Day 162: The Last Day of Vaca 3/24/2016


Today was the last day that R&L were here. It was all a bit bitter sweet, but all good things have to come to an end. We woke up this morning and toured them around a nearby street food place. We strolled around picking and snacking on different breakfast/snacks they had to offer. I gotta say Ralphie is really good on trying everything and anything at least once. After the snacks we headed for YuYuan Gardens.

It’s one of the few places in Shanghai that feels “Chinese”. The architecture there is what you’d expect to find in China. We meandered through the streets and gardens snapping pictures along the way. I did get lost at some point. There was a bit of miscommunication on both parties. I told Syd that I was going to listen to an American tour group in order to learn some stuff about the gardens, but I only meant it as while they were near us. She took it as I’d be following them. Well in order for me to eavesdrop on them I leaned against a column and looked at the Koi fish swim by. Whelp Syd, R&L walked right past me and for about 15 min I just sat there waiting for them to show up. Eventually Syd showed up to save the day!

We went back home and while the ladies dropped off our stuff Ralphie and I went to pick up a late lunch/early dinner. There has been this place on Syd’s street that we’ve been wanting to try out, so we picked up Syd’s favorite pork dish, a sweet pork dish and Chinese meatballs. R&L seemed to enjoy most of the meal and afterwards we sat around and reflected on their trip in China. As they were packing I called the taxi service to come and take R&L to the airport. It’s weird I give them my address, but they never seem to be able to find exactly where I live, so when they arrive there’s always this confusion of where are you?

The taxi arrived 15 min early and abruptly ended our conversations. We grabbed all the stuff and headed towards the main street. I was having an extremely difficult time trying to track down the driver and ultimately I found another cab to take them to the airport. The other cab driver was blowing up my phone, so I finally just turned that guy off. We said our goodbyes and watched them drive off into the distance.

It has been an amazing vacation and it’s sad to see it coming to an end. We had been looking forward to them coming out for so long and now it’s all over. Silver lining to them leaving is that they kicked off our many journeys leading to us coming back home and next stop for us is HONG KOOOOOOOOONG!!!!


Street food was so tasty. I am glad mom and ralphie liked it. Ralphie was a trooper and tried everything. He liked more than mom did but surprisingly mom liked more than I thought she would. I was sad that my favorite bun lady was not open so they could not have those but we tried everything else. I cannot believe that today is the last day. I am so sad. This trip has been amazing and I am sad it will be over this afternoon.

We all finished up eating and went to Yuyuan Gardens and they picked up the last of their gifts for people and we explored the gardens. It is so peaceful in there and it was nice to see it on a day when it was not raining. We walked around and headed to the cheap market to get a few more items and get E and mom glasses. Ralphie was going to get a pair but they would take 1 day and there was not enough time. I love haggling. It makes me so happy.

While we were walking home we talked about lunch and realized we had time so Ralphie and Wally went to pick up food while mom and I headed home. I started on some chores while mom finished packing and putting away souvenirs. It was nice to spend some last minute time with it just being mom and I. Ralphie and Wally came home with the dishes and they were not as good as Wally’s Popo cooked them but they did the job and we ended on a nice Chinese meal.

I want to thank Wally especially for all the translating, calling the taxis, and all around awesomeness. He has to translate and put up with so much being ABC in China and I am just so proud of him.

The last couple hours flew by and then all of a sudden in the middle of our conversation the taxi was here. I was so sad but we grabbed everything and headed out the door. We had trouble finding the taxi but Wally just grabbed another van taxi that was driving by and we got mom and ralphie situated and on the way to the airport. Wally and I decided not to take them since it would be an hour and a half just on the metro for us to get home. We waved by and headed back upstairs.

The rest of the night was boring and we did our chores and got ready for our first day back to work and Steve Aoki tomorrow.  I think we were a little overzealous with getting the tickets since I am still sick and we are so tired but whatever yolo!! It will be so much fun!

This trip was amazing and I cannot believe it is over. Up next Hong Kong!

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