Day 250: Off to Abu Dhabi 6/20/2016

Wally & Sydney

We’re sad to be leaving Dubai today. The hotel and our stay here has been amazing. We headed down to the best breakfast ever one last time. We took some traveling food so we would have food for Dubai. MMMM bagels. We came back up to the room and chilled, finished packing up, and Wally took a nap. When we were checking out Syd took pictures of the cars that are just parked outside the hotel and you can rent for the day if you are a guest of the hotel.

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Check-out time came and we were off to Abu Dhabi! The taxi had no problem taking us to the next city. It was only about an hour and 15 minute drive.We saw the Aldar building along the way. Along with some other cool Abu Dhabi buildings.

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Then we pulled up to the towers where we are staying. Syd didn’t put it together what towers we were staying in until she saw the sign. We are staying in the buildings where they jumped the cars in Fast 7. HOLY BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Syd was freaking out. She could barely breathe in the car she was so giddy and excited. BEST AIRBNB EVER!!!! We pay the taxi driver and go inside and realize we are at the wrong tower. No biggie though we headed to the other tower which was a 30 second walk to the entrance. We got all checked in and headed to the room.

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This place is unbelievable!! It is incredible and the pictures do not do it justice and she should be charging a lot moreIMG_4981

We started some laundry and began to reorganize our stuff for the rest of the trip. Lina came home and we chatted with her for awhile (the host of the AirBNB.) She is so nice and so worldly! She speaks lots of languages and does the Airbnb to meet new people. We talked to her for awhile and she explained that the Fast movie was shot 3 floors from where we are staying in this tower. Syd just about died on the spot. She met the whole cast and worked with them so closely and was on a first name basis. Syd literally squealed. After she finished freaking out, Lina headed out and we worked on our stuff. We knew today would be a wash of doing things since we wanted to repack and do laundry. It is fine we have all day tomorrow to explore.

We went and got dinner in the grocery store that the buildings have and came and sat at a dinner table to watch the sunset and eat. It was a perfect evening. The view is not as clear because a dust storm came through but we didn’t care we still thought it was beautiful.

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Unfortunately Wally was not feeling that well so he showered and headed to bed. I finished laundry and watched all the buildings light up for awhile. The view is incredible and I could be here forever. I am in love with Abu Dhabi as much as Dubai.





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