Day 228: They’ve Arrived!!! 5/29/2016



Woke up today around 5:30 and thought to myself that Hey! Greg and B are in Taiwan right now… Cool! I then fell back asleep for a few more hours. Syd and I had breakfast and made our way to the metro to get Greg and B.


Syd kept pacing back and forth like an anxious toddler waiting for its parents. It was great finally seeing them again. It felt the same as when we picked up Matt, we just picked up right where we left off. It’s great to know that I have multiple friends out there where no matter the distance and no matter the time we’ll still be good.

Fabric Market

Syd took Greg and B to get measured up while I stayed by the muslim bbq guy and got us some snacks. G & B seemed pretty stoked with the amount of stuff they got and for how much. Greg and I had some good conversations while Syd and B discussed the best fabrics for her stuff.


We took G&B to Lujiazui so that they could get up close and personal to the Pearl Oriental Tower, Bottle Opener, Shanghai Tower and Jingmao Tower. It’s cool seeing the city through their eyes. Syd and I are so jaded by it all and seeing other peoples eyes light up after seeing it all for the first time is pretty cool.


Prior to walking home we picked up a bunch of drinks and just chatted for a bit. When everyone started to feel hungry Greg and I went out to order some noodles and dumplings. We ate and drank and just caught up on everything we missed in the previous months.

It’s been a good day catching up with friends.


So everyone pretty much covered it all but I was pretty excited waiting at the airport! I cannot tell you how awesome it was to run to my best friend! We got a taxi and headed home. They loved all their gifts. We chatted and headed to the fabric market. I haggled and got Bianca a better deal on her outfits but now I really want a trench coat! I guess I will have to order one later ;). The meatsticks were delicious as always but again did not agree with my stomach. But everything was ok.. We got them some metro cards and went to the bund. Like Wally said it was cool to see it from their point of view. We walked home and chatted so much! So many great conversations. It was fun showing them the American marts then going to the store to pick up some drinks. We came home then the guys picked up dinner. This has been an amazing first day and I cannot wait for tomorrow.

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We’re finally here! After a year of planning Gregory and I are in China visiting Sydney and Wally Wang! I could hardly contain my excitement while I was at work on Friday knowing that I was going to be leaving on my two week vacation that night. Thankfully security and check-in went smoothly and our over than 20 hour journey began. Our flights mostly contained of sleeping and movies that I’ve been meaning to watch. Everything was going well until…. The little 4 year girl in front of us starting losing her lunch in between the seats onto my foot and Greg’s backpack. The cleanup wasn’t too bad and I had a spare pair of socks (yea I’m that good). All in all a good first leg of our trip.

Our layover was in Taipei for 4 hours. Thankfully our gate was next to the Hello Kitty inspired gate complete with seats that had her face on them, a playground and a Sanrio store. Needless to say I was able to occupy myself for awhile. Eventually it was nap time and I slept until we had to get on the next flight to finally see Sydney and Wally!

Going through customs and getting our luggage was a cinch. Then we were finally reunited with our best friends! I had been missing them so much and been looking forward to this for so long! Moments after seeing them it felt like we had seen each other just yesterday and we picked up right where we left off. (could be attributed to semi-frequent Skype dates though), but definitely a sign of true friendship and understanding.

The cab ride was long and the weather was super humid. I was in between Sydney and Gregory in the cab and was just melting the entire time. But it was worth it because we finally made it to their cute apartment! It’s much bigger than I thought it would be from what I saw on Skype and how they talked about it. Of course we were welcomed to our own room with a bed filled with gifts! And of course my gifts were mostly of Hello Kitty things! (I’m happy as clam) I returned the favor with snacks they had been craving (cheetos, goldfish, and gummy bears) The street they live on is rough. Their neighbors are a small community of shanties where the shower and kitchen are outside for the community to share. It’s so interesting the contrast their neighbors have when living literally a few feet away.

After getting settled and changing we headed out to get some tailor made clothes made! I got 2 pairs of work pants, a dress, a peacoat and a trench coat made! It was so fun and easy! I’m so thankful I was able to have that experience. While we shopped we ate kabob it was delicious. After we were done in the fashion district we headed over to catch some sites to take pictures at the Pearl Tower, really cool!

We had a nice walk home and picked up some libations and then checked out the “American” market. I wanted to see what an Asian would put in what they think is American to put in a market. Yup! It was just like home with cereal, chips, Skippy, Hormel chili, Almond milk and Boca burgers. A small bottle of smirnoff is about $30 USD. A medium bag of cheetos is about $7 USD.

We ended the night catching up eating spicy ramen noodles that were really good. We also had dumplings from the lady Sydney always talks about they weren’t bad but they weren’t life changing like she talks about them.

All in all a great first day in China.


Greetings from the WangTowerEastMeetsWest blog. I am so freaking excited to be here in Shanghai!!! Bianca seems to have covered most things nicely so I’ll try not to be too redundant ;). The travel here went pretty smoothly, Bianca is telling the truth, a little girl totally barfed on me. What Bianca didn’t mention is that girl definitely had some carrots and cauliflower to eat earlier in the day….

Once we arrived at the WangTower estate we were showered in gifts and promptly shoved out the door (Okay… maybe it wasn’t exactly like this :P). Anyways, off we went to the tailor. I was fitted for a suit and a couple dress shirts, best part is in the future I can just email a new order and have custom made clothes mailed to me from China. Pretty dang neato. After that Wally and Sydney took us for a walk and I got to take in the sights and do a bit of people watching. On the way home we picked up some adult beverages and dinner. THE DUMPLINGS WERE LIFE CHANGING.

All in all a pretty nice day. BRING IT ON DAY 2!


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