Day 269:Disneyland Paris 6/30/2016

Syd and Wally

The Commute

We woke up early and made our way to Disney Paris. We weren’t sure how long it would take us and wanted to account for the possibility of getting lost. It’s really cool walking down the street and seeing the French architecture. When we were in Shanghai it was fun walking through the French Concession and seeing the architecture there and now we’re seeing the real deal. I, Wally, must say that it’s much more charming here than in Shanghai probably because there isn’t shit on the streets and a million pieces of clothing hanging outside the window to dry.

We got to the metro and bought our tickets. For those of you that have always wanted to travel, but are intimidated by the idea of having to navigate public transport don’t. It’s seriously the easiest thing to do the people that designed the multimillion dollar network of tubes, tunnels, trains and buses have really made things as idiot proof as possible.

The commute to Disney itself was very chill, we only had one transfer and it was a straight shot from there. What’s interesting is that the metro we took to Disney was a double decker. I mentioned to Syd that Shanghai could benefit from this because then they can fit more people on there. She then countered by saying it would be impossible to get on or off then because people would just crowd the stairs and block it off to everyone else. I laughed and said true and besides the Shanghainese metros probably fit more people in their single deck tubes anyways. Another interesting thing is that everyone on the metro is so quite! Like I felt like people from across the subway cart could hear us when we were whispering. In Shanghai you can have people having full blown drunken conversations and no one would be the wiser.


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The walk up to Paris Disney is very different from the other ones we’ve been do. The main entrance is blocked by a large building which happens to be their Disney hotel! Guests there get to wake up take an elevator down and enter the park an hour earlier than everyone else! I’d say the convenience of being so close to the park is worth the stay there.

Upon walking in you’re greeted with the familiar sights, smells and sounds of Main Street. Children are running around due to sensory overload and parents are doing their best to corral them.  Then as you head down the street you see the iconic Disney Castle. This one is modeled after Sleeping Beauty’s, fun fact the one in Anaheim is also modeled after Sleeping Beauty, however the one in Paris is considered to be the most beautiful by Disney enthusiast due to the stained glass and the dragon that rests beneath the castle.

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We started from the left and made our way clockwise and hit up as many rides as we could. Luckily it wasn’t too packed and at most we waited 40-50 min for a ride, but some as low as 5 min. Here we’ll note the subtle differences between Paris Disney and Disneyland

  • Phantom Manor
    • It’s their Haunted Mansion
    • The tone of the ride is MUCH darker
    • The Manor looks similar to Adams Family House, whereas back home there is a more Victorian vibe.
    • The images on the wall as you head down the elevator are also different.
    • The ride itself is more or less the same, but with subtle differences.
      • The ballroom scene isn’t as lavish as the one back home and they have different ghouls set up in different places
      • Towards the end of the ride you go through a haunted western town instead of a grave site in New Orleans

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • The building housing the attraction looks like an old coastal castle
    • Majority of the line is within the building itself
    • The ride is actually set in the Caribbean
    • There are a few drops in the ride and at one of them you get your picture taken
    • There’s no Johnny Depp
    • The order of the ride is a bit off. You go through the pillaged town before seeing the cave of treasures and the skeletons
    • They do still have the drunkard on top of the bridge with the iconic laugh

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  • It’s a Small World
    • The way they show off each country is different than home. On certain points in the ride the way they frame the iconic structures from around the world forces you to focus your attention on them.


  • Indiana Jones
    • It’s an actual roller coaster
    • You’re zooming around an Angkor Watt like temple
    • There is a 360 degree loop in the middle of the ride
    • Syd did not go on this ride because we did not find out about the loop until we got there so she exited and I went and met up with her after
  • Disney Snacks
    • They have crepes here naturally, but they’re really bad…. They don’t even make it in front of you. Instead they put a premade one on a heating plate and slather on the Nutella and sugar. It comes out soggy instead of light and flaky.
    • The coffee there also tastes like someone dunked their sweaty feet in it. Just awful….
    • No CHURROS!!!!

I’d have to say that we had fun in Disney, but there just wasn’t anything here that really sets itself apart from Disneyland. It’s because of that, and laundry, we didn’t stay for the fireworks show and headed home a bit early because it was such a commute to get out here. But we were rewarded for our responsibility because as soon as we exited the metro it had begun raining, so we would have missed out of the fireworks show anyways.

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It’s been a loooooong day, but we get to see Clint tomorrow!!! Syd is so excite!


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