Day 255: Santorini 6/25/2016



We were able to chat with some people back home when we woke up. It was nice just catching up with people.


So like the last post described this place isn’t the best, but it’s definitely not the worst. The owner of this small hotel along with his wife does it all and when we went to get breakfast they were the busboy, waiter and cook. The breakfast itself wasn’t anything special. Bread, crackers, greek yogurt, and a ham and cheese panini. But you know what for $60 a day and to still include breakfast is awesome. Plus the amount of carbs they gave us filled us up till dinner.


  • The Rental
    • We originally planned on taking a bus to the capital city, Fira, and explore what it had to offer, but as we were leaving we saw that it was only 40 Euros to rent a smart car for the day. We ultimately decided it was best for us to get the car and to drive around. Man let me tell you driving a car is like riding a bike and you never really forget how to do it. It was definitely a rough start at the beginning just trying to get use to the controls of a smart car. Those things got a TIGHT turn radius and no power whatsoever. Whenever we got to a steep hill my foot was literally on the floor and we cheered the little sucker on.
  • Fira
    • I mentioned that this is the capital of Santorini right? Well this village capital is basically one main road of restaurants and souvenir shops. We walked around and picked up random nicknacks and just took in the sights. Something I found interesting was that there was a decent amount of Chinese restaurants… WHY CAN’T WE ESCAPE THE CHINESE!!!!
  • Imerovigli
    • When we were in Fira I got onto some wifi and looked up some of the top things to do in Santorini and found this village. It was top 2 on most lists, but I couldn’t really see why because the links wouldn’t open. Oh well we figured we were close enough that it garnered a look. When we got there we thought what’s the big deal? There’s like nothing to see, then we turned the corner and saw the iconic views of the while buildings with the blue tops. It’s seriously one thing to look at photographs and another to physically be in the presence of these iconic buildings.
  • Oia
    • Just a short drive up from where we were in Oia. It’s supposed to be THE spot to catch the sunset and really romantic. Well we were there WAY too early to stick around for the sunset so we just snapped a few pictures instead and made our way back down south to check out the black sand beaches
  • Kamari Beaches
    • The black sand beaches are really unique and they’re black because of the active volcano in the center of the island. Actually Santorini is really interesting.
      As you can see it’s a crescent shaped island with some smaller ones in it’s center. Well the island is shaped that way because the WAY back when, nearly 1,700 years ago the volcano erupted so violently that it split the island into pieces. It ended up, obviously, destroying a good chunk of the island and sunk it to the bottom of the ocean. This served as the inspiration to the myth of the lost city of Atlantis. Either way the beaches are cool, but it’s not really sandy. Instead it’s just a lot of black pebbles and damn do they hurt your feet when you’re trying to walk.
  • Dinner
    • We stopped at a random restaurant near the beach and enjoyed some gyros and cocktails. It’s not the best Greek food around, but we wanted the view and it was cheap.




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Back at the Hotel

We got back and did some preemptive packing. We’ve gotten really good at packing. Once we were done we sat out at our balcony and watched as the sky changed from blue to red, yellow and orange. Seriously we’re lucky to be here and we’re soaking in every freaking moment.


We Skyped my fam and caught up with everyone for a while. It was nice to hear what was going on and chat for a minute. Wally and I headed down to breakfast and it did the job. Any time you eat and you have the view we did, it does not matter what the food is. The people that run the hotel are so nice and helpful. Wally and I came up and got ready for the day and found out you could rent a car. AWESOME!! It was also very cheap. We booked our boat tour for tomorrow and the car rental people picked us up.

We got a smart car and man those things are small but they make the most sense here. Back home if you have one I am judging you and your bad decision but here they make perfect sense. The scenery was amazing! We stopped off the side of the road to take some pics and see the view. Man, pictures do not do this place justice. The view is just incredible.


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Thira was cool but the town is so small. It was really just one or two streets of shopping and restaurants. We picked up some things and headed to a cafe to people watch and relax. Wally got a fruit smoothie and I an iced cappuccino. Damn, it was refreshing as fuck. We sat and enjoyed for a while then were off to the next village.


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The next village was again beautiful. We parked got an ice cream and took some pictures. Words cannot express how amazing Santorini is and I am so excited to come back again in the future.


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I drove us to Oia and yep, I miss driving! It was fun and we were hauling ass up and around the mountain. When the car wanted to have power it did but steep hills were not its friend. It is weird driving such a small car since Wally and I had big ones back home.

When we got to Oia, we parked and saw the views that are on postcards. We also found a hotel we will stay in next time, Canaves Oia. The pool alone would be worth it, with the view you get. Anyways we took in every moment and explored a little before we headed back into town. Wally drove us to the beach and we sat at Kamari.

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Black sand beaches are not really sand, they are rocks and pebbles and are burning hot like a thousand suns!!!!!!! We got some chairs and went into the water. The water was much colder than I expected but so refreshing. It is definitely better then the water in Thailand which felt like bath water haha.

We relaxed and took everything in.

Side note – Wally said some funny shit that I forgot to put in the blog.

  1. We were in the store in Abu Dhabi and I was in one aisle and he came up to me and asked if “spaghetti with bologna would be good?” I said no and he said ok. I went over to where he was and he kept saying spaghetti with bologna. Well it was spaghetti with bolognese sauce. BAHAHHAHA I could not stop laughing for 10 minutes. I really had no idea what he was saying. He is so cute!
  2. We were packing the suitcase and he said “where should I put the cotton sticks?” Me “WTF, is a cotton stick?” He proceeds in describing “gladiator sticks, sticks with balls of cotton, toothpicks with white stuff.” Then he finally shows me he is talking about q-tips. I was dying again and crying I was laughing so hard!!! This probably is not translating well in the blog but know it was so funny!!
  3. We are walking in Athens and he says “oh, it’s weird that all I see is the Greek alphabet.” Me, staring at him waiting for the light bulb. Wally, “oh wait…haha Greek alphabet.” He proceeds to laugh to himself the rest of the day.

Once we finished we walked up and down the streets of Kamari. It was nice and peaceful. We found a little seaside restaurant that had a set menu for 2 for 15 euros. The food wasn’t the best but it did the job and the cocktails were nice. We Skyped my dad and showed him the view, I woke him up hahah.

We dropped the car off. When we got back home we did a little packing and prepared the stuff my dad will be taking with after Paris. Also, Bertha, my suitcase that has been with me since Eurotrip 2010 when my other suitcase broke, is on her last leg. The wheel is bent in, she does not roll straight anymore. Please keep your fingers crossed that she makes it to Arizona and then I will let her go. So sad!! She is my baby and has been all over the world with me. Bianca, I am dragging a dead body.

We enjoyed the views and sat on our balcony. The view was great. A wonderful day and all spontaneous adventures with my love.


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