Day 251: My dreams came true 6/21/2016



Syd was awesome and let me sleep last night and sleep in today. She even finished up the laundry! Might I also add that it’s nice being able to actually wash our clothes with a machine. We did the best we could after Thailand to hand wash some of our clothes, but I could never trust myself to really do a great job. Another thing that’s a bit weird is touching hot clothes out of the dryer, we haven’t had that luxury in almost a year!

Heading out

I’ve been on a kick on eating at every McDonald’s in every country we’re in. I’ve discovered that they have food unique to the region. So, we started to walk over to the one nearby, it’s only a 30 min walk, but the heat got to us and we got a cab. I showed our driver where we needed to go on the map, which was on 6th street, and he ended up taking us down to another 6th street 2 blocks over. I tried to show him on the map over and over again that we’re here and we need to go here, but the language barrier was too much. We got out of the car and trekked our way over to the McDonalds. Unfortunately because of Ramadan it was closed.

According to Ramadan rules you’re not allowed to eat or drink in public from sun up till sundown. I get that this is an Arabic country and most people are Muslim, but there are plenty of expats and it sucks to be forced to adhere to this country’s customs. As I’m typing this I’m hearing myself and it sounds a bit elitist or ignorant that I don’t want to do as the Romans do, but I guess I’m just use to America and the freedom to do whatever the fuck I want when I want. Then again our pledge of allegiance includes under God. Now I’m just contradicting myself. Whatever I WANT MY FUCKING MCDONALDS! It is just strange that all restaurants out here do this and you cannot find any food anywhere.

We ended up going to the Marina Mall to explore what it had to offer. It was interesting to see that like our malls back home they had most of the same shops and offer the same food.

Emirates Palace

This place is gorgeous, inside and out. We had gone earlier in the day, but I was turned back because I was wearing shorts… Yup shorts… My calves proved to be too much for for these Arabs. Whatever. When we finally got there Syd got to live her dream and walk down the steps where the cast of Fast 7 walked.


We decided to order McDonald’s for delivery because we were done being out in the heat and humidity. Syd got a Big Mac and I got a MEGA MAC!!! It’s just a Big Mac with extra patties, but I hadn’t seen that back home before and well it’s unique to here so I figured I’d try it.

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I woke up early this morning and chilled until Wally woke up. When he finally did we hung out and decided what to do today. We wanted to explore the city as much as possible. We headed to the signs of the Etihad Towers.

I saw where the car crashed to the ground in Fast 7. Again, I am dying. We started to walk to Starbucks but it was to hot so we got a taxi, this guy gave us a run around and took us a block from where we were supposed to go so we walked. Well because of Ramadan, everything was closed and would not reopen until 6pm. I love the Middle East but do not come during Ramadan. You cannot eat or drink in public and most places do not open again until 7 or 8 pm. It is so frustrating. We got another taxi to Marina Mall but again everything was closed and this place looks deserted. We headed home and decided to pack up our bags since there is nothing to do right now outside. We reorganized and are ready for our flight bright and early to Athens tomorrow morning.

Lina’s husband came home and introduced himself, Johnny, he is very nice and has a strong Irish accent. We talked to him for a little bit then went to the Emirates Palace. We recreated the walk down the steps like the movie and went inside. Again, everything was deserted and we took some pics and left. The hotel had a driver take us back to Marina Mall. It definitely had more people than earlier. We were able to get our Starbucks cups. I was starting to get hangry but no food places are open so we came back and will have food delivered when restaurants open again.

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Lina was kind enough to order us McDonald’s for delivery and we all chatted until the food came. We all ate together and chatted for a couple of hours. Now off to bed and another early flight.


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