Day 163: Happy Birthday Katie! 21! 3/25/2016


Happy birthday to well… my sister! Big 21! Enjoy it! Literally no other birthdays matter from here on out. Well that’s a lie, now it’ll be every 5 years. 25, 30, 35, so on and so forth.


So today both Syd and I experienced vacation blues… It was weird waking up and not having R&L in the other room. I know most people don’t enjoy their in-laws, but I can honestly say they’re good company and their time here was awesome and they’re missed. We had Ayi come and clean our place this morning and we caught up on our blogs.

I was dreading going into work because this is the Friday I have my shitty classes… Luckily for both classes they had tests, so it was relatively easy going. Today was also Bryan’s last day. He’s a Canadian who’s a bit pig headed, that’s putting it lightly, but he’s a cool dude all around. With him gone there will be only two men in the office and one of them is on vacation right now. So yay! I’m the only guy…. I joke that I’m going to sync up with someone’s menstrual cycle.

After work Syd and I went to M2 to see Steve Aoki. We had bought these tickets thinking we’d be good to go after our vacation, but we were a bit ambitious… Either way we had to be there before 10 and I got off at 9. As soon as my class let out I rushed to the metro. I had to change to 2 different metro lines and one of them is a larger metro station. I was full sprint through them and took the stairs 2 at a time. I reached Syd at 9:50 and we rushed into the club just in time.

When we got there it was relatively light and we found a nice spot by a low divider on the dance floor. We had learned from Tiesto that you want to be able to create your own space to escape the smell of smoke and people. The opening DJs were actually pretty good and the crowd was behaving, but as the night wore on and Aoki was getting closer and closer to coming on things began to turn. People began surging forward shoving by us and just being rude. Syd nearly got into a fight with a group of people in front of us dancing rudely and purposely bumping into us. That’s one thing about clubbing here in Shanghai, there is no club/dance etiquette. You shouldn’t violently  bump into people in order to create space or try to shove past people when there is no space. However, in China, everything goes and it’s everyman for themselves.

Aoki was awesome! He put on a great show and his set was duUuUuUrRrRrRrRtY!!!! We tried to stay in the front for a bit, but decided to just take some pictures and leave the dance floor. before it got too chaotic. We found a nice corner with space for us to dance and we left around an hour after he had come on. I wish I had it in me to stay till 4 am, but I have work bright and early tomorrow.



First, Happy Birthday to my little sister Katie!!! I can’t believe you are 21. I hope you enjoyed your midnight drink. Love you and happy happy birthday! I can’t wait to have a drink with you when I am home XOXOXOXOX

Woke up this morning early because the ayi was coming to clean the house. We did some laundry while she cleaned and she was talking to Wally to let us know that when she is walking in the park she looks to see if our curtains are open to know if we are home. It was really creepy. Whatever she is the best ayi. Today she did not do the best job but we needed the house cleaned so whatever.

After she left Wally and i were trying to update the blog and add pictures but we were having such a hard. After about 3 hours we were able to add everything and the blog is updated finally! I skyped with Bianca a little bit to let her know about Beijing and let her know everything that happened. We will need to skype soon to actually have time to chat and catch up and talk more about her upcoming trip. I wish her luck through the rest of tax season and to have a happy Coachella :).

I said bye to Wally and he headed into work. I am lucky today that I get to work from home and just leave from here to Steve Aoki. I got to Skype Katie at midnight and wish her a happy birthday while she was at a bar. I hope she had a fun night.

My classes were pretty boring today but all of my students had great English so it made the day go by faster. ET messaged me to let me know she liked her birthday gift and has now requested more makeup and things from China. I guess I will get to go back to the cheap market more. YAY Haggling.

I got ready at home and after my last class I raced out the door to catch the metro to meet Wally and M2 to get our dance on.

I waited at the top of the metro for Wally and when he got there we raced into M2 and made it just in time. These guys were trying to listen in on our convo but they could not translate fast enough. HAHA Wally explained that to me after we got off the elevator. Being inside was really cool and much better the Myst when we saw Tiesto. Like Wally said we danced and took the pics when he came on stage but because of the idiots bum rushing the stage we came off to the side and just had so much room to dance. We stayed a while then headed home. It was so much fun and hands down the best performance. The beats were dirty, the music was loud and there were a lot of glow sticks and confetti flying. Not a bad Friday night. It was another WTF moment, I am in Shanghai with my husband watching Steve Aoki. A great night and we came home and passed out. Our  alarms are going to go off soon.

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