Day 266: Santorini Sunset 6/26/2016



  • Bus Ride to the Port
    • We rode the bus about 40 min to get to an old port. It was pretty crazy driving this MASSIVE Grey Hound bus down the side of a massive cliff. At one point the dude scraped the side because it just wasn’t wide enough. The saving grace was that the views going down it was amazing.
  • Boat tour
    • Man the waters were choppy today. They’re beautiful to look out at from a high vantage point because it creates with weave pattern, but once you’re actually out in the waters it’s sickening. I couldn’t even make eye contact with Syd when we were talking because the islands in the background would appear at the top of her head one second and below her shoulders the next
  • Volcano Island
    • This island has a lot of history for the people of Santorini and Greece. Its eruption almost 2,000 years ago is what started the myth of the lost city of Atlantis. We walked around and listened to our guide, but it was just the same shit over and over again. Here’s a deep crater from when it erupted in year XXXX and here’s another crater when it erupted in year XXXX and here’s ANOTHER crater when it erupted in year XXXX.
  • Hot Springs
    • Syd and I were under the impression that we’d be walking to a natural hot spring and sit around it like a Jacuzzi, but we were wrong. Instead you were to jump into the ocean and SWIM into some channel. Problem is the water is sulfurous because of its proximity to the volcano. Not only will it stain your clothes, but it would make breathing difficult. So we opted to stay on the boat instead.
  • Thirasia Island
    • We stopped here for lunch, but Syd and I had a small sandwich on the boat. We just walked around the bottom half of the island because we didn’t want to bother trekking up the massive hill to the top, where the rest of the small village was. We then just got back on the ship for a light nap.
  • Oia
    • This is where you see the most iconic images of Santorini. It’s absolutely stunning. There are 600 steps leading up to the top of Oia from the port. Now I know 600 steps doesn’t sound that bad, but each step takes 4-5 steps to clear. We ended up paying to take a donkey up the cliff side. Since we’ve gotten here all over the souvenir shops I saw donkey plushes and I couldn’t understand why, but now I know. Those mules hauled ass up the cliff. It was good janky fun. At Oia we wanted to catch the iconic sunset, so we plopped down at a fancy restaurant and paid for decent food and an awe inspiring view.
    • IMG_20160627_062120.jpg
  • Ride home
    • We had to ride the bus back home at it took quite some time to get back and then we had to trek back up the hill to our hotel.

It was a long day and the tour itself really wasn’t all that worth it, but the view made it all worthwhile.

Side note

  • There was an Italian chick with a shoulder tattoo that had Chinese characters. I recognized 2 out of 3 symbols and even asked another Chinese person on our tour and they confirmed that it’s complete gibberish. Why would you get a tattoo in another language and not double check that shit? I mean you have google translate now it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Our guide is a funny lady. She speaks Russian, Greek, Italian, German, Spanish, French and English! Also throughout the tour she referred to herself as the mother and all of us were her children. When we had to get our attention she’d call us her babies. Funny lady.
  • While taking in the sunset some jackass was flying his drone overhead. It’s bullshit man… We’re trying to experience and take in something beautiful and peaceful. Why is it ok to impose on EVERYONE else’s experience so that you can take that one wicked shot with your drone… Fucking inconsiderate people. When it was flying low enough I was tempted to chuck something at it to break it.
  • Across from the restaurant there is an old run down building that looks like it’s AT LEAST a few hundred years old. There a ton of people gathered to view the sunset from there. In the middle of dinner we heard something crumble and it turns out some jackasses were climbing off the side of the building and they broke off a piece of the building… Inconsiderate jackasses.


The view was beautiful this morning when we stepped on to our balcony. We just stopped and enjoyed the view for a minute. We had to be up and ready early for our tour. We had breakfast in the Airbnb and it’s not bad. It fills us up and we get all cleaned up and head to the pickup spot for the tour.

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The walk to the pickup spot was not that bad and we waited until we were able to get on the bus. Yep, it was a Greyhound bus. The drive was alright, I was a little sick and traumatized when the bus hit the side of the wall but we made it down the mountain all safe and sound.


We got onto the boat and the waters were crazy!!!! At one point the front of the boat dipped below the water and the wave crashed onto the front of the boat. Ugh, so sick! The first stop was a volcano. I thought we were going to be walking around on our own and exploring. That was not the case. We were moved around place to place so they could tell us about the volcano. It is an island with a bunch of rocks. Not that impressive. The view was the most impressive part. Scary part was I almost lost my hat twice!!!!! My favorite big black floppy hat flew off my head two times; luckily I was able to save it both times. I would have been so sad! We took some pictures and made our way back to the boat.

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Next, the hot springs; as Wally stated we thought we were going to be able to walk around. That was not the case. Nowhere on the brochure does it say that we are going into the hot springs and it would stain our bathing suits. Also, they said if you are asthmatic it would not be a good idea to go in. Welp, I guess we are staying in the boat. We got a coffee and a sandwich and enjoyed the view. When the people came back all of their suits were stained and some said that the smell was so bad they started coughing and came back earlier than the rest of the group. I am glad we stayed on the boat.

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The third stop was Thirasia. It is a cute little seaside village and the whole island only has 200 people living on it. We enjoyed a crepe and some gelato. We did not want to hike up the mountain to the top village, we were lazy and it was hot. After eating, we walked back to the boat and watched a show on Wally’s phone and I took a nap. When I woke up it was about time to take off again

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.Side note – I went to get some of the dirt off my shoes in the ocean and a huge wave came and drenched one of my feet all the way through. That sucked.

The final stop is Oia, where we were yesterday. We got off the boat and were able to explore the city. At the port you could either walk up the 300 steps or take a donkey. Well, their idea of 300 steps is not actually the size of a stair; each “step” takes about 3 steps to get to the next stair. It is weird. Wally and I decided to take donkey’s up since we have never been on one before and what the hell, when in Greece. I am pretty sure I lost a year off my life. My donkey would start running then abruptly stop, run into the wall, run into other donkey’s, then start to climb on the wall where I thought I would fall off. It was fun and scary at the same time. The pictures of Wally’s face are priceless!!!!! The view heading up was unbelievable and worth the scary donkey ride.

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We got to the top and explored the city. We went to some other sections that we did not go to yesterday. We found the most amazing seaside restaurant to watch the sunset. We ended up staying, eating, and drinking for about 3 hours. I ordered a blue lagoon; this drink was to die for and tasted like 7-Up, just juice!!! AMAZEBALLS!!!! Whoever wants it when we get home I will make it for you. The bread and tzatziki was delicious. I ordered a linguine with dried Santorini tomatoes, diced pepperchini’s, garlic, and olive oil. Mouthwateringly good!

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Another side note – I did a really impressive Hunger Games braid and was really proud of myself. Pictures below 🙂

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The sunset was everything that I imagined and had hoped for. Words cannot explain the beauty and I will let the pictures try and do it justice. After the sunset we made our way to the meeting point and met up with the rest of the group to catch the bus back to our side of the island. The bus ride back took forever but finally we made it and walked back to the hotel.

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The tour definitely was not worth it. When we come back we would stay in Oia or at least with a place with a pool if we are staying in the south and rent a car. But, we would not have known the tour was not worth it unless we did it at least once. Renting a car was plenty and you can drive to all the spots, and the other islands really are not worth going to.

Today was beautiful and the sunset was amazing. I love Santorini and it is just another reason why Greece is one of my favorite countries. Time for bed, it has been a long day.


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