Day 228: They’ve Arrived!!! 5/29/2016



Woke up today around 5:30 and thought to myself that Hey! Greg and B are in Taiwan right now… Cool! I then fell back asleep for a few more hours. Syd and I had breakfast and made our way to the metro to get Greg and B.


Syd kept pacing back and forth like an anxious toddler waiting for its parents. It was great finally seeing them again. It felt the same as when we picked up Matt, we just picked up right where we left off. It’s great to know that I have multiple friends out there where no matter the distance and no matter the time we’ll still be good.

Fabric Market

Syd took Greg and B to get measured up while I stayed by the muslim bbq guy and got us some snacks. G & B seemed pretty stoked with the amount of stuff they got and for how much. Greg and I had some good conversations while Syd and B discussed the best fabrics for her stuff.


We took G&B to Lujiazui so that they could get up close and personal to the Pearl Oriental Tower, Bottle Opener, Shanghai Tower and Jingmao Tower. It’s cool seeing the city through their eyes. Syd and I are so jaded by it all and seeing other peoples eyes light up after seeing it all for the first time is pretty cool.


Prior to walking home we picked up a bunch of drinks and just chatted for a bit. When everyone started to feel hungry Greg and I went out to order some noodles and dumplings. We ate and drank and just caught up on everything we missed in the previous months.

It’s been a good day catching up with friends.


So everyone pretty much covered it all but I was pretty excited waiting at the airport! I cannot tell you how awesome it was to run to my best friend! We got a taxi and headed home. They loved all their gifts. We chatted and headed to the fabric market. I haggled and got Bianca a better deal on her outfits but now I really want a trench coat! I guess I will have to order one later ;). The meatsticks were delicious as always but again did not agree with my stomach. But everything was ok.. We got them some metro cards and went to the bund. Like Wally said it was cool to see it from their point of view. We walked home and chatted so much! So many great conversations. It was fun showing them the American marts then going to the store to pick up some drinks. We came home then the guys picked up dinner. This has been an amazing first day and I cannot wait for tomorrow.

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We’re finally here! After a year of planning Gregory and I are in China visiting Sydney and Wally Wang! I could hardly contain my excitement while I was at work on Friday knowing that I was going to be leaving on my two week vacation that night. Thankfully security and check-in went smoothly and our over than 20 hour journey began. Our flights mostly contained of sleeping and movies that I’ve been meaning to watch. Everything was going well until…. The little 4 year girl in front of us starting losing her lunch in between the seats onto my foot and Greg’s backpack. The cleanup wasn’t too bad and I had a spare pair of socks (yea I’m that good). All in all a good first leg of our trip.

Our layover was in Taipei for 4 hours. Thankfully our gate was next to the Hello Kitty inspired gate complete with seats that had her face on them, a playground and a Sanrio store. Needless to say I was able to occupy myself for awhile. Eventually it was nap time and I slept until we had to get on the next flight to finally see Sydney and Wally!

Going through customs and getting our luggage was a cinch. Then we were finally reunited with our best friends! I had been missing them so much and been looking forward to this for so long! Moments after seeing them it felt like we had seen each other just yesterday and we picked up right where we left off. (could be attributed to semi-frequent Skype dates though), but definitely a sign of true friendship and understanding.

The cab ride was long and the weather was super humid. I was in between Sydney and Gregory in the cab and was just melting the entire time. But it was worth it because we finally made it to their cute apartment! It’s much bigger than I thought it would be from what I saw on Skype and how they talked about it. Of course we were welcomed to our own room with a bed filled with gifts! And of course my gifts were mostly of Hello Kitty things! (I’m happy as clam) I returned the favor with snacks they had been craving (cheetos, goldfish, and gummy bears) The street they live on is rough. Their neighbors are a small community of shanties where the shower and kitchen are outside for the community to share. It’s so interesting the contrast their neighbors have when living literally a few feet away.

After getting settled and changing we headed out to get some tailor made clothes made! I got 2 pairs of work pants, a dress, a peacoat and a trench coat made! It was so fun and easy! I’m so thankful I was able to have that experience. While we shopped we ate kabob it was delicious. After we were done in the fashion district we headed over to catch some sites to take pictures at the Pearl Tower, really cool!

We had a nice walk home and picked up some libations and then checked out the “American” market. I wanted to see what an Asian would put in what they think is American to put in a market. Yup! It was just like home with cereal, chips, Skippy, Hormel chili, Almond milk and Boca burgers. A small bottle of smirnoff is about $30 USD. A medium bag of cheetos is about $7 USD.

