Day 192: We forgot about breakfast burritos!!! 4/23/2016


Syd and I woke up and headed to work, but we were in such a zone that we had forgotten about our weekly tradition of getting our breakfast burritos… My morning was kept busy by the parent teacher meetings and it’s even more boring than it sounds because I would just say a couple of things about a student in english and my PA would translate and go into a sales pitch about how their kid needs to stay with EF in order to improve upon the areas I just mentioned. There was a moment when my PA and I were waiting for a parent to show up where the PA started to ask me a few questions. She knows that I’ll be leaving soon and asked if it was because I didn’t like teaching. I ended up being very blunt with her and said,”No, teaching is a passion of mine and is one of the few jobs in this world that will give me a sense of purpose. What we do here isn’t teaching. What we do here is simply selling a product and drilling pointless vocabulary into the kids.” To my surprise she was very empathetic towards me and explained that she can tell that I’m a talented teacher and that I’m not being fully utilized within this company. She went on to explain it was just the structure of this company is built in such a way that student retention is more important than the education itself. I was a bit taken aback by what she had to say because I always viewed her as being a bit ditsy, but I suppose it’s just been the language barrier that’s been holding her back.

Other than than work was work. I did have fun watching everyone’s snaps about Coachella and it allowed me to live vicariously through them, but as I looked around my surroundings and I see a sea of yellow children, my idiotic coworkers and the shitty cold wet weather outside I can’t help but to feel a bit sad…

I got in trouble with the police on my walk home today. I essentially jay walked, but I played stupid and kept talking in english while I listened to them tear into another guy next to me because they asked him where he’s from and he told him he’s Shanghainese. There was a bit of a misunderstanding between Syd and I because when she got home she was PISSED at me… Apparently I had said that I’d wait for her by the subway so that we could walk home together. I have no recollection of ever saying that, so maybe I worded something funny and it got misconstrued.


I took the metro to work instead of walking since it was raining. I got to work and Skyped with my mom a little bit. I watched some shows on my tablet and hung out until my classes started. We had a meeting with another team lead today since ours is still in the states. It was with Brandon, he is a dick! He told us that we needed to all start coming into the office more and work from the office not from home. Fuck you, I still get my shit done why do you care that I work from home. I do have to go in next Thursday and work all day until 10 which sucks but at least it is only 1 day and then Matt comes Saturday and our vacation starts. The meeting was pointless but Jenn bought beers and we drank at work and talked. The rest of my classes were pretty boring and I had a lot of no shows so I did not have to teach as much.

Yes, there was a misunderstanding and I was PISSED because I was waiting for Wally and he was already at home even though we were supposed to walk together. Whatever, we are both home now. Time to work out and relax and maybe have a movie Saturdate. Hope everyone is having fun at Coachella!!!


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