Day 220: LAST DAY OF WORK! 5/21/2016


So….. LAST DAY!!!

I showed up and had my one class in the morning and it was a test day so it was super chill. And I decided that since the new teacher is taking over my other class that she should just run it. I didn’t do shit all day. I watched a bunch a netflix and chatted with people.

Saying goodbye to everyone was a bit sad. It’s weird when you say goodbye to people knowing that you’ll never see them again. All the female PAs swooned and wailed as I walked off. I spoke to some of them in Chinese for the first time and some of them melted. I had a parent tell me that her daughter was accepted into an international school and that I had helped her. While her daughter was testing she remembered how I would pronounce words as I read to them and it gave her an edge. It was really nice that within my time here I did affect at least one student’s life in a positive way.

I’ll let Syd fill you in on the rest of the night.


Our last day of work! So crazy!! Wally and I started the day off with breakfast burritos. Our last Saturday of walking to work with breakfast burritos. It was raining so instead of walking to work I took the metro with Wally. It is so humid! OMG! I wore a jacket and the minute I got into the metro I took it off because I was sweating so much.

My commute to work was fine and when i got in Astrill started working so I interneted really hard. It was nice! I did not have a lot of classes because I had so many no shows. I talked to Jenn and Nicole all day. Jenna and I ordered Melrose. Or last pizza date, so sad. She said she has no one to order pizza with now. I turned the last of my shit is and after my classes I bounced and headed home. It was still pouring so I took the metro again. I am officially fun-employed. I met Wally at home.

We both got ready and headed out to the Shanghai Brewery and Zapatas. It took so long to get there because we missed every train, I was walking in heels trying to avoid puddles and we were going a new way there. Finally we made it.

Katie, Henry (her new bf), Aden, Rob, and Nicole were already there. We ordered drinks and began our super fun night. All of us just sat and chilled at the bar and talked, told stories, drank and ate. It was great to talk to Katie and catch up since we have not seen her in awhile. I will be sad when she is not around anymore, she is a great friend and always fun to hang out with. Unfortunately, I thought I lost my phone but later found it at home. I was unable to take too many pics but we got a few with Wally’s phone.

We all headed to Zapata’s and danced the night away. Katie and I got on the bar and they played California Girls, it was meant to be since earlier I was explaining to someone at home “west coast best coast.” We danced on the bar and danced the night away. People started leaving and Wally and I stayed a little longer then headed home. Oh, and someone stole Wally’s umbrella from Shanghai Brewery so we stole someone else’s. We got a cab and cleaned up for bed.

Such a fun night!

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