We ended the night catching up eating spicy ramen noodles that were really good. We also had dumplings from the lady Sydney always talks about they weren’t bad but they weren’t life changing like she talks about them.

All in all a great first day in China.


Greetings from the WangTowerEastMeetsWest blog. I am so freaking excited to be here in Shanghai!!! Bianca seems to have covered most things nicely so I’ll try not to be too redundant ;). The travel here went pretty smoothly, Bianca is telling the truth, a little girl totally barfed on me. What Bianca didn’t mention is that girl definitely had some carrots and cauliflower to eat earlier in the day….

Once we arrived at the WangTower estate we were showered in gifts and promptly shoved out the door (Okay… maybe it wasn’t exactly like this :P). Anyways, off we went to the tailor. I was fitted for a suit and a couple dress shirts, best part is in the future I can just email a new order and have custom made clothes mailed to me from China. Pretty dang neato. After that Wally and Sydney took us for a walk and I got to take in the sights and do a bit of people watching. On the way home we picked up some adult beverages and dinner. THE DUMPLINGS WERE LIFE CHANGING.

All in all a pretty nice day. BRING IT ON DAY 2!


Day 227: Wally is getting sick 5/28/2016

Sydney and Wally 

So Wally is getting sick but I am going to drug him up so he gets better. Fingers crossed it does not turn out how we were in April. That shit was awful. We Skyped my mom, ralph, and talked to my dad for a little. I talked to Kylie as well and will be seeing her in about a week. Crazy!! The only time we went out was to get some passport photos made that we need for our Vietnam visas. My pictures turned out awful!!! OMG so bad. Besides that we chilled at home and watched tv. Wally napped. The rain never let up so we did not leave the house. I am super anxious for B and Greg to get here so I took some Advil PM to help me sleep.

Boring day but we will start an adventure tomorrow!!

Day 226: Just chillin’ 5/27/2016



Woke up early so that Syd could make it to her waxing appointment. We went ahead and got our breakfast burritos and because of the immense guilt I felt about cheating our guy out of 2 RMB, $0.26. Syd and I enjoyed what would be one of our last burritos together. I was originally going to go with her, but there was some things that needed to get taken care of at home. So instead I met her when she finished at Dunkin Donuts.

I got to say it’ll be a place that I’ll miss after we leave. Not the fact that it’s a Dunkin Donuts, but the fact that we always seem to have good conversations whenever we’re there. It’s just a great spot to people watch and to spend hours just shooting the breeze.


I got a haircut and took a nap.


We ordered pizza from Melrose for the last time and enjoyed it while watching the new Sandler movie on netflix. At least this way I can’t be upset about paying to go see one of his movies.


Tomorrow is the last day Sydney and I have Shanghai to ourselves. It’s all coming to an end.


Yum, breakfast burritos what a perfect way to start my Friday morning. Wally walked me a little to the metro and we ate together but he headed home to finish up some stuff and I was off to my waxing appointment.

Side note – Below is a pic of my hair curly with the new colors. It looks a little wonky since the first wash after my hair is straight for awhile it looks weird but  I will post another one after a couple of washed and my curls settle down. My hair has a few more layers and is a little shorter then I would have liked but it is ok. It will grow and I love doing fun, crazy things to my hair.

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My waxing lady has a new shop now so she does not come to my house anymore. It is my last time going to her so I was bummed since she does such an amazing job and it is so cheap. Her shop is in the city center and I got there so quick, usually to get to that area it is about 45-60 minutes and it only took me 35. SO I was super early. We talked and when I finished up we said we would stay in touch over WeChat and I was on my way to Wally.

We met at Dunkin and as Wally said it is our place. Our little date and escape from China. We have amazing conversations and try and imagine what will happen next in our lives. We enjoyed our date and headed home.

It has not stopped raining. It poured last night and does not seem to want to let up. I really hope one day Bianca and Greg are here we have one nice day so they get to enjoy their view from the room and we have a clear view of the bund.

We came home and napped for a little and finished getting the room ready. I talked to my dad for a little and I think we have decided on a restaurant for our 4th of July celebration in France. SO MUCH FUN!!! Nice chat and dad was heading to bed.

Wally and I watched the new Adam Sandler movie on Netflix “The Do-Over.” It was a great date night, pizza and beer movie. As my father would say mindless entertainment…yes, dad I know No Mary-Kate/Ashley movies, no Disney movies and none of that other crap. Oh how I miss HOllywood Video movie nights hahahah.

