Day 219: Lazy morning 5/20/2016


We got pizza for brunch today and I had leftovers for dinner. I didn’t want to go to my last bullshit training session and meeting, so….. our “electricity went out” and I needed to stay home to get that stuff sorted out. When I did ultimately show up to work…. 2 hours late… They were still in the training session!!!! It was only supposed to be an hour long and it ran for 2.5 hours! Thank god I didn’t bother going I would have been slamming my head against the walls.

I only had one class today and it was a just another dog and pony show. The kids were “graduating” from one level to the next and I needed to show the parents what they’ve learned. I literally had the kids crawling around on the floor to look for the letters to spell cab, bad, cat, etc. Tomorrows the last day and it can’t come any sooner.


Allie called me this morning to Skype for a few and we talked for a minute. After chatting my dad called and we talked for awhile and he was telling us about the restaurants he found for Paris. Yum! Wally and I were pretty lazy this morning and did not work out or do yoga. I will do it later. Instead we ordered pizza for breakfast. This place claims to deliver 24/7 anytime anywhere. Well we called at 9 and got told that they do not open until 10 and it will be here around 11. How is that possible? You advertise 24/7. So dumb. Anyways, we caught up on shows and did some chores. It was a very relaxing morning. A storm rolled in and it is supposed to rain for the next 9 days roughly. Hopefully it is not pouring and is just cloudy or a little drizzly.

My last day for me to work from home. So crazy!  I ended up Skyping Bianca for awhile and catching up. She had a lot of shopping questions. MMMMM more cheap market shopping. So many presents. It was so great to talk to her and here about everything. Next Sunday she will be here, fucking crazy!!! She was off to bed. I am wishing her good luck on her test! Sending happy China thoughts and lots of brainwaves. I continued to binge watch Charmed until I had my last classes. It rained all day. it was fun to watch the storms pass by out the window.

***I guess I never told this story. I saw a little girl saying goodbye to her mom and she was about to leave for school with her grandpa I assume. Well it was such a cute scene and then the grandpa started to pee on the steps. At that moment China ruined the cute moment. WTF?! Everytime I think I have seen everything China throws a curveball.

The rest of the day flew by. Tomorrow is our last day of work! OMG! Wally came home and we just headed to bed. Going to party tomorrow.




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