone’s reactions to when they ate the chips. Ultimately in the end I ended up being the one that liked/put up with most of the flavors. I really think these things are made for asian taste buds. Loranna and Syd didn’t seem like to like any, but a select few and Ralphie was way more of a trooper and liked/put up with most of them.

Anyways we got to get up SUPER early to catch our flight out to Beijing.

It’s been fun having R&L jump in and guest blog, but for the next couple of days it might be a bit unrealistic. Nevertheless, I’ll try to get them to blog if not at the very least prior to them leaving they’ll have to wrap up their thoughts of their experience here.


Today, we had a bit of a change of plans today and instead of Mom and Ralphie going into the Pearl Tower, we decided to just take some pics and go eat at Ashley’s. We should mom and ralphie around the mall and they were pretty overwhelmed with how many stories it can go. Brunch was amazing and even better than the last time Wally and I were there. They had delicious raspberry and lemon drinks. I cannot begin to explain on the amazing food. Some of the names are pretty funny like crap rose pasta (it is shrimp, angel hair pasta with a lighter marinara sauce). They also make coffees with designs on the top and I really cannot say more nice things about it! I love this restaurant. We headed back to the Shanghai Tech to return a pair of in ear beats that Ralphie got because they were not working and the guy exchanged them out no problem which was so nice. We came back home to drop some stuff off and relax for a minute before we headed to the French Concession.

Our first stop was Tianzifang and it was packed!!!! Mom was not having any of it and we decided to just walk around and get out of the little shopping area. I was not a fan of being there when it was so packed! It was awful. We walked more around the French Concession and they were able to see the walk that we went on a few months ago. We came home and decided to finish trying all our chips for dinner. We all had crazy different reactions to each chip. It was fun and we all could not stop laughing. Mom and Ralphie were pretty tired so we did not go back out, instead just hung out at home.

It was a lot of fun and it was a really great day. Oh, side note Wally and I went through our clothes to send more stuff home and we got rid of a huge trash bag full of things that do not fit anymore and we are getting rid of more after it warms up. It is nice to dwindle down our supply so we have less to travel with.

Off to bed, have to be up at 2:45AM to get ready and head out for our flight to Beijing. 🙂


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  1. Martha Tran · March 23, 2016

    Finally caught up to the blog! I miss you guys and looks like everyone’s having fun. Can’t wait to see you guys in about a month. Let’s skype soon.

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