The rest of the night we relaxed and headed to bed. I also painted my toes and fingers. Need to be all fresh and ready for my vacation.

Below is a video of the small apartment that was turned into the waxing studio.

Day 225: Deposit… 5/26/2016



I couldn’t really sleep because I was nervous for the inspection. We keep our place immaculate, but there are a couple of cosmetic issues with the paint peeling and some chipping here and there. We scheduled to have the landlord and my uncle to come at 9 but both of them showed up at 9:30. I hate how Chinese people tell time… So our deposit was 6,000 RMB roughly 1,000 USD and we’re only going to get back 3,600 RMB. Apparently our rental agreement was that we were paying from the 21st to the 21st of each month and because we’re staying till the 31st there are 10 days of rent he needs to take out of our deposit… Great so there goes 2,000 RMB and the other 400 RMB that’s taken is the trash collection/gate fees as well as the rent on the 2 TVs in the house…. The whole situation was kind of bullshit we obviously assumed that our rent was always paid up to the end of the month and of course we didn’t expect to get the full 6,000 RMB back, but it was a bit of a blow to find out that they’ll be deducting 2,400 RMB from us. The whole time I’m trying to process all the information with the landlord and uncle talking and Syd trying to make sure we cover our bases by asking questions. I’m trying to process 3 different people talking in 2 different languages and I don’t want to miss anything they may be saying. Whatever at least that’s taken care of…

The rest of the day

We went for a walk and got some stuff from the bakery for lunch and dinner. Once we got back I knocked out for like 3 hours due to the lack of sleep I got. The landlord came to drop off the money around 5 o’clock and it ended up being only 3,000 RMB, 500 USD. So… we lost half of our deposit not because our place was a mess, but because we had 2,000 RMB on 10 days of rent and 1,000 RMB on our utilities. Since he’s already charging us for the electric bill for the month of May we’re running our AC’s 24/7 and leaving lights on around the apartment has a subtle fuck you.

Side note

Sorry our blog this past week has been lacking, but we’re honestly not really doing anything worth noting, but boring domestic and errandy type stuff. Promise you the next couple of months should be interesting.


Wally covered most of the issues there are just a few that I want to say. We were never told that we were paying rent on tv’s that were in the house. If that was the case take them, we should not have to pay for them I will freely use my laptop instead. It’s not like we had cable or anything. Showing up late is fucking bullshit, this nonsense “Chinese time” is fucking stupid. We had the ayi coming at 10 so we needed them to be here at 9 to finish everything. As it turns out they did not even inspect the place really.. The landlord and Wally’s uncle just talked in the kitchen the whole time and did not look at the apartment at all. Wally and I thought we would have a good bargaining chip in the fact that the wifi is paid for until October, we are leaving bed spreads, pots, pans, tools, yoga mats, towels, hampers, and trashcans. The apartment did not come this way we had to buy everything, we spend close to $500 US when we got here furnishing everything. If you were to offer this apartment to foreigners with everything that we are leaving they would jump on that chance. The landlord says because we don’t have the best internet people would not want it and no one really needs wifi. It isn’t the best but at least if it is set-up you don’t have to worry about it for awhile which is nice. Fuck you too! Why the hell would we sign a contract the 21st to the 21st? AAANNDD if our contract was up on the 21st then when we tried all month to schedule an inspection why would you not tell us that then drop a bombshell that we are losing 2,000RMB for being here the rest of the month. He said he wants to show people the apartment while we are still living here. HELL NO! Get the fuck out! I have now paid until the end of the month I am sure as shit going to not let anyone in. BTW the ayi came in and was cleaning while all of this was going on.

I do want to thank Wally for all of his hard work translating, arguing, and trying to keep me in the loop. Also, I want to thank my mother-in-law for being on the phone and helping when Wally was getting a little lost with the language. I am beyond thankful for both of them and to end this landlord/uncle nightmare.

Once we finished the not inspection we chilled until the ayi finished up. We always call the same ayi because in the beginning she was so amazing and cleaned the way I would except without chemicals (which is gross since she used the same rag all over the apartment). BUT these last few times she has left the floors soaking wet, hasn’t cleaned the toilet or the counters in the kitchen. I just paid to basically throw water on the floor and I still have to clean my apartment. Luckily Wally is going to help me and we will get everything cleaned up and ready for Bianca and Greg.

