Day 273: Versailles 7/3/2016




There really are no words to describe just how grand and ornate the grounds of Versailles are. It really is a testament to man’s ego and narcissism. Walking around the gardens and looking at each fountain was amazing. Each one was hand crafted with crazy attention to detail, it’s just a cool thought to think that Louis and Marie could have easily walked down the same path we were on.

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Our first stop when we got to the palace was to check out Marie’s place. It took us over an hour just to get to it, that gives you an idea of just how big the estate is. We went looking all over the area to try to find her house, but it turns out they had been torn down a long time ago.

I really wanted to see the inside of the palace itself and Clint wanted to explore the gardens more, so we split up and Syd chose to come with me. =)

The palace itself is indescribable. Each room was more ornate than the last. I was flabbergasted when I walked into Hercules Room. The fireplace there literally took trees as fire logs, that’s how big it is. The ceilings vaulted up at least 40-50 ft and had biblical scenes painted throughout. The crown molding that lined the ceiling was expertly hand crafted. The tile on the floors appeared to be lined with gold. Everything about this place just SCREAMS look at me and my wealth. It really is impressive.

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The only problem with the palace was that there was way too many people. It felt like we were in China again because at some points we had to waddle through a narrow hallway. I thought I had escaped all that madness…


We didn’t want to stay out too late due to the fact that France was playing Iceland in the world cup. We didn’t want to risk France losing and us being stuck out in the middle of a riot. So instead we brought home some pizzas, ate and chatted.


Good morning Paris!!! Today we had to set an alarm to get out of the house and make our way to Versailles. We made our way to the train station and were on our way. Today is super gloomy and we are hoping that the sun comes out but it does not look like it. It is crazy that they last time I was at Versailles it was super-hot and we were dying and today it turned out to be rainy, cold and cloudy.

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We got there and grabbed a coffee while we waited in line for the tickets. We decided to get the tickets that covered the Palace, gardens, and Marie- Antoinette’s estate. Once we got into the grounds we saw the line and it wrap almost 5 times in front of the palace we decided to do the gardens first. We knew we would have to hustle to see everything since the train leaves around 5 so we hurried to Marie Antoinette’s estate first. The buildings were beautiful and people kept saying that she has another building but it turns out that the building we were in was the only one. It took us almost 45 minutes to walk from the entrance to the back corner where all of her stuff was. Next time we are doing the golf cart tours.

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The ornateness of everything was out of control. She had chairs will her likeness stitched into the backing. I want this house. Wally really wanted to go into the palace so we split up and dad walked the gardens and we headed to the line for the palace.

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Wally and I took the train that drives around the grounds back up to the front and got in line. By this time it had started to rain a little more but still no one left the line. Walking around was like being back in China since we were herded around like cattle and there were so many people. It was cool to see the inside and see how these people lived. There was a fire place the size of a person, there was not logs in the fire they were full grown trees!!!!! I would love to roast some marshmallows in there.

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We had a plan to meet dad at one of the statues but since we finished early we decided to go and wait for him. When we all met back up we headed to the top of the gardens to take some pics and then head home. It was raining much harder and getting colder.

Getting the tickets to eave was a shit show, there were no lines and people were just crowding around machines trying to buy tickets. Then a group of Asians could not figure out how to work the machine and bought one ticket at a time when there was 9 of them!!! IT was crazy!!! Finally we got our tickets and made it onto the train with 3 minutes to spare! Whew! The train ride back was so cramped and we ended up missing out stop because we saw the previous stop and we looked and had 2 to go well it skipped one and went to ours and we did not get off. Oh well, we went to the next one and figured out how to get home from there.

On the walk home we passed a cookie place and we all picked up a fancy cookie. They ended up being very delicious.

We got home and the guys went to pick up dinner while I brought everything up and set up for food. Well I am getting out of the bathroom and I hear someone coming in and it is the owner of the apartment wanting to get a jacket. It scared the shit out of me. He came and grabbed stuff then left.

Wally and dad came back and said that the restaurant does not open until 7 so we sat and chilled for a few minutes. The guys left again and went to the store and to get food. They came back with an amazing dinner. We all relaxed and chilled the rest of the night.


Iceland and France are playing each other in the Euro Cup 2016 tonight and most places are closing early or are already closed. It is going to get crazy so we decided to chill and hang in the apartment.

Side note – reading what my dad is writing is hilarious, he is so matter of fact and gives a lot of straightforward info!! I have been cracking up.


Versailles! Nice train ride to the city. As noted by Wally, cloudy, cool & off/on mist. To say the place is massive is an understatement. Hard to imagine the work that went into designing & building this edifice. I was particularly drawn to the grounds & outer buildings. Really enjoyed Antoinettes Estate. The oppulance & grandiose furnishings are over the top. But, when you’re spending the tax payers money, who cares? Fairly good walk from palace to estate w/beautiful scenery. After touring her digs, we split up. Wally wanted to visit palace w/Syd. I wanted to continue w/the landscape tour. It was amicable. The Canal & water works is extensive. I kept imagining what festivals, parties or events that may have occurred on the same spot I was walking. King Louis 14th may have looked around & said to his people, I need more gardens! Cause he got ‘em! Had to use the umbrella a few times but nothing serious. The mist added to the experience. Really need 2 full days to adequately explore palace, grounds & Antoinette estate. I probably walked 5-6 miles before meeting the kids out front. Good time. Sydney wanted some more pics of the Great Lawn & Canal, so we went back inside to make that happen. Massive human traffic jam getting on the train back to Paris. No harm no foul. Saw some Iceland soccer fans in the Metro station, hollering like school kids. Whatever they got skunked, so far, 5-0. Got some more Italian food, pizza for Syd & Wally, pasta for me. Again food was right.

Tomorrow our big fancy dinner on the right bank not far from Champs Elysses. Got nice suits w/ties & custom made dress for Syd. Hope there’s not more than 2 forks.

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