Day 194: Wally is just going to bitch 4/25/2016


Man… My Mondays suuuuuuck now… I got a new class so that means I teach for 3 hours straight and my lessons are SUPER basic. IT’S A DOG! IT’S A CAT! IT’S A BIRD! You get the idea… So I amuse myself in class by fucking around with the kids. My youngest class consists of 3 year olds and I’d tap one on the shoulder and it’s clearly me, but when the kid turns around I start looking for the what had poked him and he’ll look in the direction I’m looking. I’m just glad I don’t have many Monday’s left. I do know how I’m going to fuck with my students on my last class with them. As they’re leaving I’m going to speak to them in Chinese it’ll blow their fucking minds!


My day was boring nothing to exciting. My classes were chill and I am glad I worked from home today. I did some laundry and chores around the house. Wally and I worked out and did some yoga. It is nice to be feeling up to working out more and more.


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