We both took a nap and it was some of the best sleep I had had in a week. For whatever reason I have not been sleeping well. I woke up before Wally and finished some stuff around the house.

THe landlord came and tried to explain why we are getting 600RMB less then what he had told us in the morning but could not really do so. Fuck you again, I am running both AC’s and leaving all the lights on and I am going back to throwing my trash out the window. Suck a dick! He said he will still want to show the apartment but he will call first, we are just going to give him the run around and say that we are busy or he cannot come since I do not want him or his CHina smell up in my house. I also do not want random strangers poking around. My house has been robbed once before and I would love for that not to happen again. NO thank you.

Once we got the money we had the rest of the night to ourselves. We did some grocery shopping and a little more laundry. Today, I finally washed my hair and I am so excited to see what it looks like curly. While I was washing it looked like a murder scene if blood was purple all over the shower walls. He did cut a little more then I would have liked but it will grow back.

Off to bed and another adventure tomorrow.

Day 224: Picking up Syd’s Threads 5/25/2016

Syd and Wally

Woke up this morning and just kind of lazily laid around and watched some shows.We messages our people to find out when Syd’s stuff would be ready and planned accordingly. We had 3 big stops today; Fabric Market, EF Online and Shoe Store.

Fabric Market

Went there to get the rest of Syd’s clothes and they all fit so much better on her now. I don’t know if Syd ever mentioned that she now has the same tailor as Susan Sarandon. The tailor had a picture of them together posted on her wall and it’s her wechat profile picture. So that’s pretty cool.

EF Online

Syd had won a free cup of coffee for some monthly drawing and well we didn’t want to pass up on a free cup. So, we walked our asses down there to collect the coupon. We bumped into some of her coworkers on our way back to the metro. They’re all relatively new maybe only a couple of months along and they’re already over it. One of them even talked about quitting by August.

Shoe Store

Syd had wanted to get a pair of Manolos, the ones from Sex and the City, for our wedding, but they cost $1,200 dollars and there was no way we were going to pay that for a pair of shoes. Well early on in our time here we came across a store that sold the exact pair for less than a hundred USD. So, naturally I couldn’t say no to Syd’s puppy dog eyes and she got to fulfill a small dream of hers. She now owns tailor made Manolos, it even says handmade in Italy on the bottom.


We had showered up and in bed by 5 pm. I boiled some water and had some ramen and Syd mentioned that she wanted noodles at the place near our house…. I caved and went ahead to get them for her and picked up a few treats for myself. I wish she had spoken up sooner because I had just showered and eaten my shitty instant noodle dinner. I would have much preferred a fresh hot meal. Whatever I got treats out of it. I got her noodles and brought them back, but unfortunately they didn’t make it like I asked them to and they were too spicy for Syd. So, now I have breakfast tomorrow morning.

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Day 223: Packing, Cards and Fun 5/24/2016

Sydney and Wally 

We finished most of the packing today. I taught Wally how to play Gin Rummy. It was so much fun. So we played card games and watched some shows. It was a nice and relaxing day. Wally went and got us some McDonalds for dinner since we did not have cash on us and only had our card we could not get the noodles we wanted. Not much else to add. I did talk to Bianca for a little and gave her some more info to consider for the trip such as what to bring and things like that. It was also so great to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Arevalo! NIce to see their faces and say hey!! Wally and I finished our Skype dates with talking to my aunt and uncle! Such a great conversation and I am beyond excited to see them in AZ. We will be cooking and baking so many goodies and I have a list of foods I want to try to make. Nothing else really for us. Just a boring day at home. We also watched Ali Wong on Netflix and she was hilarious. It was so funny and a great Netflix special. XO

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Day 222: Packing up!!! 5/23/2016


I got us Chinese breakfast burritos this morning with the change we had left over, buuuuuut we were short 2.50…. It’s ok though the guy trusts us and we have been going to him so often that he doesn’t count the change when I throw it into his bucket. I do feel a bit guilty, buuuuuuut I got my food.

We chatted with some family back home and watched a movie. After that we went to work on trying to pack up the rest of our stuff. We got A LOT done, but I don’t know how we’re going to pack everything else. We still have a decent amount of stuff out and Syd keeps telling me not to worry that she’ll handle it. I just don’t see how. What do I know, she’s the one that’s been all over the world. I’m just along for the ride.

All in all a fun day of funemployment.


