Day 191: Friday, Friday gunna get down on Friday 4/22/2016


Nothing new I just hate my job and in one month we’ll be done with this shit hole company. We had a meeting today about our Demos. At our demos we have an opportunity to get students to sign up for our school. Most of the kids that participate have never been in an english environment before and are coming in with 0 english skills. They’ll usually range from 3-5 years of age and are extremely shy. At our meeting they’re trying to give us a plethora of different strategies to employ within these demos each being unnecessarily more complicated than the last. Now this isn’t just a normal meeting where they tell you where it would be good to implement said strategies at certain points. NOPE!!! Instead they treat this like an actual fucking demo and have teachers acting like 3 year old participants. I sat there for an hour and listened to all the different ways we can “teach” these children on how to say dog, cat, fish and bird… Fuck this company and everything it stands for.


Nothing special for me today. We worked out and I worked from home. We have Astrill working on the computer thanks to Wally and I watched tv during my breaks wishing I was at Coachella with everyone. Welp, at least I get to try over 200 different types of chocolate on Tuesday! That seems like a fair trade off right? I have to keep telling myself that it is. There were a lot of tech problems and one of my classes was cancelled so I was able to shower and crawl into bed and work my last class from bed which was nice.

When Wally was all cleaned up and in bed we just sat and talked for a while about the future. I am excited to see what will come next and what will happen when we are home. No matter what we have each other and I am the luckiest girl to have such an amazing and loving husband. Also, I am about to bitch slap a girl at Wally’s school if she hits on him one more time! Back off my man!


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