Day 267: Kamari Beach 6/27/2016


After such a long day yesterday we decided to just take it easy.


We literally just chilled at the beach all day. We picked a random restaurant that had cabanas on the beach. We ordered some shitty cocktails and just hung out. I typically have a lot of trouble floating on my back in water, but the water here is salty enough where Iā€™m able to =). We swam around the clear blue waters, chilled on a massive rock in the middle of the bay, laid at the edge of the beach as the waves crashed down onto our bodies and played with the stones by stacking them or tossing them into the ocean. All in all it was a great relaxing day at the beach.



I had mousaka for lunch. The best way I can put it is that it’s like chili just seasoned differently. It was pretty damn good, I’m finding that I like Greek food. I also got the opportunity to try souvlaki, pork, and had it wrapped in a pita. Within the wrap they put tomatoes, tziki and french fries. It tasted like a Greek California burrito. Awesome stuff!


Back at the hotel we just repacked our stuff. At one point we randomly got a knock on our door and it was one of the owners wife and she had brought us some glasses of wine as a farewell to us. It was such a sweet gesture and Santorini wine is world renowned. I typically don’t like wine and I typically don’t like red wine, but this time around it really wasn’t that bad. I’m not a wino so I can’t tell you that it has earthy tones or some shit, but it went down smooth!



We came down to breakfast early and chilled for a little. It is a lot windier today than yesterday but no clouds which is nice. After breakfast we headed to the room because I had a Skype date with my little sister. It was so nice talking to Katie since it has been so long. Unfortunately during our conversation the internet went out where we were staying so we were not able to finish our convo but we will try again tomorrow.


We packed up and headed to the beach. The walk was nice and is only about a mile to get there. We found some nice beach chairs and an umbrella and vegged. The water was freezing but felt nice since we would bake in the sun. The chairs were also attached to a restaurant and I ordered a daiquiri, it was not good. Oh well! Wally and I swam out to this rock that was maybe 500 feet from the shoreline. We sat and were being mermaids on the rock hehe so much fun!

We started to get hungry so we went to the restaurant on the boardwalk and had some food. SO GOOD!!!! We finished got some ice cream and walked around the little shops for a while until we started to heat up and headed back to the water.

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The rest of the day proceeded with us playing in the water and laying out. It was a relaxing day and I am so sad it is coming to a close. It is hard to leave such an amazing view!!


This Santorini trip has been nothing short of perfect and I am glad I was able to experience it with my awesome husband. Now off to trek up a huge ass hill, pack and head to bed. Paris tomorrow šŸ™‚

We also have a skype date with my aunt and uncle this evening. It will be nice to chat and catch up since it has been so long. I cannot wait to see them in AZ.


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