Day 198: Boring day 4/29/2016


This day was such a chore!


Woke up and did some grocery shopping for Matt coming tomorrow and Wally and I hung out until he had to go and send money home. I only taught 3 classes all day since they were all no shows which was nice since I had stuff to do around the house. We went grocery shopping and Chinese people are rude they are constantly putting their stuff right where mine is and even though I am paying they are handing their money to pay at the same time. Wait your turn!!!!! Ugh, you will get your groceries no one is going to steal them if you do not pay right away! FUCK! I did some yoga, chores and watched Charmed. Nothing exciting. Wally came home and we hung out and went to bed. Matt comes tomorrow and we have Yellow Claw tomorrow night!! YAY!! We have a huge group going so I am excited.


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