Day 274: Last Day in Paris 7/4/2016


Last day in Paris…


Walked around and took in the sights while trying to track down the more notable occupants of the place. It’s really interesting how people treat death and just how ornate and huge some of their mausoleums are. It really is a peaceful place just to take a stroll. We tracked down Jim Morrison’s grave relatively easily. You know you’d almost expect to see something a bit grander for a rock star, but it was relatively in descript. The only reason why you knew it was his was that it was surrounded by people and a fence. Oscar Wilde’s grave was interesting. It was completely surrounded by glass to keep people from messing with it. I had no idea it was a tradition for people to kiss his grave, but apparently it’s now frowned upon since it’s now blocked off. But if you really want to kiss the damn thing all you need to do is crawl up on someone else’s grave right next to his.

Arc De Triomphe

The first time around we had only walked by it and took some pictures, but this time we actually went into it. Once we got in we were greeted with another spiral staircase… Seriously everywhere we go… We huffed and puffed our way up the stairs and found a museum before the roof of the Arc. We walked around for a bit and read some stuff then headed up. Initially I didn’t really care to go up to the top, but I’m glad we did. Taking a look at the view from the top was definitely unique. It’s a great spot to watch life pass you by, cars zooming around the arc itself and people gathering around random street shows. Also knowing that you’re in one of the major centers of Paris was just a cool feeling.


We headed home and got ready. There’s no better feeling than getting dressed to the nines and feeling like a million bucks. We ate a nice ass place that Clint looked up and my god was it fancy! The whole time we were there I felt like I was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and at any given moment the waiter will come by and say you’re not classy enough for this. We had some amazing food, I’d never had French style duck and it was like nothing I ever had before. The flavor and texture was just amazing I almost didn’t believe it was duck I thought I was eating a nice piece of fillet mignon.


I can now say that I’ve vacationed with both my in-laws and we had a great time together in both countries. Being in Paris with Clint has been a treat. It was great walking around with him and chatting away about the history of the places we’ve been visiting. It was nice listening to his perspective of the places we saw and just seeing how he reacted to seeing things for the first time. We can definitely travel more together in the future. Hey Clint! China has some beautiful national parks that are worth checking out. Let’s take you out of your comfort zone sometime in the near future and hike through a Chinese forest.


I cannot believe today is our last day in Paris!! Where has the time gone? We all got up and got ready to explore the city one last time before our big dinner today and flight tomorrow. We headed to the cemetery to find the grave of Jim Morrison. The cemetery was creepy but cool. It took us a while to find it but we did and took some pics. It is hidden behind other graves. I am not really a doors fan but still cool Next stop was the grace of Isadora Duncan. Her grave was not as impressive since it was just a plaque and not a whole mausoleum. The final stop was Oscar Wilde. His grave was massive and so impressive. The cemetery was fun and interesting.

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We made our way over to the Arc and went to the very top. The top was incredible and fun to see. The stairs going up were a bitch but we persevered. The weather cleaned up and we had a beautiful view. After the Arc we came home, packed, took a walk around the park and then got ready for dinner.

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We went for a walk around the park near us and it was very beautiful and peaceful. Poor Wally and his allergies though, they were acting up! He was so stuffy and sneezy.

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We all look good all cleaned up. We grabbed a taxi and headed to dinner. The restaurant was beautiful and better then we could have ever imagined. I got the tasting menu (froi gras, duck, sea bass, lobster, soufflé, cappuccino, mojito and wine.) FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words describe dinner. The ambiance, company, convo, food, and drinks were on point. We all looked great and had a great night.

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After dinner we walked to the river and watched the Eiffel Tower light up! It was great and a perfect way to end our last night. We came home, cleaned up and headed to bed. I am sad to say bye to dad but I will see him soon. Good Night Paris, you have been fantastic!

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Started our day w/me searching the area for cafe’. Found local bar w/take away cups. Again, why can’t you fill the damn cup! Good stuff, real  strong. Got ready & headed to the cemetery w/notable occupants such as, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde are buried. Amazing crypts, mausoleums & headstones. Some have not been cared for in 50-100 yrs. Halloween in the graveyard anyone?

Metro over to the Arc de Triomphe. Hell of a view from top. Total chaos in the round about that circles the Arc. Napoleon’s promise to his troops turned out pretty well. It’s the center of a wagon wheel w/streets radiating out to the rest of France. Cool to see where we have been in the last week.

Took a little stroll thru the park next to the apt. It is an au pair hangout. Hundreds of kids, only handful of moms.

Well, last night in Paris. Planned for a fancy dinner, so we all got spiffed up. Wally in his new custom made suit & Sydney w/another classic dinner dress. Me, well I always look good in a suit! Got to the restaurant, La Fermette Marbeuf, early but no problems. We got a perfect seat to watch the dinner crowd arrive. Service was first class, as expected. Enjoyed some tasty local wine & other adult beverages. Most tasty food. Beef was top drawer. Syd noted earlier that their order was superb. The restaurant is 120 yrs old & has stained glass ceiling panels rescued from a sister diner from the neighborhood. Just made you feel good about eating & spending a ridiculous amount of cash. Walked out to the river, steps away from the Princess Dianna crash site. Took some amazing photos of Eiffel lit up. @ top of each hour, the sparkling lights are turned on for 5 minutes. Very cool.

As I’m typing this blog, realizing that I’m back home tomorrow, I feel very lucky to have shared this time/place with Sydney & Wally. First time experiences for all of us & some replays for Syd but from a different place in her life.

Viva la Paris’!

Hope all had a great/safe Independence Day celebration! Not much 4th of July celebration here. Ungrateful bastards! LOL.

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