Unemployed and it feels great. Wally went to get Chinese breakfast burritos for us and I got a movie set-up. We watched Baby Mama and ended up Skyping with Ashley for a little as well. We did some chores and Skyped my dad and mom. Dad found some really cool restaurants that we might go to on the 4th of July while in Paris. It will be our one super fancy meal.

Most of our day was spent packing up the apartment. The reason we are starting so early is to get an idea of how much the luggage will weight, how we will take stuff home for everyone else and to see what we want to toss before we leave. Luckily some of the weight will be out of the suitcases as soon as we get to Thailand and I give Kylie her gifts plus what she had us buy. It is so weird to see everything sprawled out and knowing that our time in China is coming to an end.

Wally and I took some breaks and I drank some pineapple beer and danced and sang around the apartment to entertain myself while we packed. It was a really fun and productive day. 🙂 

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Day 221: Syd got her hair did 5/22/2016


Salon pt 1.

Syd got her hair done today. I had a coworker translate what we wanted a while back and played it out to the stylist at the salon near our place, but I was still a bit nervous. My Chinese is ok. It’s good enough to get by and make some small talk, but if you want me to get detailed and specific you’ll lose me. Either way I knew that the translation was good, but it was still just a bit nerve racking. I did some other basic translations to get Syd set up and Karine showed up to keep her company and to get her hair done as well.


I dicked around, watched some netflix, youtube and random downloaded videos for a while and then decided to be productive and input all of our travel stuff into my google calendar. Everywhere we go I now have all the reference numbers we need to pull up whatever just in case we don’t have wifi and we lose the physical copies.

Salon pt 2

I went to see the finished product and Syd is sitting there just HATING most of it, but loved the purple. I let her vent and point out everything that was wrong with it and when she was done I spoke. I think it was all just the initial shock of having her hair change so drastically. I think it’s absolutely amazing and I can’t stop looking at her.


She just gets on my nerves. She fucking invited herself to get her hair done with Syd and to our goodbye party. Who does that? We’re just not on that level. We’ve literally hung out like 5 times. Also the color she chose was aquamarine. The problem is it didn’t really take all that well. Here’s what her hair looked like

  1. It looks like a toad puked in her hair after a long night of binge drinking.
  2. It looks like the ocean regurgitated her and spit her up on the beach with seaweed draped over her head.
  3. I think someone sneezed on her head and just rubbed it in
  4. You know when you have spoiled yogurt and it spoils? You know how there is a greenish hue that surrounds the mold spores? Well that’s what is on her head
  5. It looks like a colony of lepers had a bukkake fest all over her hair and it stained.

If you don’t know what bukkake is don’t google it. It’ll only disturb you. You’ve been warned.


Woke up because we had an appointment to pick up my clothes at the tailor. We walked around and took my other dress in to get fixed just a smidge as well. Well, we got to the lady and she said nope it is not ready and I never agreed to Sunday. Dude, are you kidding me? You picked the time that it would be ready!!! I am so frustrated. We are going to come back on Wednesday and pick it up. Silver lining is that we had to pick up my other dress. We came home and started to pack a little to get an idea of what we wanted to get rid of and what is being sent home with B.

My appointment came up very fast! Time to get my hair done! Wish me luck! Wally translated and stayed with me until Karine got there. It was so nerve wracking since there is that language barrier. Everything went pretty smoothly and the purple turned out amazing. He did curl my hair which was dumb since my hair is weird about holding curls. The highlights are a little streaky and the red is WAY lighter then I like. BBBUUTTT I do not care. I love my hair and I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it is my curly again. I am glad I did this and know that I will not regret it. I chopped it all off in Paris and now I have dyed it in Shanghai. My hair is worldly.

Karine was really interesting the whole time and just told me so many stories that made me want to facepalm. She is so ridiculous sometimes. She was still getting her hair done when I was finished. Wally came and sat with me for a minute but I was done being there so I said bye to her and headed home.

We finished packing one suitcase that will go home with Bianca and we started bagging some toiletries that we will be packing up tomorrow. Wally and I just enjoyed the rest of the night with movies and fun chats.

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Day 220: LAST DAY OF WORK! 5/21/2016


So….. LAST DAY!!!

I showed up and had my one class in the morning and it was a test day so it was super chill. And I decided that since the new teacher is taking over my other class that she should just run it. I didn’t do shit all day. I watched a bunch a netflix and chatted with people.

