Day 222: Packing up!!! 5/23/2016


I got us Chinese breakfast burritos this morning with the change we had left over, buuuuuut we were short 2.50…. It’s ok though the guy trusts us and we have been going to him so often that he doesn’t count the change when I throw it into his bucket. I do feel a bit guilty, buuuuuuut I got my food.

We chatted with some family back home and watched a movie. After that we went to work on trying to pack up the rest of our stuff. We got A LOT done, but I don’t know how we’re going to pack everything else. We still have a decent amount of stuff out and Syd keeps telling me not to worry that she’ll handle it. I just don’t see how. What do I know, she’s the one that’s been all over the world. I’m just along for the ride.

All in all a fun day of funemployment.


Unemployed and it feels great. Wally went to get Chinese breakfast burritos for us and I got a movie set-up. We watched Baby Mama and ended up Skyping with Ashley for a little as well. We did some chores and Skyped my dad and mom. Dad found some really cool restaurants that we might go to on the 4th of July while in Paris. It will be our one super fancy meal.

Most of our day was spent packing up the apartment. The reason we are starting so early is to get an idea of how much the luggage will weight, how we will take stuff home for everyone else and to see what we want to toss before we leave. Luckily some of the weight will be out of the suitcases as soon as we get to Thailand and I give Kylie her gifts plus what she had us buy. It is so weird to see everything sprawled out and knowing that our time in China is coming to an end.

Wally and I took some breaks and I drank some pineapple beer and danced and sang around the apartment to entertain myself while we packed. It was a really fun and productive day. 🙂 

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