Day 268: From Greece to France 6/28/2016

Syd and Wally

We were able to talk to Neal and Dianne last night after submitting our blog. It was really cool talking to them about a place they’ve already been to and comparing notes of what we did vs what they’ve done. I, Wally, have to say it’s been really fun talking to them about our travels. They really do appreciate what we’ve done and inspire us to continue doing what we’ve been doing.


We had our final breakfast in Santorini and we finished packing up. We actually ended up leaving early to the airport at the request of the driver/owner of the hotel. When we got there we got situated and Syd went to get our boarding pass. While she was getting the passes an employee came up to her and asked if we wanted to get onto an earlier flight leaving in 30 min. We obviously took that opportunity because it beat sitting around the small airport for a couple of hours would suck.


The flight is super short from Santorini back to Athens and on the flight Syd made a friend with this old lady from Florida. They swapped stories on their travels and I overheard Syd talking about how we met and what we’ve been up to. Funny enough the lady is on her way to Israel! Maybe Alana will walk right by her and not even know it! We’ve also come to the conclusion that the food on Aegean airlines just suuuuuck. They give you this snack that taste like cleaning supplies and you have to ask to be given water.  I understand we’re on a short flight, but c’mon man! Give me my salty nuts and a cold glass of water to wash it down!

Athens International

Because we had gotten on such an early flight out of Santorini it meant we had a lot more time in the airport to wait for our next flight. We didn’t mind too much, it beats stressing about catching a connecting flight. We sat around, played on our phones, chatted and napped to pass the time. But while this was going on there were two people sitting behind us just chatting up a storm! They’re two math professors and good god were they annoying!

  • Neither of them watch TV because there’s nothing good on anymore and “no show is worth dumbing their IQ for.”
  • Grew up watching “Dallas”, soap opera, because their mother’s LOVED it and now they believe Texas is the best state in the US
  • There’s better schools in Harvard and that it shouldn’t be an IV league school anymore
  • All women are too high maintenance it’s easier to be single so that you can do what you want
  • Bitched about students not being able to do well on tests when all they do is change the numbers on a previously discussed problem

So anyways after a long ass time of sitting around and doing nothing we were told to board. You know how we joke that there are random checks at airport security and that it always happens to fall on the Muslim looking people? Well it’s BLATANT in Greece, anyone who looked remotely like a bomb could appear on their chest was stopped and questioned. It was ridiculous!

When we were boarded and got comfortable we were told our flight was being delayed… Because there is a strike that has been going on in Paris for a while now with transportation workers. All in all we were delayed for over an hour and a half…

The flight wasn’t bad, but there was a couple of strangers sitting next to us that were blatantly flirting with each other the ENTIRE time! The man is from Greece and the woman is a Parisian. They would just giggle and swap stories about nonsensical things and all Syd and I could think about was that these two just needed to get a room and see if there was any real chemistry brewing.

Oh another thing to shit on Aegean for is that their stewardesses are bitches. We did our little trick of buying them chocolate before a flight and thanking them for their service and they didn’t even say thanks. “Oh… This is for us?” and tossed the bag to the side… Another thing was when Syd asked for coffee the stewardess just shoved a 1 sec finger at her and walked off never to be seen again.

Charles de Gualle

Getting out of this airport was by far the easiest transition from one country to another we’ve experienced so far. All in all it probably took us about 20 min from the plane to a taxi. The only reason why it took us that long was because we were messaging the Air bnb people and tried to figure out how much money to convert.

We got into a cab right away and the dude was Asian… Of course… And you guessed it… Dude spoke Chinese…. Seriously people! Start learning the language it’ll come in handy.

Air BnB

We got dropped off and the driver was nice enough to call the air bnb people with his personal phone. They came down and helped gather some of our luggage. They’re an older couple so they only grabbed the lighter stuff. That left me with two +50 lbs of luggage to navigate a narrow, spiraling, uneven staircase up four flights of stairs… That was fun… The apartment itself is super cute and eclectic. Tons of knickknacks filling any empty space available. It’s like living in a Cost Plus show room.

Anyways enjoy the tour of the apartment. Tomorrow Paris Disney!



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