Day 197: Stupid mentoring 4/28/2016



Really nothing worth talking about today. Matt’s gunna be here soon!


We talked to my mom for a little and for my dad to plan Paris. It was nice to talk since we won’t talk to them for prob 2 weeks since Matt will be here. We finished watching Star Wars and then I had to head into work early. I walked to work and it is starting to get really warm outside. The walk was nice and I was hustling. It usually takes me 35 minutes to walk there and it took me only 25 minutes today. The new guy sitting next to me is super chill and fun. I really like that he is next to me. The guy I was mentoring was dumb as a doornail and it was a long ass day. His name is Alex and he is from South Africa. He is “engaged” as he told me he has never actually asked his girlfriend he just gave her a promise ring 3 years ago when they were going through a rough patch. I was very confused but whatever to each his own. I told him that if he wanted to just sit and go through everything quickly he could leave early but he wanted to go slow and take his 2 hour break so we both had to stay all day. Jenn and I had dinner together and are getting excited for Yellow Claw on Saturday and we found out this other awesome guy Aden is going to come out as well. We have a very good group going. My classes were ok and Alex observed me for a few classes so I actually had to pay attention to my students. I did have one student whose name was Snow and her son’s name was Little Sunday. I asked why she named her son that and she said that her and her husband only have Sunday’s off together during the week and it is a happy time so they wanted to name their son after something happy. It was such a cute story and the name has so much meaning. I really enjoyed teaching her. Wally met me at work and we walked home together. It is always nice to walk together. We stopped when we had a really good view of the bund and just tried to appreciate where we were and soak up the moment together. All in all the mentoring was boring but meeting Derek the cool new guy was fun and talking to Jenn was great. Oh, and I lost some of my pizza when my elbow hit the box and it fell on the floor.


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