Day 169: Coming home, coming home tell the world I’m coming home 3/31/2016


This morning Syd and I booked just about everything we need on our journey home. We have our flights and places to stay! The only thing we need to worry about is what we want to do at these places. It’s really exciting knowing what date we’ll be back in the states! I’m so over seeing the sea of yellow people.

I went to work and we had a stupid easter egg hunt team building activity. Usually these things are freakin pointless and aren’t any fun, but I caught myself getting into it. We were split into teams and we had to hunt down our specific colors eggs. Each egg had a clue that led us to the next one and they were actually challenging. We sped around trying to collect our eggs we were on 9 of 10 when we were stumped by the word association puzzle. Each word would give you a letter that would ultimately spell out the final clue. BUT GUESS WHAT! MY IDIOT BOSS FUCKED UP ONE OF THE CLUES AND WE WASTED OUR TIME TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT AND WE ENDED UP LOSING!!!

I had bought Syd a birthday present and I spent an embarrassing amount of time wrapping it up and tracing Harry Potter images onto the wrapping. I had gotten her stupid Disney themed couples shirt that you see people walking around with. Her reaction I’ve quoted for you verbatim

Read this as though she was laughing her ass off the whole time



Needless to say she loved it and I would never have guessed that she would have that type of reaction.


Woke up and we were supposed to Skype Aunt Dianne and Uncle Neal but unfortunately we had to reschedule for tomorrow. We decided to finish booking everything and we officially have a date that we will be back in the states July 12. We will land in Phoenix late that night. We have not decided what day we will be back in Cali just yet but we know when we’ll be back in ‘merica ;). It was really cool to see all of our travels laid out and we are working on a google doc to help us see everything in one place. I can’t believe we have so much booked and will be going home so soon. I am excited, nervous, and scared.

The rest of the morning was pretty boring since we spent so much time doing that and I was supposed to start at 1 (my normal time) but my class started at 12!!! Well I did not see that until 12:15 luckily I was still able to get in and I still was able to teach without it hurting me. I have 4 group lessons today which is so many!!! It will make the day go by faster which is night.

During my classes one of my students told me that a student in her university committed suicide because he failed 1 exam. JESUS!!!!! Chinese people are crazy! I had a student whose name was Elsa and she said it was from FROZEN then decided to sing 3 songs from the movie. It was awesome. I had another student who asked if I could help her 5 year old daughter with coms English and this little girl had the most amazing English I have ever heard. I would have never thought English was her second language. She was adorable and I loved her. Her name was Amy and she was born in the year of the dragon as she informed me.

During my break I went to the cheap market to pick some stuff up the Kylie had asked for. It was a pretty quick trip and I was able to make it between rainstorms which was nice. I painted my nails and started to pack for Hong Kong since we work and have my birthday party this weekend. I still can’t believe I will be 26 tomorrow. UGH, so old.

On my way home something interesting happened. Let me set up the situation I am walking and it is a decent size crowd of people and I am about a block from home:

Chinese Guy – (pointing at me, speaking in Chinese – How much?

Me – Looking confused

Chinese Guy – (Still in mandarin) HOw much?

Me – I do not know what you are saying (granted I do know what he was saying but I was not in the mood)

Chinese Guy (now in English) – How much you cost? All white girls pay money have sex


Chinese Guy – WHy? White girls pay money have sex!

Me – Fuck off and I walk quickly up the street

Why is it that Chinese dudes think I am a hooker? I had a black long sleeve on and jeans. NOw looking at it, it was funny but stuff like this does not happen when Wally is around and I prefer that.

So Wally already explained my reaction to the birthday gift. It was really funny and really sweet. My card was adorable as well. I am the luckiest girl. I am glad I was able to open a present and early as well 🙂 YAYAYYAYA presents



  1. Andrea Pixley · April 1, 2016

    Hi sweet pumpkin pie! I want to wish you happy birthday! And tell you I love you and hope you have an amazing weekend!! You look amazing! I can’t believe you’re 26! That means I’m super OLD! XOXOXOXOX
    Aunt Andi, Siena, & Quinn
    P.S. Quinn still talks about the wedding toast….”he’s the biggest Wang in the family!”


    • wangtower · April 1, 2016

      Thanks so much!! Ya I cannot believe my 26th birthday is in China, definitely one for the record books. I am glad you guys are enjoying the blog and everything. My birthday gift from Wally was so cute and I cannot wait for Hong Kong Disney next Tuesday to wear the shirts. It will be a fun little trip. AHAHAH I am glad Quinn enjoyed the wedding! He was the best dancer for sure! He showed all of us up. The wedding was a blast and I am glad everyone enjoyed it unlike most people when they leave weddings and it was a drag ours was really a party. Love you all and miss you bunches see you soon XOXOXO


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