Day 221: Syd got her hair did 5/22/2016


Salon pt 1.

Syd got her hair done today. I had a coworker translate what we wanted a while back and played it out to the stylist at the salon near our place, but I was still a bit nervous. My Chinese is ok. It’s good enough to get by and make some small talk, but if you want me to get detailed and specific you’ll lose me. Either way I knew that the translation was good, but it was still just a bit nerve racking. I did some other basic translations to get Syd set up and Karine showed up to keep her company and to get her hair done as well.


I dicked around, watched some netflix, youtube and random downloaded videos for a while and then decided to be productive and input all of our travel stuff into my google calendar. Everywhere we go I now have all the reference numbers we need to pull up whatever just in case we don’t have wifi and we lose the physical copies.

Salon pt 2

I went to see the finished product and Syd is sitting there just HATING most of it, but loved the purple. I let her vent and point out everything that was wrong with it and when she was done I spoke. I think it was all just the initial shock of having her hair change so drastically. I think it’s absolutely amazing and I can’t stop looking at her.


She just gets on my nerves. She fucking invited herself to get her hair done with Syd and to our goodbye party. Who does that? We’re just not on that level. We’ve literally hung out like 5 times. Also the color she chose was aquamarine. The problem is it didn’t really take all that well. Here’s what her hair looked like

  1. It looks like a toad puked in her hair after a long night of binge drinking.
  2. It looks like the ocean regurgitated her and spit her up on the beach with seaweed draped over her head.
  3. I think someone sneezed on her head and just rubbed it in
  4. You know when you have spoiled yogurt and it spoils? You know how there is a greenish hue that surrounds the mold spores? Well that’s what is on her head
  5. It looks like a colony of lepers had a bukkake fest all over her hair and it stained.

If you don’t know what bukkake is don’t google it. It’ll only disturb you. You’ve been warned.


Woke up because we had an appointment to pick up my clothes at the tailor. We walked around and took my other dress in to get fixed just a smidge as well. Well, we got to the lady and she said nope it is not ready and I never agreed to Sunday. Dude, are you kidding me? You picked the time that it would be ready!!! I am so frustrated. We are going to come back on Wednesday and pick it up. Silver lining is that we had to pick up my other dress. We came home and started to pack a little to get an idea of what we wanted to get rid of and what is being sent home with B.

My appointment came up very fast! Time to get my hair done! Wish me luck! Wally translated and stayed with me until Karine got there. It was so nerve wracking since there is that language barrier. Everything went pretty smoothly and the purple turned out amazing. He did curl my hair which was dumb since my hair is weird about holding curls. The highlights are a little streaky and the red is WAY lighter then I like. BBBUUTTT I do not care. I love my hair and I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it is my curly again. I am glad I did this and know that I will not regret it. I chopped it all off in Paris and now I have dyed it in Shanghai. My hair is worldly.

Karine was really interesting the whole time and just told me so many stories that made me want to facepalm. She is so ridiculous sometimes. She was still getting her hair done when I was finished. Wally came and sat with me for a minute but I was done being there so I said bye to her and headed home.

We finished packing one suitcase that will go home with Bianca and we started bagging some toiletries that we will be packing up tomorrow. Wally and I just enjoyed the rest of the night with movies and fun chats.

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