Day 164: Tired as FUCKKKKKK!!!!! 3/26/2016



With only 3 hours of sleep we made our way to work. I had a Red Bull and 2 cups of coffee before my first class and another cup of coffee around noon. I still managed to fall asleep on my desk for a little over half an hour and woke up abruptly with a snort and blinking unevenly as my eyes attempted to adjust to the light. I immediately put on my stunner shades and sank back into my chair as I allowed the blood that has pooled on my forehead to slowly work its way back. I looked amazing today….

After work we headed to Mr.Pancake because Summer heard it was international pancake day and wanted to take part in it. Summer, Inga, Bryan and I headed over to the restaurant right by our place and Sydney joined us. We ate and chatted for a bit until finally calling it a night.

I’m so looking forward to a gooooood nights rest.


DAMN ALARM!!!!  Whatever yolo, last night was so much fun!!! We got ready and went down to have Chinese breakfast burritos and  head to work. I walked with Wally to the metro then we said bye and I headed to work. The walk seemed to last forever but then I finally made it. I got all situated and went downstairs to get a coffee. I tried the new salted caramel macchiato from Starbucks. It was amazeballs and made my morning ten times better.

My morning classes were pretty easy but I had 2 group lessons back to back so that was pretty annoying. Once my set of morning classes were over I went and turned in my letter of resignation. We officially have a quitting date,  Saturday May 21st. It is so crazy to think about. My team lead, Chris, said no worries, he is sad to see me go but he never expects anyone to stay. He wants to get a job teaching back in the states again but after the recession and not being able to find a job for so long he says he is nervous.

I was able to skype chat Lily for a little and catch up on everything. I am hoping to set a skype date with them so we can really talk more and see the kids. She told me they are getting so big. My favorite little ones in the world. I miss those adorable faces. Also, I spoke with Melissa and it was so amazing that we both actually caught each other when we were both free and had time to talk. We have been playing message tag and date tag, haha. So it was great to talk. Miss that lady. Fingers crossed she gets the job at Mastros ;).

Jennifer got us lunch today, we just did the Melrose Pizza deal 2 cokes, and 2 10 inch pizzas for 99RMB about 15.20 USD. It was a tasty lunch, then she had class. I thought I would lay my head on my desk, welp I fell asleep for about 30 minutes and i was out like a light. I am still sick so not sleeping last night was not the best. I woke up to a pool of spit on my desk and an imprint of my huge watch on my forehead. IU went to Jenns desk and she was laughing at me. She said she was bout to wake me up since I had class soon. So when I woke up my eyes were so fuzzy that it took about 20 minutes before I could see clearly and there wasn’t that haze.

We found out that there is a Central Perk in Shanghai and it is an exact replica of the show. So we decided that’s where we will start my birthday party next Saturday. I am so excited since it is one of my favorites shows. EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gave me another list to do at the cheap market, so money in the bank, woot woot. We said bye and we will see each other next week.

Wally messaged me that everyone was going to Mr. Pancake for National Pancake Day so after work I walked there instead of home. Seeing everyone was nice and they are all coming to my birthday party next weekend. This is the first time we have been to Mr. Pancake that is was actually pretty decent. I did not get sick and Wally and I just split the food. We all chatted for a while then went our separate ways. Wally and I walked home got cleaned u and headed to bed. Ironically we were going to go to bed early or at least relax and lay in bed but we ended up going to bed the same time as the nights we both work late. Oh well, YOLOOOOOO ❤



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