Saying goodbye to everyone was a bit sad. It’s weird when you say goodbye to people knowing that you’ll never see them again. All the female PAs swooned and wailed as I walked off. I spoke to some of them in Chinese for the first time and some of them melted. I had a parent tell me that her daughter was accepted into an international school and that I had helped her. While her daughter was testing she remembered how I would pronounce words as I read to them and it gave her an edge. It was really nice that within my time here I did affect at least one student’s life in a positive way.

I’ll let Syd fill you in on the rest of the night.


Our last day of work! So crazy!! Wally and I started the day off with breakfast burritos. Our last Saturday of walking to work with breakfast burritos. It was raining so instead of walking to work I took the metro with Wally. It is so humid! OMG! I wore a jacket and the minute I got into the metro I took it off because I was sweating so much.

My commute to work was fine and when i got in Astrill started working so I interneted really hard. It was nice! I did not have a lot of classes because I had so many no shows. I talked to Jenn and Nicole all day. Jenna and I ordered Melrose. Or last pizza date, so sad. She said she has no one to order pizza with now. I turned the last of my shit is and after my classes I bounced and headed home. It was still pouring so I took the metro again. I am officially fun-employed. I met Wally at home.

We both got ready and headed out to the Shanghai Brewery and Zapatas. It took so long to get there because we missed every train, I was walking in heels trying to avoid puddles and we were going a new way there. Finally we made it.

Katie, Henry (her new bf), Aden, Rob, and Nicole were already there. We ordered drinks and began our super fun night. All of us just sat and chilled at the bar and talked, told stories, drank and ate. It was great to talk to Katie and catch up since we have not seen her in awhile. I will be sad when she is not around anymore, she is a great friend and always fun to hang out with. Unfortunately, I thought I lost my phone but later found it at home. I was unable to take too many pics but we got a few with Wally’s phone.

We all headed to Zapata’s and danced the night away. Katie and I got on the bar and they played California Girls, it was meant to be since earlier I was explaining to someone at home “west coast best coast.” We danced on the bar and danced the night away. People started leaving and Wally and I stayed a little longer then headed home. Oh, and someone stole Wally’s umbrella from Shanghai Brewery so we stole someone else’s. We got a cab and cleaned up for bed.

Such a fun night!

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Day 219: Lazy morning 5/20/2016


We got pizza for brunch today and I had leftovers for dinner. I didn’t want to go to my last bullshit training session and meeting, so….. our “electricity went out” and I needed to stay home to get that stuff sorted out. When I did ultimately show up to work…. 2 hours late… They were still in the training session!!!! It was only supposed to be an hour long and it ran for 2.5 hours! Thank god I didn’t bother going I would have been slamming my head against the walls.

I only had one class today and it was a just another dog and pony show. The kids were “graduating” from one level to the next and I needed to show the parents what they’ve learned. I literally had the kids crawling around on the floor to look for the letters to spell cab, bad, cat, etc. Tomorrows the last day and it can’t come any sooner.


Allie called me this morning to Skype for a few and we talked for a minute. After chatting my dad called and we talked for awhile and he was telling us about the restaurants he found for Paris. Yum! Wally and I were pretty lazy this morning and did not work out or do yoga. I will do it later. Instead we ordered pizza for breakfast. This place claims to deliver 24/7 anytime anywhere. Well we called at 9 and got told that they do not open until 10 and it will be here around 11. How is that possible? You advertise 24/7. So dumb. Anyways, we caught up on shows and did some chores. It was a very relaxing morning. A storm rolled in and it is supposed to rain for the next 9 days roughly. Hopefully it is not pouring and is just cloudy or a little drizzly.

My last day for me to work from home. So crazy!  I ended up Skyping Bianca for awhile and catching up. She had a lot of shopping questions. MMMMM more cheap market shopping. So many presents. It was so great to talk to her and here about everything. Next Sunday she will be here, fucking crazy!!! She was off to bed. I am wishing her good luck on her test! Sending happy China thoughts and lots of brainwaves. I continued to binge watch Charmed until I had my last classes. It rained all day. it was fun to watch the storms pass by out the window.

***I guess I never told this story. I saw a little girl saying goodbye to her mom and she was about to leave for school with her grandpa I assume. Well it was such a cute scene and then the grandpa started to pee on the steps. At that moment China ruined the cute moment. WTF?! Everytime I think I have seen everything China throws a curveball.

The rest of the day flew by. Tomorrow is our last day of work! OMG! Wally came home and we just headed to bed. Going to party tomorrow.